The Flying Nun

Season 1 Episode 28

May the Wind Be Always at Your Back

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 28, 1968 on ABC

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  • Luck of the Irish ... in Puerto Rico?

    Considering that this episode aired in March, I can surmise that they intended it for St. Patrick's Day but missed the date. That's the only reason I can think of for the random appearance of Irish characters, music, and elements in this show. There's no explanation for why these teenagers ended up in Puerto Rico. The mention of St. Patrick's College further makes me think they made it for the holiday. They easily could have done this episode with children of any ethnicity.

    I find this episode a little awkward to watch. Bridgett's Irish accent is obviously fake, and I think this episode has a lot of teenage stereotypes. It's as if the writers thought teenagers would act that way, but it seems forced and unrealistic to me. I think a circumspect girl like Bridgett would realize she was too young for Carlos.

    This is an example of an episode in which flying is not at all necessary to the plot; the only flying incident I remember is in one scene where Sister Bertrille needed to get somewhere fast.