The Flip Wilson Show

Season 4 Episode 3

Richard Pryor, Booby Sandler, Ralph Edwards, Nat Purefoy

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Sep 27, 1973 on NBC

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  • A very special and unique episode due indeed to the fact that this episode featured Black Cowboy Nat "Rex" Purefoy performing some fancy rope tricks. This is probably the only time that a Black trick roper has been featured on National Television.

    It is very unfortunate when this episode was shown on TV Land that trick roper and "million dollar" wardrobe dresser Nat "Rex"Purefoy's act was edited out. It was truly the high light of the entire show. Mr.Purefoy resides in Kansas City Missouri and pretty muck looks the same as he did in the early 70's. He still performs his Wild West act for thousands of people each year and rides in the prestigious American Royal Parade every year. I have'nt seen this episode since it aired but felt so proud that the late Flip Wilson gave a Black Cowboy exposure on his popular TV show. Mr.Purefoy was decked out in a Black western outfit with rhinestones and white piping and performed several rope tricks while beautiful female dancers surrounded him twirling mock style ropes.This show to me represented a historic moment for Black America for not since Herb Jeffries played the Bronze Buckaroo in the late 1930's and a few other Black Westerns along the way had a Black Cowboy received this kind of exposure on national television. It is a very historic episode that hopefully will be released in its unedited form on dvd sometime soon.
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