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FOX (ended 2015)

chapter two

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    How is it that no one has killed this guy yet!! Kevin walked into the cult house alone, where were the cops that went with him, and the new boss said get locals to meet them there, but kevin managed to be alone in the house get jumped and the guy in the mask got away with cops outside. Then claire got locked up by the fake cop again in front of a house surrounded by cops and filled with cops.

    These must be the stupist cops ever.

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    Well, to answer your first question, as Joe said, it's not in the plan to kill Ryan or Claire, not just yet at least. That's the reason why non of this people who have encountered with him has killed him. The second cop who held Claire as hostage had the change, but according to Joe he was just a puppet and Ryan was supposed to walk alive out of it.
    Talking about that same second cop in Claire's house, well, he was dressed as a cop, actually he was a cop, so he had access to the uniforms so it was easy for him to just walk around the house in a police uniform and not looking suspicious. As to the guy in the Poe mask, it was kinda strange that he was just able to walk away. The other guy he was with should have went inside Ryan, or at least walked in the house after realizing Ryan was taking too long. But I do agree that there are plenty inconsistencies regarding the cops and how they deal with situations.
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