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The Following

Monday 9:00 PM on FOX Premiered Jan 21, 2013 Returning March 2, 2015



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AIRED ON 4/28/2014

Season 2 : Episode 15

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The Following stars Kevin Bacon as retired FBI agent Ryan Hardy, who is called in to deal with serial killer Joe Carroll (James Purefoy), who he captured nine years ago. While Carroll is trapped in prison, he has spent the last nine years using the Internet to recruit an army of like-minded killers to carry out his objectives... and only Ryan can stop him.

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Fan Reviews (213)

  • All We Need To Change Is The Title Page

    There could be eight thousand FBI agents hunting for Joe, but it will ALWAYS wind up with Kevin Bacon going into Joe's hideout by himself (maybe with one agent in tow). He will ALWAYS be captured, the FBI will (finally) arrive, Joe will ALWAYS escape and a mid-level cast member will ALWAYS die.
  • It's worth The FOLLOWING!!!

    It's awesomely creepy, smart scripted, with exceptionally unexpected twists and turns! The acting is so strong and so convincing! I can't remember me wishing for a character to die Like Ever - as strong as I did for Joe's followers. Especially Emma... hehehe

    The Following is a very, very, very good psychological thriller!
  • It blows my mind...

    to think the creator of this show is also responsible for The Vampire Diaries. It's crazy to think that two exact opposites came from the same mind.
  • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

    The Following is the Spring sensation that took Fox viewers by storm and led to some of the highest ratings for a mid-season debut in network history. After watching one episode, I could see why this show was so popular, it really is right up my ally, and is easily one of the best written shows on network television.

    10 years ago, College professor, Joe Carroll (James Purefoy), was convicted of the murders of 14 young women. He sits on death row, waiting to be executed, when he launches a daring escape. Completely stunned, the . brings in the now retired agent who originally caught him to track him down. Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) is a troubled, lonely man, who just wants to move on with his life and leave all the horrors he's known behind him. Reluctantly, he agrees to find Carroll and to everyone's surprise, does it with ease. As it turns out, getting caught again was all part of Carroll's plan. While in prison, Carroll had spoken with and gotten to know many different people who admire what he did. The charismatic killer has tricked these people into believing that they need to give their lives meaning by being a part of something special, his resurrection. Carroll's getting easily captured by the . was nothing more than a signal to his many followers to begin reeking havoc all over the eastern seaboard. The targets are seemingly anyone Carroll ever interacted with and the acts all meant to torment the man who caught him, Ryan Hardy. With no other choice, Hardy agrees to stay on and try to stop whatever was set in motion, before Carroll's plan can come to fruition.

    I know what you're thinking, because I was thinking the same thing. It's a great story for one season, but how in the world can they continue this show after that, without it becoming old and repetitive. It was something I thought a lot about while watching this show, however my doubts may have been premature. The more this show continued, the better the writing got, and if anyone can keep this show interesting and fresh it's this talented cast and crew.

    Kevin Bacon has always been a tremendously underrated actor, because for 30 years, he's simply been known as that guy from Footloose. I've seen many of his films and now his new TV show, and I have to tell you this guy is phenomenal. It wasn't just being able to pull of the character of Ryan Hardy, but also the chemistry he had with James Purefoy. Joe Carroll is one of the best villians I've seen since Hannibal Lechter and the chemistry Purefoy has with Bacon, easily rivals that of Hopkins and Foster.

    The show is made even stronger by a tremendous support cast of complicated characters, all of whom have their own hidden past and issues that are brought to the table. Movie actor, Shawn Ashmore is terrific as the young agent who wants nothing more than the praise of his idol, Ryan Hardy. The boss is played by Annie Parisse, perhaps best known as . Alex Borgia on Law & Order.

    This show really has deep, well developed characters, that you get quickly attached to, and every time you think you know what's coming they throw a curve ball at you. The Following is such a strong story, that is so well written, that it really has the chance of being on the air for years.

    Season one is now streaming on Netflix and season two debuts on Fox in January. I really can't wait to get there. Rarely do I watch shows on the air, I prefer to wait for the DVD to avoid the commercials and watch as much or as a little as I want. The Following is different though, because this show was just so amazing to me, that I honestly can't wait to see what season two has in store for me. I am more than willing to sit through the commercials in order to get there that much faster, and I think once you've seen this show, you'll feel the exact same way.moreless
  • boo haters!

    I just watched both seasons and i thought it was good ok it did drag a bit with the ryan/joe and at points you were like come on just kill him.... and thank god claire killed emma hated her from start...

    what i dont understand about all leaving bad comments if you dont like it then why continue watching why not just stop watching it... i watch a few episodes of 1st season of progs if crap then why bother with the rest if good then greatmoreless

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