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FOX (ended 2015)
I watched The Following. I did. I promise. I saw the plot unfold. I saw characters die and undie. I know what happened — but in the end, I have no idea what happened.

The finale, full of anticlimactic moments, revealed one thing: this show might be better as a serial killer & former FBI agent buddy cop dramedy. As Ryan and Joe continue to not kill each other — despite that being a main plot point of the season — they then unrealistically worked together after saving one another. Again. Following? (unintentional bad pun)

It turned out to be one of the better moments of the season, the two actors playing off of one another with a common purpose: to walk into the most obvious trap that could be set by the twins.

If the show is going to continue to be completely ridiculous, let's see more of that. Use Joe as a Silence of the Lambs-era Hannibal Lector next season and let's just watch them work together: finding a freaky twin, stalking Claire, or working with whatever the writers make up that happened to Carrie (was that her in the car at the end?).

Joe pounded home the fact that him and Ryan are basically the same multiple times during the season. From his Se7en moment in the backseat of the cop car to the tied-up-but-we-know-they'll-get-out-of-it moment at the dinner table.

Perhaps he's right. This is a little finale focused, but a quick comparison:

Ryan Joe
Was a teacher x x
Has "followers" x x
Has little sidekick who keeps saying "just kill him" x x
Loves Claire x x
Claire wants to be with
Has plenty of opportunities to kill archenemy x x
Kills archenemy
Falls for ridiculous trap set by twins x x
Kills people x x
Kills a lot of people x x
"Serial killer"
"Law enforcement" x
Won't die x x

Praise Joe. Or Ryan. Whatever.

Bonus lesson: totally cool to make out at a crime scene after shootin' some bad guys. To clarify: that was Max & Mike, not Joe & Ryan, not that it made a difference.
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I love this table! I laughed and now I am still smiling.
Joe & Ryan making out. I would pay to see that!

Also joe and ryan go on their own as well a bit like jack in 24, maybe both of them have strange dreams about the twins as well .
Joe and Ryan save the world from space aliens, why not, as equally believable as the show currently is.
Great post ! Great comparison table ! The best scenes for the show are those between Joe and Ryan. It would be more enjoyable if we had more in season three.
Ryan Hardy says "This needs to end"

I wholeheartedly agree...BUT since they seem to cancelling evrything else
Awesome! I actually watch the Following from this point of view already. It so much more enjoyable that way! ;)
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