The Following

Season 1 Episode 9

Love Hurts

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 18, 2013 on FOX

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  • Love Hurts

    Love Hurts was a superb episode of The Following. I really enjoyed watching because the story had lots of character development, action and surprising twists. The followers are strange ones for sure and it was disturbing to see how many their were from different walks of life. Joe and a follower attempt to stir up Claire Matthews and call her out. Ryan did a great job and Emma finds s surprise at the door!!!!!!!!!

    there is just too much soooo wrong!!!!!!i i will say this once more,... the acting is very good and purfoy already some of the new people,esp the two gay or bi guys whatever,they are is i'm not sure it is enough?
  • Why am I still FOLLOWING?!?

    That's a question I still ask every time my DVR has a new episode first 2 eps hooked me solid direction, and the mood was grim and so was the hero. As we all know later in the series too many bonehead moves by local law enforcement and of course the FBI is ALWAYS 3 steps behind AND after that farm fiasco( THE FARM IS SURROUNDED and everyone gets away???) somehow i stayed with show. Payoff !! This last ep was probably the best of the season outside of the pilot (aside)I don't know if I like the anyone can a be a follower thing! That allows for the writers to have too many easy outs!)

    Well until the Weston vs Carroll cage match!! Later Followers!!

    Roderick RULES!!
  • WAT!!??

    I barely started to watch this episode yet till I got to 1min 30sec.

    In the conference room where Ryan and Parker explains the situation to some high end people in the food chain about the the woman in the tv ask about the safe haven "but you don't know where that is"...


    I mean if FBI knew about this safe they wouldv'e done something about it right?


    Don't take me wrong, I love this show! And I'm gonna keep watching it bcs it's one of my favourites. But "the madness" when these small things irritates you.

    It couldv'e possibly been a "yee and you dont know where that safe haven .

    But then her attitude to that question was rly bad... Anyway.. I feel good know that I've got it out.

    thx bai! :P

    this show is mean and do something to stop it from continuing its vomiting immorality.
  • Meh...

    I want to like this show. I really do. But the writing is just so stupid at times that it's almost unforgivable. Seriously, the writers should be able to produce better material than this, because I truly do believe that it is (for the most part) directed and acted brilliantly. And the continuity errors and stupid situations need to stop soon.

    This episode starts off decently enough, with a fairly well done scene switching between camera shots of the FBI team and shots of Carroll and his followers. The team is notified that the lead of the investigation is now being taken by Washington, and the team seems oddly okay with this. Cue the four-second "The Following" theme song (not sure you can call it that), and then the stupidity ensues.

    Well, actually, the stupidity was put on hold at the beginning at first, as we see Jacob and Paul again (for the first time in three episodes... seriously?), and it turns out that they're staying at Jacob's mother's house (the mother is Erin Strauss for the Criminal Minds people out there). We begin to see Jacob's relationship with his mother and she tells him that she loves him but doesn't condone what he's done. Jacob ensures her that he's never killed anyone before, but it doesn't seem to matter.

    Meanwhile at the FBI, Hardy gets a call from Carroll to taunt him (but Hardy's convinced that it's something bigger than that). We then cut to a diner where two women are eating and one decides to wash her hands. Seeing her opportunity, one of Joe's followers takes the woman's seat across from the other girl. The follower tells the woman to tell Ryan Hardy that "love hurts". Rather than being creeped out and leaving, she laughs. The other woman returns and she sits across from the follower, next to her friend. The follower then tells them that she has a harpoon under the table and rather than running, they laugh and ask "so what are you going to do with that?" Are you serious? If it's pointed at you, it's obvious she ain't going fishing with it... Seriously. Anyway, the follower shoots her and blood splatters. Everybody sees this but not one person tries to stop the follower as she exits the diner... Brilliant work, people. Absolutely brilliant.

    I'm going to summarize the rest of the episode loosely if you don't mind because it's all kind of a blur to me. So after the incident at the diner, Hardy and the rest of the team (minus Weston) talk to witnesses and it's revealed that the woman killed was named Claire Matthews. So they're killing everybody named Claire Matthews. The rest of the team thinks this is to get at Ryan, but Ryan thinks that Carroll's trying to get Claire to give herself up to stop the travesties. If this is the case though, why do the victims need to be named Claire Matthews? Whatever.

    Anyway, back at FBI headquarters, the team finds that there are 70-or-so women named Claire Matthews in the country and that almost 20 of them live in Virginia (come on). 4 of them live nearby, and so the team tries to alert those four women of the danger and tries to get them into protective custody. This works with one, but the other two cannot be found.

    We then cut to another Claire Matthews talking on the phone at her house, scared because she realizes what is going on. She doesn't call 9-1-1, though, because that would be the smart thing to do... and the writers just don't do smart. There's a knock at the door and a woman at the door tells her that she's the police. The woman accepts this and opens up the door, and the follower (who posed as the policewoman) throws her out the window. She falls to her death and (somehow) is surrounded by an enormous pool of blood after just a few seconds. But there's a policeman down there and the follower is upstairs. So there's two concerns here... 1) Why did they only send one policeman. 2) If she has no other way out, don't they pretty much have her? I guess not. Because according to the writers, all law enforcement is filled with a bunch of inept morons.

    Then we learn that the final Claire Matthews is at a party and left her phone at home (shocker!). The FBI arrives at the scene, and rather than surrounding everyone and shutting the party down, they go in and try to find Claire on foot. And of course, it's one of those typical masked parties (I've read about those) so that criminals can conveniently blend in and the Claire is pretty much impossible to find. We then cut to Claire, dancing with a guy who asks her if she's Claire Matthews (convenient, huh?) and she says yes. The guy tells her that she should see a policeman and she runs off. The two followers at the party see this and the guy tries to stop them verbally. Because cold-blooded killers usually respond well to that. He doesn't try to kill them; hell, he doesn't even try to hurt them. Honestly, a strongly worded letter would've been more effective than that.

    Anyway, they kill him and get back to chasing Claire Matthews. Nobody sees this and she walks away, and it seems that all people are as stupid as the FBI on this show. It seems like the only smart people are the followers.

    Ryan spots one of the followers who then puts on a mask that's conveniently lying on the ground for her. He chases her and they chase Claire. Claire runs into an alley (brilliant) and tells a cop about her situation. The cop calls it in and then the followers kill the cop. Rather than killing her on the spot, they decide to wait for her to run. And rather than picking up the cop's gun and defending herself, Claire runs off. The first follower follows her into some weird construction area, but Ryan catches the second follower. He tells her to put her hands in the air, so she asks him what happens if she refuses. He tells that he'll shoot her. She refuses. He shoots her. End of story.

    Then Hardy runs into that construction area and manages to get shot by a nailgun by the other follower. He follows her and she holds a nailgun to Claire's head. Hardy tells her to shoot him instead (he's done this in almost every episode, and I'm starting to think he's Rather than killing her and being done with it, she chickens out and it arrested. All of that buildup and it amounts to next to nothing.

    But that wasn't the whole story. We see some gratuitous flashbacks covering material we're all fully aware of at this point, and we also learn more about Paul and Jacob's situation. Jacob's mother, a doctor, says that Jacob needs to take Paul to a hospital and Jacob refuses. His mother says that they better be out of the house by the time Jacob's dad gets there, because he would call the cops. Well, earlier, Jacob's mom told us that the police were following Jacob's dad everywhere, but apparently not to his country house. Because if they were, they would have canvased the area and likely would have caught Jacob. I don't mean to make light of the scenes between Jacob and Paul because those actually were pretty powerful, but this part of it was just stupid.

    Jacob and Paul's scenes (in the present day timeline) were the one well-done part of this episode. They showed their love for each other and how badly Paul really was doing. At the end, Jacob kills Paul because he's about to die anyway, and Jacob returns to Emma at the mansion. And he is not happy to see her. After all, she's been ignoring all of his calls for two episodes now.

    So overall, after a strong episode last week, this was one of the worst showings yet, and I was left very disappointed. So what did I like? Very little. Jacob and Paul's scenes were good, Roderick's recounting of Jacob's messages was good, and the "I don't think you have death. But that's it. 3/10, and that is generous, quite frankly.

    *EDIT* Oh yeah, and now the followers know where Claire Matthews is... Brilliant police work, gentlemen. Absolutely brilliant. And I've found a pattern. One key follower dies every single week. Predictability at its finest, everyone.