The Following

Season 1 Episode 9

Love Hurts

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 18, 2013 on FOX
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    The Following "Love Hurts" Review: Congratulations on Your Graduation to Chapter Books, Show!

    Be forewarned: I'm about to say some things about The Following that could generally be construed as "nice."

  • Episode Summary

    After Mike's shooting, Ryan and Parker try to get around Nick to take down the people that organized the attack. Meanwhile, Carroll turns to an unlikely ally for help in finding Claire's location in protective custody.

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    • Love Hurts

      Love Hurts was a superb episode of The Following. I really enjoyed watching because the story had lots of character development, action and surprising twists. The followers are strange ones for sure and it was disturbing to see how many their were from different walks of life. Joe and a follower attempt to stir up Claire Matthews and call her out. Ryan did a great job and Emma finds s surprise at the door!!!!!!!!!moreless
    • I TRIED

      there is just too much soooo wrong!!!!!!i i will say this once more,... the acting is very good and purfoy already some of the new people,esp the two gay or bi guys whatever,they are is i'm not sure it is enough?
    • Why am I still FOLLOWING?!?

      That's a question I still ask every time my DVR has a new episode first 2 eps hooked me solid direction, and the mood was grim and so was the hero. As we all know later in the series too many bonehead moves by local law enforcement and of course the FBI is ALWAYS 3 steps behind AND after that farm fiasco( THE FARM IS SURROUNDED and everyone gets away???) somehow i stayed with show. Payoff !! This last ep was probably the best of the season outside of the pilot (aside)I don't know if I like the anyone can a be a follower thing! That allows for the writers to have too many easy outs!)

      Well until the Weston vs Carroll cage match!! Later Followers!!

      Roderick RULES!!moreless
    • WAT!!??

      I barely started to watch this episode yet till I got to 1min 30sec.

      In the conference room where Ryan and Parker explains the situation to some high end people in the food chain about the the woman in the tv ask about the safe haven "but you don't know where that is"...


      I mean if FBI knew about this safe they wouldv'e done something about it right?


      Don't take me wrong, I love this show! And I'm gonna keep watching it bcs it's one of my favourites. But "the madness" when these small things irritates you.

      It couldv'e possibly been a "yee and you dont know where that safe haven .

      But then her attitude to that question was rly bad... Anyway.. I feel good know that I've got it out.

      thx bai! :Pmoreless
    • Brain Hurts (from watching this show)

      For television writing of a network primetime program that lasts 15 minutes or less, the story alone earns a minimum $4,322 up to 2013 and then a minimum $4,408 from 2013 to 2014. The teleplay grants $10,498 to 2013 and then $10,708 up to 2014. The first draft is paid at either 90 percent of the minimum or 60 percent of the agreed upon compensation, whichever is greater. The balance is due during the delivery of the final draft. For half-hour programs, the rates for the story are $7,923 to 2013 and $8,081 to 2014. The teleplay for such programs receives $17,045 and $17,386. One-hour programs get $13,948 or $14,227 for the story, and $22,997 or $23,457 for the script.

      I expect bette than this and i am not talking about the numbers, i am talking about what's being delivered FOR these numbers. Yuk! :(moreless
    Jayne Atkinson

    Jayne Atkinson

    Mrs. Wells

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    Annika Boras

    Louise Sinclair

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    Jasmine Carmichael

    Jasmine Carmichael

    Claire Michaels

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    Warren Kole

    Warren Kole


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    Mike Colter

    Mike Colter

    Agent Nick Donovan

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    Chinasa Ogbuagu

    Chinasa Ogbuagu

    Agent Deirdre Mitchell

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