The Following

Season 1 Episode 7

Let Me Go

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 04, 2013 on FOX

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  • Let Me Go

    Let Me Go was a spectacular episode of The Following. I really enjoyed watching because there were many intriguing twists and turns in the story lines. The character development was great. I liked how everything played out and I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • I love the show, but was disappointed

    This episode was kind of meh. Basically only the only smart people there are Joey and Ryan. FBI are dimb, cops are dumb, the followers are dumb.

    The only interesting and exciting part was when Joey found the girl, but then it turned into another running, following and all that.

    And the whole village of followers - gimme a break! I can understand a cult if the leader is always around to brainwash people. But Joe has been behind bars! All that through internet, really?!
  • Deus Ex Machina

    Honestly, the amount of deus ex machina used in the writing is ridiculous at this point. It is so obvious that the writers haven't thought out a coherent storyline, and the plot seems to change significantly with each passing episode. And if you're going to use deus ex machina, at least have it come out of nowhere. Because I don't think there was any doubt in anybody watching's mind that Carroll was going to escape. The amount of depth in which they showed the process made it more than obvious that it was going to happen.

    At the beginning of the episode, Joey happens to have to go to the bathroom. He makes his way over, and for the purpose of plot development, decides to explore a dark room where there are no signs of anything interesting or out of the ordinary. He sees a girl locked in a cage, then returns, telling Emma what he saw. Emma and the man running the garage have a bit of an altercation, and it is quickly resolved. And of course, Joey is still oblivious to the fact that these people who have been holding him captive recently are in fact

    Joey then steals the keys and tries to let the woman out. He succeeds, and of course, rather than running, Joey and the girl, Dana, hide. And of course, they are found. No big shocks here.

    In prison, Carroll is requesting a transfer because of Ryan Hardy's abusing him. Because people really care if you break a few of a serial killer's fingers. Honestly, a man like Carroll would be put in a maximum security prison where he would have no chance of escape. But it's The Following, and having a plot point that makes any sort of sense would go against the very spirit of the show.

    Later, midway through the transfer, the FBI team realizes that there is something fishy going on. Because hey, it's not like Carroll's ever tried to escape before. Anyway, they realize that the warden is working with Carroll and that Carroll isn't actually in the transport vehicle. Yep, not a single non-follower checked the vehicle, so either Joe's got a ton of followers in the FBI, or the FBI doesn't perform minimal checks to ensure that some of the world's most dangerous criminals don't escape. Either way, it's highly unlikely.

    Once Carroll escapes, he makes his lawyer call Ryan Hardy, and instructs her to tell him that he (Ryan) is the reason that Carroll is about to kill her. For some reason unbeknownst to me, she can't escape even though she's in the driver's seat, and Carroll chokes her to death with his injured hand... makes sense. He then enters a public building (smart, huh?) and meets someone. Hardy and Weston find him and rather than sneaking up on him, or waiting for him by the exit, they decide to scream about the fact that they're FBI agents, conveniently warning Carroll and his friend just in time. Long story short, they escape in a helicopter, and the FBI has no clue where they went. So the FBI made no effort to track down the helicopter, and Carroll is free once again. Whoopdie-freaking-doo! It's official, the FBI has never done anything good. Why Claire wants to have anything to do with Ryan after this is beyond me. This was, without a doubt, the worst episode thus far. I'll be tuning into The Following next week, because it's just one of those shows that I love to hate.
  • One terrible scene

    Soooo disappointed with how Joe killed his lawyer... With his INJURED hand. She's on the driver side yet can't get out? She's not bound yet can't fight against a gauzed stump choking her? I love this show, and I don't know if it was editing, but that scene was awful.