The Following

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 15, 2013 on FOX

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  • Better than most of the episodes till now.

    How could they not have her in handcuffs as soon as she came to surrender! You can see what's coming from a mile away! Dumb things happened again like always, but it was entertaining this time.

    Why wouldn't they press the issue of Carroll's house of dumbos with Roderick! Was the most glaring of all the mistakes they did!

    PS: I swear the casting directors are casting similar women. That jumping girl looked like a younger Annie Parisse!
  • great Episode

    It was very fast moving, not all boring to watch, I like it very much.
  • Please

    Finally at least they got the kid out. It's ridiculous to carry it on this long because if this were real life.. the FBI would march in there playing 'These boots are made for walking'' snap their back with cyanide poisoning and burn them all to a crisp. What nobody remembers reality?
  • Havenport

    Havenport was an action and drama packed episode of The Following. It was amazing and crazy to see how events unfolded. There were many turns in the story lines along with some intriguing surprises. Joey was like a hot potato being taken so msny times. It would be a terrifying experience for any child. Claire takes action causing new twists. It was great to see Jacob face a dilemma. I enjoyed the feeling of not being sure who to trust at face value and what was going to happen next. There was a lot of suspense. The ending wasy awesome and had a classic feel to it. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!

  • What?! A genuinely great Following episode?! O_O

    I really mostly watch this show out of habit, knowing full well that the premise (and a lot of what happens too) is dumb as bricks, but it's been getting pretty good lately. And now this episode floored me with its awesomeness.

    I expected Roderick to coyly avoid Weston for the entire episode, misleading the FBI for the full hour before getting caught, or maybe even for the show to completely forget that Weston saw Roderick's face. Imagine my joy when Weston pulled his gun on Roderick after three minutes! Go Team Brains!

    The rest of the episode was just as good, with decent character moments for pretty much every major follower. Even Claire did something not totally dumb, which is quite a feat.

    If the final two episodes can match this one, I just might tune in next year.
  • At Long Last, A Good Episode

    To me, this was the best episode thus far. The action was excellent, the FBI actually accomplished something, and with the exception of Jacob's escape (and maybe the opening), there weren't any of the typical eye-rollers that are usually so prevalent in episodes of The Following. The show is setting up very nicely for the finale, and this episode revitalized my hope in this series.