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AIRED ON 4/28/2014

Season 2 : Episode 15

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The Following stars Kevin Bacon as retired FBI agent Ryan Hardy, who is called in to deal with serial killer Joe Carroll (James Purefoy), who he captured nine years ago. While Carroll is trapped in prison, he has spent the last nine years using the Internet to recruit an army of like-minded killers to carry out his objectives... and only Ryan can stop him.

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Fan Reviews (207)

  • So... stupid!!!!

    So... stupid!!!!
  • So bad it's painful.

    Arguably the worst show I have ever seen, and that's saying a lot.
  • extreme contrast between the 2 seasons

    I'm not sure how to rate this show evenly. I'll start by expressing my love for the first season. The brutal cult of the infamous Joe Carroll is introduced with suspense, character developments, and vicious plots in the first season. A year later, all of my high expectations left over from season 1 are concluded with utter disappointment. Season 2 fell off the wagon and lost its' dark appeal found in the previous season. It's not a coincidence that Homeland, consisting of the same circle of writers and directors as The Following, went off the deep end with the newest season the same time that The Following did. It's a shame that a show with such great potential was wrecked by lack of creativity and maintenance of the dark twists and turns we saw previously.moreless
  • Kill off Ryan Hardy

    Please for the love of God kill off Ryan Hardy, two seasons is enough of him let the main characters be his neice and Mike and they can go after either Joe or someone new, they do this on the show MI5 they get new main people every two years and it stays fresh and worth watching. keep it fresh and alive please don't make it like the show 24 it went on forever I mean how can a man shoot his way out of a building when it's just him against 30 other men.moreless
  • Why aren't RYAN's character evolving

    I think the next person who die in this show should be the writer who keeps trying to write the same things over and over again and letting do the Ryan hardy' character do the same selfish mistakes. the writer lets ryan to work for the FBI but he's still on his revenge thing (may be the writer need him to stuck there coz he didn't have any thing more to offer) he's just letting people die coz of his personal things and Ryan's character isn't even progressing with the time or events around him, he's like invulnerable to the atmosphere and time around him. I loved the onething he said in the last episode to mike that "don't be me" but didn't understand how can he say that he should be the one who understands mike coz he's already on the path and mike is just completing his path. i don't think i'd watch the third season (which they already announced) if they didn't offer something incredible. characters should evolve with big and small things happen around them. Let's see what impact courtney's kill have on ryan as she died coz of the rigidity of his character, but if he's as good as joe says he is then i'd love to see him in the next episode with the aftermaths and all this...moreless

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