The Following

Season 1 Episode 2

Chapter Two

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 28, 2013 on FOX
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    The Following "Chapter Two" Review: Jordy Remembers About the Rabbits

    This show so far is like watching a baby horse being born: It's gross, gory, kind of a train wreck, lacks grace, and, when it tries to stand up, it's shaky at best.

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    As the search for Carroll's missing son intensifies, the team is joined by Special Agent Debra Parker, an expert on alternative religions. Meanwhile, tension starts to rise between Joey's kidnappers as Paul, who pretended to be Jacob's lover for years, starts to feel jealous over his relationship with Emma.


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    • Chapter Two

      Chapter Two was a phenomenal follow up to pilot of The Following. I really enjoyed watching because the story was well written and had many twists and turns and surprises. The character development was very good and the plot progression was well paced and captivating. There are many levels and a lot of depth to the series so far. This series takes a unique perspective on the subject matter. I liked how everything played out so far and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!moreless
    • Intrigued

      This episode was much better than the pilot, less caricatural, more subtle, the acting was way better (thanks god they get rid of that cop girl), and i like where it's going between the guru and Bacon. He's creating a heros by creating a story around him, all of them are part of the creation, that's make more sense for a cult, they have a goal: twisted art performance. I want to see more !moreless
    • better then the first epi

      better then the first epi starting to like this hope it gets a chance to grow.
    • Just checked my doors to make sure they were locked

      Maybe I don't watch enough of these type of shows but this show is intense for me. Will it attract a "following" with such a dark theme and people being killed each week? No themes of hope or redemption? I guess I am hooked myself but I won't be able to sleep for awhile. Sure makes a difference watching it on the dvr and not having to watch commercials too.
    • chapter two

      I thought it was better then the 1 ep
    Billy Brown

    Billy Brown

    Agent Troy Reilly

    Guest Star

    Steve Monroe

    Steve Monroe

    Jordan "Jordy" Raines

    Guest Star

    Kate Hodge

    Kate Hodge

    Sharon Cooper

    Guest Star

    John Lafayette

    John Lafayette

    Deputy Marshal Scott Turner

    Recurring Role

    Chinasa Ogbuagu

    Chinasa Ogbuagu

    Agent Deirdre Mitchell

    Recurring Role

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      • Ryan: Where's Mason?
        Debra: She's on her way back to Quantico. Apparently she put a former agent alone in a room with Joe Carroll, let him break three of his fingers. Turns out that's a no-no.
        Ryan: Three, huh?

      • Mike: Good news, no dead puppies. Bad news... I think it's time to use that word nobody wants to use.
        Debra: So, we have a cult.

      • Debra: Carroll's using Poe's work as a religion. He's speaking to people through Gothic Romanticism. The pathology of today's Internet techno-bred minds. He's created a new--a vacancy in our humanity. Find the ones with additional disorders--jackpot. Enter a handsome, charismatic man who can touch them, make them feel their lives for the first time. He conditions them. The only way to truly live is to kill. Or some crap like that.

      • Jacob: Joe said you'd be my type.
        Emma: What's your type?
        Jacob: Special.

      • Claire: Kiss me. Yeah, yeah, you heard me, I'm single, so...
        Ryan: Are you sure you want me to kiss you?
        Claire: Uh, yeah, I'm very sure. I--I've been sure for a long time.
        Ryan: Well, if you're sure...
        Claire: I--unless--but--are you sure? Because if...
        Ryan: I don't think first kisses are supposed to have this much discussion.
        Claire: I know, it takes the spontaneity out of it.
        Ryan: Yeah, it kind of does.
        Claire: Did I just ruin our first kiss?
        Ryan: I think it can be salvaged.

      • Ryan: She almost died. The woman you profess to love.
        Carroll: Umm, yeah, but she didn't. I was hoping you'd save her. A heroic victory by the leading man cements the love story.
        Ryan: What if I hadn't arrived in time?
        Carroll: Well, that's what makes the story so unpredictable. Toughen up, Ryan. You're dealing with depraved minds, sick and twisted. Jordy was a mere--well, puppy, compared to some of the games I have in store for you.

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