The Following

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 15, 2013 on FOX

Episode Recap

Ryan and Debra meet with Roderick at the Havenport sheriff's station and he shows them how his men are covering the area. Roderick leaves just as Mike comes in. After he checks in, Debra sends him to coordinate with Agent Mitchell. As Mike goes down the hall, he hears Roderick on the phone and recognizes his voice from the torture session. Mike looks into the office and sees Roderick, and then hangs back as the sheriff comes out. Once Roderick is ahead of him, Mike draws his gun and tells the sheriff to surrender. Roderick suggests that Mike should have stayed in the hospital and casually walks out through the squad room. When Mike tries to stop him, the deputies jump him when they see he has a gun.

Once Mike explains what's going on, Nick has his agents vet the deputies to make sure none of Roderick's deputies are working with Carroll. Mike blames himself for letting Roderick go, but Ryan assures him that they'll capture the men. They run a background check and discover that Roderick lost his father in the Gulf War, studied political science at Winston University, and had Carroll as his faculty advisor. Now that Roderick has been identified, Ryan figures that Carroll will be forced to make a move.

At the manor, Claire and Joey are walking in the yard and Carroll watches them from his study. He tells Emma to keep an eye on Claire and Emma points out that Claire doesn't trust her. However, she assures Carroll that she hasn't told anyone that they're sleeping together. Jacob comes in and informs them that there's been no news about Daniel Moore's death. Carroll figures that no news is good news. Before they can pursue the matter, a panicked Roderick bursts in and tells Carroll that they have a problem.

At the station, the FBI checks through the property records and tries to locate a large house on rural property. The press arrives outside and Nick tells his team to enforce a complete media blackout.

Roderick tells Carroll what happened, blaming him for killing Daniel and putting the FBI on their trail. Carroll points out that the FBI already knew about Daniel but Roderick warns him that the FBI will soon find them even though he hid the property records. When Roderick says that they need to flee, Carroll says that it's not time yet. Roderick wonders what Carroll is hiding from him and reminds him that he's sacrificed everything so that Carroll can sit in his study and write, and try to woo a woman who will never love him back. Furious, Carroll starts choking Roderick and then throws him across the room. Roderick realizes that Carroll has been using all along, and Carroll tells him to get ahold of himself. Furious, Roderick wonders if he's going to kill him just like he did with Daniel.

Before Carroll can respond, Jacob bursts in and tells them that Ryan is on the news. They go to the communication center and watch Ryan address the reporters. He says that they know that Carroll and his cult are somewhere in the vicinity and offers amnesty to any follower that can provide them with information on Carroll's whereabouts.

Debra and the others learn what Ryan is doing and Nick is angry that Ryan is disobeying his earlier orders.

At the manor, Carroll turns off the televisions and tells his followers that Ryan and his people may be desperate, but they are not.

As they walk in the yard, Claire tries to explain that Jacob can't be trusted. She promises him that they have each other and that they'll soon escape. Roderick storms out of the house, sees them, and gets an idea. He shoves Claire to the ground, grabs Joey, and drags the boy into his sheriff's car. Claire runs after him but Roderick drives away with her son. She goes into the house and tells Carroll what happened. He assures her that he'll find Joey and bring him back, and finally screams at her to calm down. Carroll and Jacob walk out and Jacob volunteers to find Joey since everyone would recognize Carroll. Two of the cultists, Michael and Ethan, come over and Carroll tells Jacob to go with them and find Roderick... and kill him as painfully as possible.

In Havenport, Roderick's girlfriend Betty Vincent is in the alleyway of the restaurant where she works. Roderick approaches her, wearing a hoodie and sunglasses. Betty sees that he's carrying a gun and asks why everyone is looking for him, and Roderick says that she needs his help.

Nick is chewing Ryan out for calling the press conference, but Debra suggests that Ryan made the right call. Their superior finally gives up but says that he wishes that Ryan will check with him in future. Someone calls in reporting that they've seen Betty in a car with Roderick and the team heads out.

As Betty drives out of town, Roderick tells her that it's a misunderstanding and he'll clear thing up. They spot a roadblock up ahead and Betty pulls over. Roderick hands over his fake ID but the officer orders him out of the car. When he gets out, Roderick immediately shoots both officers and tells Betty to keep driving.

As Jacob prepares to leave with the others, Claire approaches him and asks him to take Joey somewhere far away, leaving him where the police can find him. Jacob insists that he'll do what Carroll wants him to do and leaves.

Once they're down the road, Betty pulls over and gets out of the car, shocked at the sudden violence. Realizing that she's a liability, Roderick prepares to shoot her but Ryan and his team arrives just in time. Roderick puts his hands up and surrenders immediately.

At the station, Ryan interrogates Roderick, who offers to make a deal. He explains that he took Joey as a bargaining chip because Carroll is mad at him. When Ryan doesn't believe him, Roderick invites him to call Carroll on the cell phone he had when he was arrested. Mike brings the phone in and glares at Roderick, who ignores him and makes the call. Ryan talks to Carroll and explains that Roderick is making a deal to tell them where they can find the house. Carroll doesn't believe him and Ryan tells him that Roderick is claiming that he has Joey. Furious, Carroll promises to peel Roderick's skin off if any harm comes to Joey. Ryan hangs up, giving Carroll some time to sweat, and Roderick says that he'll take Ryan to Joey in return for his freedom.

Ryan walks out and Nick, who has been monitoring the entire conversation, tells him that they won't make a deal under any circumstances. Debra points out that it could be a trap and Ryan says that he's willing to take the chance. However, Nick refuses and walks away.

That night, Jacob, Michael, and Ethan park down the road from the sheriff's station. Meanwhile, Ryan goes to the interrogation room and disables the cameras. He then orders Roderick at gunpoint to take him to Joey. When FBI Agent Banks walks by, Ryan gestures him inside and then forces him to give Roderick his hat and jacket. The two men walk out past another camera that Ryan has disabled, and go to a police car outside. Roderick tells Ryan to get rid of his guns and his cell phone. Once he's satisfied, Roderick tells Ryan to get into the car and they drive off. As they pass Jacob and the others, the cultists follow them.

At the house, Carroll is in his study, writing. Emma comes in and warns him that some of the members are panicking, and that she's not sure herself. Carroll tells her to calm down and promises her that they're safe, and Emma tries to kiss him. He stops her and apologizes for giving her mixed signals, and says now isn't the time for sex. Carroll then turns on Emma, blaming her for letting Roderick escape with Joey. When Emma points out that she couldn't do her job when Claire wouldn't let her near them, Carroll slaps her and then apologizes. Hurt and upset, Emma runs out of the room.

Roderick directs Ryan to a house in the woods and says that Joey is inside. Once Ryan and Roderick go inside, Mike climbs out of the trunk and calls Debra on the radio. He informs her that Ryan and Roderick are inside, while Debra and Nick makes sure that their agents are in position.

Inside, Ryan hears Joey crying and goes to the closet where Roderick has hidden him. Roderick pulls out a gun hidden beneath the sofa cushion and prepares to shoot Ryan, but Mike arrives and tells him to drop the gun. As Roderick backs up against the patio door, Jacob and his men shoot him in the back. Ryan and Mike duck for cover and Ryan knocks out the lights and grabs Roderick's gun. Outside, Jacob tells his men to move in and be careful not to hit Joey.

Mike calls for reinforcements and Ryan tells him to take Joey out the back to safety while he provides cover fire. As Ryan keeps an eye out for the cultists, Mike takes Joey in the back, locks him in a bedroom, and tells the boy to wait there while he makes sure their escape route is clear. Michael and Ethan attack Ryan and Mike, and the agents manage to kill their opponents. Meanwhile, Joey finds the body of the house's owner and screams, and Jacob hears him and takes him out of the house.

Mike confirms that Joey is missing and the two men run out to where Jacob is fleeing through the woods. Ryan calls on Jacob to let the boy go, telling Jacob that Carroll doesn't care if he lives or dies. Jacob hesitates and Ryan tells him to do what's best for Joey, and Joey begs Jacob to let him go. Ryan cautiously moves forward and discovers that Jacob has left Joey behind. The boy recognizes Ryan, who hugs Joey and takes him back to the house as the SWAT teams arrive.

Later, Claire watches the news as the press reports that Joey has been rescued. Carroll turns off the televisions and looks at Claire, disgusted that she's crying Claire points out that Joey is safe but Carroll is angry that Ryan is the one who rescued him.

When Jacob makes it back to the house, Emma comes to see him and asks what happened. He tells her that he can sense that they're all going to die.

Carroll is in his study working on his story when Claire comes in. She finally gets his attention when she tells him that she wants to make a deal. Claire says that she'll do whatever he wants as long as he lets Joey go. Carroll wonders why he should believe her and Claire says that he'll know in time that he can trust her. When he points out that she's scared, Claire says that it will take her time to overcome her fear and asks her ex-husband for that time. They start to kiss... and Claire rams a knife into Carroll's stomach. He tries to stop her as she runs out, and cultists come in and take her away.

At the station, a woman named Melissa comes in and asks to talk to Ryan.

Carroll calls Ryan and tells him that their story together has taken an unexpected turn. He admits that he's having a bad day and tells Ryan that he's going to do a complete rewrite. Ryan asks about Claire and Carroll tells him that he's decided to remove her from the final story, and then hangs up.

Mike calls Ryan to the lobby where Melissa is asking for him. She says that she's with Carroll and wants to turn herself in for the amnesty. However, as Nick turns to make a call. Melissa pulls out a hairpin, leaps on his back, and stabs him in the eye. They pull her off and shoot her, while an agonized Nick clutches at the hairpin.

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