The Flying Doctors

Season 2 Episode 4

It Isn't Cricket

Aired Unknown Aug 04, 1987 on The Nine Network



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    • Nigel: (Looks up the street)When's the rush hour?
      Emma: Easter Saturday.

    • Vic: You little beauty, Sam. (Laughs) Coopers Crossing against the world!
      Sam: Well, Windoona anyway.
      George: We've no chance of winning, you know.
      Sam: Does it matter who wins?
      George: Fine outlook on life.

    • Violet: A hundred dollars?!
      George: Don't see too many of them, do you Vic? You sure you know what it is?

    • Cracker Jackman: Everyone and his brown dog wants a game. But what's this about Sam Patterson playin' for you blokes? He's a Windoona man, born and bred! You're a bunch of flamin' cattle duffers!

    • Chris: I'm playing, Geoff can umpire.
      Geoff: I play too, ya know.
      Chris: Yeah, well I got in first.
      Geoff: But that means we'll all have to play left-handed.
      Chris: Why?
      Geoff: To give you girls even half a chance.

    • Sam: Emma, you'll have Cracker Jackman bowling at ya. He's an ex Sheffield Shield man. He's fast and dangerous.
      Emma: Good, I like my men fast and dangerous.

    • Emma: So, you gonna wish me luck, Doc?
      Chris: I'm neutral, you know that, Emma. (under her breath) Good luck.

    • Sam deliberately bowls badly against Emma.
      George: Frightened she'll break, Patterson?
      Cracker: What is this, bush week?
      DJ: (commentating) Disappointing! There seems to be a bit of tension on the field, ladies and gentlemen. The RFDS flyboy better smarten up or Cracker Jackman will clip his wings for good.

    • Emma catches Sam out using her hat.
      Simon O'Donnell: In her hat, is that legal?
      Vic: Out 'ere it is, mate. It's what we call a hat trick.

    • Nancy: Oh no, Vic, you've had enough port. I'll get you a glass of water.
      Vic: Water? You know what fish do in it?

    • Nigel: Are you always this bossy with everyone?
      Kate: Only when I have to be.

    • Chris: You don't look the best!
      Kate: Oh, nobody looks their best on three hours sleep.
      DJ: I don't know Kate, there was this guy I knew once,...he only had three hours sleep per night all his life...
      Kate: Oh, put a sock in it DJ!

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