The Flying Doctors - Season 5

The Nine Network (ended 1992)




Episode Guide

  • None So Blind
    None So Blind
    Episode 36
    Kate is faced with possible blindness when battery acid explodes in her face.
  • Deception
    Episode 35
    David has decided to leave Cooper's Crossing and do something else with his life. A jackeroo is sacked because he has been seeing the boss' daughter. The jackeroo does not handle things well and gets revenge on his boss. David's attempt to save a life go disasterously wrong.
  • Through Thick and Thin
    The doctors are called on to help a pair of English girls who are stranded in the outback.
  • A New Life
    A New Life
    Episode 33
    A pregnant woman is being flown to the hospital and Kate is the only other passenger. There is a bad storm. The woman gives birth on the plane and Kate has to deliver it. The woman rejects her baby and won't hold it or see it. Meanwhile, there is a fire at Clare's house; it burns down and she loses everything. The doctors do everything they can to get the new mother to accept her baby.moreless
  • Bad Moon Rising
    Bad Moon Rising
    Episode 32
    A man collapses while drilling an oil rig. Johnno and David arrive there to find the boss is an old enemy of Johnno's. When the boss demands the worker returns to his, despite his ill health, it creates problems for the Flying Doctors.
  • What a Guy
    What a Guy
    Episode 31
    A new doctor and nurse arrive at Cooper's Crossing. Unfortunately, since he's charming but arrogant and she's tired of overbearing city doctors, the stage is set for a clash.
  • Bush Christmas
    Bush Christmas
    Episode 30
    Vic and Nancy are hard at work preparing for Christmas.
  • Innocence Lost
    Innocence Lost
    Episode 29
    Kate and Geoff are called to a home because a girl has been raped. The girl isn't talking much and won't say who did it. Annie goes on a date with Ted Patterson in the bush. A detective is in town asking questions about the rape. He is convinced the rapist is known by the people of Cooper's Crossing.moreless
  • Last Carnival
    Last Carnival
    Episode 28
    When Annie gives treatment to a boy who works on a carnival, the pair develop a strong rapport.
  • David and Goliath
    David and Goliath
    Episode 27
    David is called out to a patient who has his leg trapped. Back at the hospital David also notices a lump on the man's chest which he wants tested and removed. However, when the patient gets a second opinion it creates conflict. David refuses to back down, even if it means losing his job, as he is convinced the lump is cancer.moreless
  • Old Man Weed
    Old Man Weed
    Episode 26
    Magda and Kate have a fight on their hands when they try to persuade an aborigine girl's father to allow her to undergo an operation to save her from a brain tumour.
  • Dad's Little Bloke
    Dad's Little Bloke
    Episode 25
    When a young boy is involved in an accident, a family secret is exposed.
  • Billie and Pete
    Billie and Pete
    Episode 25
    Geoff encounters two people from his past—ex-jazz singer Billie Sorenson and her one-time pianist Pete.
  • A Rhyme For Reason
    A Rhyme For Reason
    Episode 24
    A resident of the Crossing obtains a substantial amount of money.
  • Break Away
    Break Away
    Episode 24
    A young mother tries to escape the clutches of her manic depressive boyfriend by running away to Cooper's Crossing. But will she be safe there?
  • The Claim
    The Claim
    Episode 23
    A woman is accidentally killed when she fixing a bridge.
  • A Place Where You Belong
    A young German doctor visiting Australia drops in at Cooper's Crossing and is soon needed to help in an emergency.
  • Blues For Judy
    Blues For Judy
    Episode 22
    After giving birth in her car, a friend of Emma's leaves her baby on Emma's front door.
  • The Family Farm
    The Family Farm
    Episode 22
    A tense situation develops at Cooper's Creek when a distraught man, burdened by his failure to provide for his family, takes two hostages—one of whom is Geoff.
  • A Doctor's Dreaming
    A Doctor's Dreaming
    Episode 21
    Medical supplies fall off the back of the truck during a clinical run.
  • Poet's Corner
    Poet's Corner
    Episode 21
    An alcoholic poet with writer's block arrives in Cooper's Crossing and causes trouble by his decision to turn to plagiarism.
  • No Tears
    No Tears
    Episode 20
    An old farm hand in involved in a car accident.
  • A Little Tenderness
    A Little Tenderness
    Episode 20
    Tom talks to a woman who needs to have her utures removed. The woman lives under horrible cirumstances; he husband is really mean. One day her husband gets badly hurt, and Tom and Johnno fly out there. When there's a storm, they can't fly the hurt man to hospital. Tom has to operate, assisted by Johnno and the wife.moreless
  • Battlers
    Episode 19
    Nick is forced to make a decision between working with broken ribs or getting the sack.
  • Valentine's Day
    Valentine's Day
    Episode 19
    David falls in love with a British woman who is flying solo around the world. Initially, she is only in town for a few days while her plane is being fixed but then David finds out she is very ill with a potentially fatal disease. She wants to travel and see as much of the world as she can before she dies.moreless
  • Guardian Angel
    Guardian Angel
    Episode 18
    A mining company becomes interested in Karl's land.
  • Wilderness
    Episode 18
    A man burns down his house and heads into the outback, taking his daughters with him.
  • The Chips Are Down
    The Chips Are Down
    Episode 17
    A car crashes into a bus from Broken Hill.
  • Brother's Keeper
    Brother's Keeper
    Episode 17
    Through helping an alcoholic friend, Tom finds himself trapped in a mine and at the mercy of a murderer.
  • The Ties That Bind
    The Ties That Bind
    Episode 16
    The team is presented with a major problem by a couple and their disabled child.
  • A Rural Education
    A Rural Education
    Episode 15
    David and Annie go to a remote part of town to do check ups on pupils at the school. One of the boys keeps acting strangely and has bad headaches and his hands keep shaking, his sister is having headaches as well. The other kids tease him and think he is mad. David tries talking to his father but gets no joy from him, so he goes to see the boy's grandfather. He has got the shakes as well and says it's miners shake, David finds out from him that stuff from the mines has been leaking into a stream, but then they find out it is getting into water where the boy's father is getting water from to water the vegetables with, so it turns out the boy is being poisoned.moreless
  • Divided Loyalties
    Divided Loyalties
    Episode 14
    Johnno plays detective when Keith Lorrigan, a pilot friend of his, crashes and dies. He is determined to find out what really caused the accident. When Keith's wife Vicky discovers some heart pills, it looks as if it might be Keith's fault. However when Johnno finds out the Keith was not transporting distilled water in his plane but sulphuric acid, he is desperate to prove there was another cause.moreless
  • A Place to Call Home
    While Nick is mending a windmill he comes to the rescue of a pregnant woman, Kerry, whose car has broken down. When she starts having contractions Nick helps to deliver the baby. However, when Kerry's boss arrives in the Crossing demanding to have the money and car that she stole off him returned, things become rather difficult for all concerned.moreless
  • A Day to Remember
    A Day to Remember
    Episode 12
    When small bush fires develop in to one massive one, Geoff attempts to help but ends up buring his hands. David replaces Geoff on the clinic round where they discover a woman who needs an urgent operation in Sydney. However as there is no time to fly her there and Geoff cannot operate because of his injuries, David is forced to step in.moreless
  • Fly Like a Bird
    Fly Like a Bird
    Episode 11
    Johnno Johnson, the new Flying Doctor pilot, arrives in the Crossing and immediately finds himself tested. Ex miner Les is convinced he has contracted asbestosis as a result of his work down the mines. Les has a compensation claim in with the mining company and, as he believes he is going to die, plans to give the money to Matt who is keen to become a pilot. However when Les learns the truth about his health and discovers the mining company will not pay out, Matt steals Johnno's plane.moreless
  • Life Line
    Life Line
    Episode 10
    When Chris hears that her father is terminally ill in Sydney, she is forced to make a monumental decision: stay in the Crossing or go to support her father in his hour of need in the big smoke.
  • Rest in Peace
    Rest in Peace
    Episode 9
    Two decomposed bodies are found by Annie and Nick in an abandonded car in a creek. At first it is assumed that they are the bodies of Bob and Rachel Jordan, however further investigation reveals some dark secrets and a family tragedy. Their son Michael is left with the trauma of knowing the truth behind his mother and father's deaths and the events surrounding them.moreless
  • Windows of the Soul
    An ex-Vietnam soldier feels he has nothing to live for and refuses to have crucial heart surgery. However, when his illegitimate daughter arrives in search of her long lost father, David tries to convince him that he has something worth living for.
  • The Boy in the Boot
    Problems escalate for Rex and his son Tim when they are involved in a car accident. In hospital, Geoff discovers that Rex is in the late stages of heart disease. In order to spend some time with Tim, Rex goes to a rural property but when Tim's mother Jess arrives claiming Rex has kidnapped her son, things turn nasty.moreless
  • Double Vision
    Double Vision
    Episode 6
    A young girl, Kim, is smitten by Tom after a hospital visit for burnt hands. When she stows away on the Nomad to follow Tom on a clinic round, he is not only very embarrassed but also concerned for her state of mind. Later Tom tries to encourage her go back to her mother but she runs away. He is convinced there is a deeper cause for her irrational behaviour.moreless
  • End of the Rainbow
    End of the Rainbow
    Episode 5
    An opal mine causes grief for all those involved in its excavation when the owner, Jackson, has trouble breathing and is admitted to hospital. When the opals are stolen during the night, the finger points to Jackson's old partner Palmer. When Jackson goes to seek revenge and visits Palmer at his own opal mine, the shaft collapses, right on the heads of Jackson, Palmer and David. It's a race against time for Tom and Nick as they struggle to free the trapped men before the air runs out.moreless
  • A Place for the Night
    Kate and Geoff find themselves compelled to stay at an isolated and unfamiliar homestead, owned by two sisters, over night when their flight to Broken Hill is grounded. Mysterious events and bizarre conversations with the property's owners, suggest the super natural could be at work. Could there be a rational explanation for events?moreless
  • A Bride to Be
    A Bride to Be
    Episode 3
    After twenty years together, Whistler decides that it's time to 'do the right thing' by his girlfriend Alice. However when he tries his hand at cattle rusting in order to raise some additional money, he suffers a major set back.
  • Dead Reckoning
    Dead Reckoning
    Episode 2
    A seemingly innoocent visit to the Crossing by charter pilot Doug Holland spells disaster for all the doctors at the RFDS clinic.
  • The Climber
    The Climber
    Episode 1
    A bloke and his girlfriend turn up in town to see David - they are old friends. David and the bloke go climbing, his girlfriend isn't feeling well and stays at the hotel. The girlfriend seems to be getting worse and when Nancy sees her she calls Tom. It turns out to be a very bad case of food poisoning. During the climb the bloke starts feeling ill and can't carry on, he waits on ledge half way up and David goes for help. The food poisoning was from some caviar and champagne they had both had.moreless