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Oh one other thing - I took a lot of cold medicine before writing/watching and my brain is a bit fuzzy.


This week begins with the twins dealing with the news that "MOM'S DEAD!" and I can't wait until these 2 dipshits join her - because the Luke/Mark "I talk to dead people" comedy act has gotten really annoying.

I must say the part where Mark pushed Trisha into the dashboard did give me a giggle.

Which is then erased with the whole "They shot my ma! I ain't got no pa! They's a gonna pay!", or similar vow of vengeance uttered by Luke.

I start to hate myself for being addicted to this show just in time for the credits.

Back at Hardys bloodbath Camp Korban, Team Rogue have decided that its probably best NOT to admit that Mike just executed Lily and come up with a pretty unconvincingly acted lie - and seeing as they are dealing with the FBI and NYPD, they get away with it.

Ryan casually informs the FBI that roughly 40 Korbanites, with weapons and explosives, escaped - which the FBI guy just seems to shrug off.

FBI guy takes this opportunity to inform Hardy that Claire and Carrie have been talking and Hardy reacts like there is a large, heavily armed group of psychopaths and deviants probably about to engage in some type of murderous spree.

Mike starts giving Ryan some attitude when he suggests he gets some rest. But Mike doesn't want to take a nap - I've seen this in toddlers before. They get cranky when they're over tired.

Ryan decides to tell Mike "You're better than me" and everything is good between them.

Over at the Pastors place, a package was dropped off in his backyard which contains a note and a phone.

Which he decides not to share with the FBI - and going on their track record in this show, its an understandable decision.

Claire lets Ryan in on her brain fart of a plan, and when this dialogue is exchanged:

Ryan: The man tried to kill you
Claire: Then let him try again!

I start muttering to myself "Yes, let him try again, let him try again until he gets it right!"
My dog looks at me funny and leaves the couch....I don't blame her.

However Ryan doesn't just say "Ok" and instead tries to convince Claire to leave. Claire responds by viciously invading Ryan's personal space:

Ryan feels dirty from this exchange - probably because Claire's haircut closely resembles 'bed head' (seriously bitch, buy a brush!) - and leaves. At which point Claire discovers Ryan's stash of weapons and explosives and you can see the tiny gears in her brain starting to go to work

Team Shortbus embark on their journey with Joe's blessing.

Emma tries to talk Joe out of going after Claire and somehow Joe turns this around and send her and MC Robert off to scout the location she has been reasonably decrying as a trap - will there be an Emma/ Claire showdown???

I am undecided as to whether I care.

Team Rogue delivers the news that the Pastors son is alive, and that he is a possible target for Team Joe. However the Pastor doesn't want their protection or heed their advice about security, and he receives a phone call from Joe, telling to await further instructions following a "sign."

The sign turns out to be Cat lady trying to burn herself alive.

The Pastor follows instructions and leaves with Team Shortbus.

Joe takes a break from his kidnapping plan to spend some time manipulating Emma - whether this is because he senses she has doubts or because he's bored is unclear right now.

Meanwhile Hardy has discovered the Pastor is gone, but his security has placed a tracker on him - is it weird they had a tracker just lying around the house? Nevermind.

Team Shortbus take the Pastor to a Church, where other Korbanites have blended in with the attendee's - but also disperse a lot of stuff marked "Explosive liquid" (I wonder if that stuff is dangerous?).

After securing the Church, Joe appears OUT OF NOWHERE!! (I checked 3 times, he's not in the crowd when they enter the church, he wasn't already there and he wasn't part of Team Shortbus - ITS A MIRACLE!!!) - and decides to take over the services.

Emma and Robert are at the stakeout and after a little chat about death - which, by her replies could also be about being deaf:

Emma: It gets really quiet and there's only silence

Either way, its a bit depressing.

Over at the Church we get our first random killer of the week death, which entices Hardy to ignore backup and S.W.A.T. to go Rogue - as he was running off i thought he was saying "Team Rogue rules!", but I may have imagined it.

They conveniently find an open window and enter the Church.

And immediately have to hide from 2 Korbanites who set a trip wire explosive device to their point of access - I laughed, shrugged it off and moved on.
I just accept these things now.

In a move that should surprise no one, Claire manages to outsmart and overpower 2 armed, fully trained FBI agents/ Marshall's and escapes her protective custody - my brain suddenly screams "STOP HER! SHOOT THE BITCH!", but alas, nothing.
She is now free to enact her "plan".

Back inside the church, Joe shows Pastor Tanner the video his son made - not this one:

But the one from last week where he was forced to kill that girl (I forgot her name).
Joe begins streaming the hostage situation over the internet - Netflix and Amazon are probably negotiating right now - and gives the Pastor the chance to save his sons life, by renouncing God and begging Joe ("And throw in a praise Joe" was a nice line).

But Joe wants more. He wants one of them to kill the other.

And, in what is now becoming a theme for this episode, the Pastor kills himself, albeit to save his son, but still...

Mike manages to get the security feed operating again and patches in the FBI.
And then comes up with a plan WHERE EVERYBODY DIES!!
ANGRY... AT...
STUPID... WRITING... (passes out)
My dog wakes me up by licking my face and I then spend 5 minutes telling her what a good girl she is and giving her treats.

When I turn back to the screen, Claire has a gun pointed at Emma and I am ambivalent, because I see whats coming.

And no shocks whatever when M.C. Robert knocks the cockblocker down.
But in a twist, Emma shoots Robert so she can kill Claire - am I the only person who thinks Emma put more thought into her plan than Claire did?

Claire manages to flee into the darkest room in the hotel, and pulls a knife - then manages to sneak up on Emma and hits her....


A bit of a scuffle ensues and Emma impales herself on Claire's knife....


And is then defenestrated 20 feet onto and concrete surface...but lives....


So Claire now obviously thinks Emma is a vampire, because she kills her with a stake through the heart!


And then the most random thing possible happened.
The twins turned up...

I pause the show, the room is very quiet.

My dog looks at me, then turns and goes upstairs.

All I can hear is the blood pounding in my temples and my brain is very sore.
I could gleefully and brutally kill Kevin Williamson and the entire writing staff of The Following right now.

And no one would blame me.

This scene would be my defense.....

Back at the church, Ryan stealthily takes out one of Joe's sentries and then Mike gets spotted because he does not understand the concept of stealth!

In order to save the Pastors son, Mike gives himself up.
And then lets it slip that Ryan is there...because Mike has turned into the dumbest rogue agent ever since he entered the church.

Joe gives Ryan a warning, "MIKEY IS GOING TO DIE RYAN! IN 3....2....1"
BANG! A gunshot goes off just as we fade to black!

And we have our cliffhanger for the finale!


*How do you feel about Claire killing Emma?

*Exactly how did the twins break the secret code message Claire sent Joe?

* Defenestration is the act of throwing someone or something out of a window. I first heard of it in a DC comic called Hitman. There was a reoccurring character called The Defenestrator - can you guess what his special ability was?

*Claire's plan did partially work......WTF????

*Why didn't Emma turn on the lights before proceeding into the hotels darkest room?
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