The Flying Nun

ABC (ended 1970)





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  • A great example of Christian chaity

    A not-so-likely girl from Chicago becomes a nun and moves to the Convent San Tanco in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Her creative ideas and youthful spirit are a breath of fresh air in the convent.

    Many of the episodes introduce someone with a problem (sometimes with a dark past they are ashamed of). Sister Bertrille (played by Sally Field) is usually the first to demonstrate true Christian charity by looking beyond their faults and offering a solution to the problem.

    And then there is Carlos Ramirez--a less-than-moral owner of the local night club. Although he would classify as a sinner by the church's standards, Sister Bertrille deveops a genuine friendship with him and helps him overcome many of his character flaws.

    The special effects are chessy by today's standards, but the show is worthy of repeated viewing. My family and I have watched the first two seasons on DVD. Time well spent!