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FOX (ended 2015)
Before we start, I have to share something that was pointed out to me in a PM - Mandy is gone but not alone, she and the Beard are in a better place...

This week starts a little bit on from where we left off last week, with Ryan in the woods, (probably still fully erect), but now he is trailing MC Robert (instead of Joe) - we are not given a reason - to the caged Korbanites who were unhappy with Joe killing a cat. As MC Robert and a token thug leave with one of their prisoners, Ryan approaches the cage, but is discovered by Jimmy, who he quickly kills - so roughly 2 minutes into this episode and Hardy has already murdered someone!

And I am reminded from this scene from Austin Powers:

We don't have time to mourn for poor Jimmy though, as elsewhere Claire is busy explaining her brilliant plan to the rest of Team Rogue:

Which immediately makes me think of this:

And the reactions from Team Rogue are equally appropriate:

Some of the actual dialogue was very similar-
Carrie: You want to do what?
Max: Yeah, thats all kinds of crazy!

Claire wants to go reveal the fact that she is alive to the world and thinks this is their best plan of action.
Deep breaths, deep breaths..
Thankfully even Carrie, the underhand reporter, thinks this is a stupid idea and agrees to hold off until they hear from Ryan.

Pastor Tanner has received a message from Joe and plays it for the FBI in what could be considered the gaudiest TV room ever-


After a failed attempt at bonding and a prayer with Weston, the Pastor is convinced not to go on TV to pray for his son.

Hardy gets discovered AGAIN, and this time he strips his victim for his clothes so he can blend in with the crowd at Korban.

He conveniently overhears Emma laying out almost their whole plan to Tilda, when Joe makes a truly rockstar entrance:

Joe's cunning plan is to get the Pastors son to kill Courtney and presumably get him to join Team Joe. But Hardy puts a stop to this by failing to assassinate Joe.

Over at Team Incest, we learn that Lillee's team of mercs are still tracing Joe's location and that floppy haired twin isn't fully on board with her revenge plot - but a quick pep talk with the term "Man up" sweeps all this under the rug:

Joe learns that MC Robert spotted Hardy at the college and that he is probably the one who tried to kill him.And instead of taking Emma and the Hypemans advice to flee, Joe decides that he wants Hardy captured - the interesting thing about this is the fact that Joe seems to have slightly turned against Emma. But is this because of Mandy or Hardy turning up?

Team Rogue are having a conversation about Westons feelings which gets interrupted by information on Lili's possible whereabouts.

Hardy decides to let himself get captured - and the henchman who he had a gunpoint doesn't find this suspicious at all and even quips "We got you bitch!" - PEOPLE THIS DUMB DESERVE DEATH BY HARDY!

Team Rogue arrive too late to Lilleys hideout, but manage to get a lead when they discover one of the merc's she hired has rented a car.

Joe and Ryan have a chat, where Joe lays out his motivation and some banter is exchanged - I've said this before, but Hardy really is at his best when he is casually chatting with killers, and this scene reminds me of when he was captured in season 1 by Emma and her 2 lovers.

Going against the FBI's advice, the Pastor decides to hold a press conference and say a prayer on TV. While this is happening, Joe forces the Pastors son to kill Courtney (at gunpoint).

Team Rogue have traced the GPS of the mercs car and are ready to roll.

The mercs have found Korban and proceed to the compound - but they have been spotted on security cameras and Joe flees, (but leaves Hardy alive).

A few moments later the mercs arrive and begin killing Korbanites.

Hardy takes this as his cue to escape and kills 3 mercs within 20 seconds of getting loose.

He then catches up with the lead merc and informs him that his entire team is dead - which means at least 3 others died off screen, and its probably safe to assume Hardy killed them because of the way Hardy let him know the rest of his team is dead.

The FBI turn up just as Hardy has finished his massacre, at which point Weston decides to go rogue on Team Rogue and go after Lily on his own - ROGUE STYLE!!!

Carrie Cook delivers Claires message to Joe, (after being threatened with the loss of a scoop), and he is suitably dumbfounded by it.

The episode ends when Mike catches up with Lilly and kills her:

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