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    [1]Apr 20, 2014
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    This might be a whole new theme in discussions But how can you take a series even remotely serious if the series have hundred of characters and no one smokes ? They kill - Pull eyes out - Not to mention the ridiculous notion that all kinda people in law enforcement are helping this Joe person . That is all totally all right but a SMOKER ? My GOD please NO How can i take something serious if you leave out day to day things we see all the time I just saw an episode where people where sitting outside on a terrace and not even there was an ashtray let alone a cigarette

    Sorry this is like a series without Cola or eating or going to the toilet Crazy

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    [2]Apr 23, 2014
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    Seriously? That seems like a dumb reason to not be able to suspend disbelief. I would think the surreal plot points and no one recognizing Joe because he has a beard would be better reasons.

    Fewer and fewer people smoke, especially those who are educated. The only people at my workplace that smoke are a husband and wife that didn't graduate college and come in every day smelling like alcohol. The NYPD, which is featured a lot in the show, requires a bachelor's degree of new recruits, so it's not that difficult to believe.

    I personally don't care if people want to kill themselves by smoking, but when I walk around my job and have to hold my breath from the noxious fumes caused by those 2 degenerates simply having walked by, it's a problem.

    Quick sources in case you don't believe:

    Smoking incidence decreases with more education:

    Poorer people are more likely to be smokers:


    Among my peer group, that would be 5.9% of people smoke in the U.S.

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    [3]Apr 29, 2014
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    I thought whoever is in charge of movies and t.v. or probably the government banned smoking in them a few years ago. The only time I see anyone smoking in a movie is when it's made outside of the U.S. I thought they did the same with television too. So you think only stupid people smoke and drink?? It doesn't matter how smart you are...even if you know down the road it may eventually kill you, some people want to do it or are addicted to it. Doesn't becoming a police officer come with the chance you might get killed on the job? Why would anyone be stupid enough to want a career where any day they go to work, they might get killed?

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