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FOX (ended 2015)
Team Joe:

Joe is really finding his groove as a prophet, judging by all the gormless awestruck faces in the audience for his brainwashing session:

It seems like Joe has a target demographic - weak willed, vapid dummies with no moral compass (or as I like to call them, Justin Bieber fans).

With possibly the stupidest bit of peer pressure I have seen in a while, (outside of neck nominating), Joe manages to convince Angela to give her victim peace - by going all stabby stabby on her victim.

Emma is keeping an eye on Mandy through all of this, and its obviously only a matter of time before the two will tangle.

Later on, Mandy overhears Emma being Emma, (or just being a bitch), talking to Joe about how disappointed he should be about Mandy, when Robert interrupts with questions about Angela's victim.

He has problems with Joe's choice of victim and looks less than convinced after he and Joe have a chat. However Joe has been impressed by Roberts hype man skillz, and sends Emma to gauge his actual dedication.

But Emma bones Robert into submission, (in possibly the only sex scene I have witnessed that includes triple bunk beds), while Mandy searches the internet for a certain advert - which I assume is a way to contact Lilly or shoes (women love shoes)

After Emma has ridden Robert into subjugation, she returns to Joe in time for him to declare a jihad against a TV Evangelist, (played by Tom Cavanagh from Ed), but it seems like Joe has noticed something about her - does he not approve of Emma's bunk bed fumble with Robert?

Mandy has had enough of Emma's dirty looks and leaves the compound - and no one stops her or even notices she is leaving!

She hitches a ride and manages to ring Mark - so she wasn't shopping for shoes!

Team Rogue:

As Hardy is popping his little blue pills for round 2 with slutty reporter, the TV lets him know that Joe Carroll mania is running wild - I'm now conflicted:

On the one hand I have been Team Joe since the 2nd episode of season 1.

On the other hand, I f*cking hate hipsters.

I really, really hate them.


Over at witsec, Claire manages to convince her handlers that its a good idea to let her "see Ryan Hardy", which she immediately follows up with:
"I am not going to reveal I am alive. I simply want to see Ryan because I know a way I can help him."


Clunky dialogue like this is one of the reasons The Following suffers.

How is she going to see Ryan without revealing she is alive?

After Mike and Ryan have a talk about the birds and the bees, another short bus of loons turns up at a coffee shop and go on a rampage - but didn't leave a message.
I now suspect that this attack was carried out by something worse than a short bus of loons - A SHORT BUS OF HIPSTERS!!!

F*cking hipsters

Random killer of the week turns up, and kills a lady who works at a hospital for her ID. She hides a cache of weapons for some other random killers who are already waiting in the hospital.

It turns out its not hipsters, (f*cking hipsters), but Lilly who is responsible for all the carnage so far in this episode - and its all to free her baby boy, Luke.

The other random killers kill the marshals guarding Luke, but Hardy has figured out what they are up to and arrives at the hospital in time to ruin escape plan A.

Mike comes across the female random killer and gives the S.W.A.T. guy a weird look when he shoots her to save his life:

I understand that its supposed to convey "I wanted her alive!", but the S.W.A.T. guy did not deserve the stink eye for saving Mike's life.

Ryan is on the trail, (there is literally a blood trail for him to follow), of the other random killers and Luke.

He catches up with Luke, but is briefly held at gunpoint - which he escapes by getting Random Killer to monologue about their escape plan (Obviously he hasn't seen The Incredibles - and Luke hobbles away to freedom.

Luke is quickly reunited with his family (and I assume a family bubble bath followed their reunion)

Mike and Ryan share another heart to heart, with more relationship talk.

Hardy has spent a lot of time talking about relationships, his feelings, being happy with the reporter lady - so it comes as no surprise when the episode ends with Claire turning up at his front door to ruin everything!


*Emma whispering to Joe Angela's, made me think of stories you hear about "psychics" being fed information about audience members - in case we didn't realize he was a fake.

*Can you think of another sex scene that took place on a tripe bunk bed?

*Joe is now quoting the bible and comparing himself to Jesus - so Korban has now totally abandoned the whole "Returning to the stars" theology. That was quick!

*So Claire did reveal she was alive. Lying bitch! When she said "I am not going to reveal I am alive. I simply want to see Ryan because I know a way I can help him.", I thought she was going to do a really cool magic trick - I was so disappointed.

*Considering the fact that Joe had lots of people watching or monitoring Hardy in season 1, why on earth would Claire want to meet Ryan face to face?

It makes no sense at all.

One more thing....
Robert did the only pussy slaying this week :-)
(I know its an awful pun, but I couldn't resist)
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