The Following

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 21, 2013 on FOX

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  • Great though it seems to be a repeated theme

    Takes Silence of the Lambs and brings it into your home is great.

  • The Following surpasses expectation!

    The Following was a surprising and exceedingly rare phenomenal start to what could be one of the most mind bending series to air in some time. The actors were amazing in their roles and the story was extremely well thought out and well written. There were many powerful illusions to classical literature. The character development was spectacular from the beginning and definitely establishes the various characters being. There was lots of action drama suspense and intrigue. I wanted to compare this to Dexter but it's on a totally different level. I like how everything played out so far and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Almost a good start

    The premise of the show was okay. The death row part could have been left out in order for the show to continue more realistically. The unnecessary hostility from the female FBI agent towards the main character was out of place. The main retired agent did a good job with his character. They need to tighten up some loose ends and the show might be good. The hostile (comments about the police) gay couple was unnecessary it distracted from the show. I will give it two more episodes before I get it a in the DVR go.
  • A Bit Flat & Hackneyed

    Kevin Bacon attempts to steer clear of the Christian Slater syndrome. You know where you start taking lackluster parts and perform below that level. So, wisely, Bacon turned to supporting roles, it's something he can pull off with greater authority. That isn't to say he isn't a good actor as he is quite solid, but if he is great the evidence is yet to surface. Perhaps, his new TV-series "The Following" will give him the opportunity to once more be the leading man, maybe even providing him a vehicle to prove some greatness.

    The Following wastes no time as it begins with the bloody escape of a high-functioning death-row serial killer named Joe Carroll. Bacon, playing an heart-health challenged retired . agent Ryan Hardy is asked to "consult" because no one knows Carroll better as he ended Carroll's bloody reign, but with the heavy collateral damage necessitating his retirement. In the interim Hardy wrote a best seller about Carroll. Hardy acquiesces, getting ready filling his water bottle with vodka, and we realize in short order he fits in with other agents not unlike a square peg in a round hole ("I read your file, I know you don't play well with others). Perhaps the book he wrote after leaving the . wasn't an agency favorite? Carroll's ex-wife Claire Matthews as well as a former Carroll student Sarah Fuller, who also was left for dead by Carroll, are under protection. Things get heavily complicated as Carroll has a contingent of female groupies who the agency assemble thinking something to help find Carroll may be revealed through interviews. Things descend into chaos as a female follower calmly stands, undresses revealing Edgar Allen Poe quotations tattooed over her body then impaling herself with an ice pick through her eye. Carroll, apparently, is so persuasive he can have others do his work for him. This will become a large shadow cast as these women are only part of more followers to come.

    Bacon plays Ryan Hardy well enough with his "one-color" style of depressive acting. He's damaged goods who also functions highly. As earlier noted by a female . agent he is a "lone wolf" and we see he goes about capturing Carroll in his own fashion. Through no fault of his, however, Sarah Fuller is abducted and ultimately murdered before he finds Carroll. Carroll actually lures Hardy to find him as he wants to gloat about finishing what he felt he needed to achieve for his "art" to be complete. Back in one of the prison's interrogation rooms he gives Hardy notice that his terror reign is still in progress. Ryan Hardy comes apart breaking some of Carroll's fingers and also signaling he himself can't walk away until all Ryan's followers can be brought to justice.

    Is The Following a show worth of multiple episodes? That remains to be seen. While the script attempts to be somewhat cerebral it is really a re-hash of several similar "monster" type serial killer movies condensed thus isn't particularly as creative as it aspires. Bacon's character isn't particularly endearing or dynamic, serviceable at this point describes Ryan Hardy. The pull of this series, therefore, is going to lie in the writing. To rise it needs to get more inventive while retaining the slam it aims for. If it can do that and Bacon's Ryan Hardy character can evolve into a more likeable protagonist The Following has a future. If it remains a series of re-writes there may not be enough entertainment factor to get past a compact first will have to stay tuned for now.

    First of all, do you guys even get the actual plot of the story. It isn't just some cops and robbers tv show, and Kevin Bacon isn't playing just some detective catching the serial killer. The killer wanted to be caught and Kevin Bacon's character has an actual back story. Try watching again and this time PAY ATTENTION! Let me explain, there is a cult, hence, the following, therefore the fat cop, the two gay guys (who actually aren't gay) and the nanny are all apart of this cult. Once again, PAY ATTENTION, and watch. Kevin Bacon is going to be legendary.
  • Not Bad.

    I know it's not his best work, but it's not as bad as some of you are making it out to be. It's better than Honey Boo Boo or Real Housewives. I'm guessing that those of you who are panning it must ONLY watch extremely cerebral shows, the way you're all talking about how stupid it is. If you enjoy CSI or Criminal Minds, you shouldn't be appalled by this. And I'm willing to bet at least one of you does enjoy those shows. If you don't like it, go watch something more "intelligent". I study and read to gain enlightenment. I watch TV to be entertained. I think some people have confused the two. I call them TV snobs. I actually like it. I don't know how long it will last, but I'll keep watching.
  • Unbelievable!!

    Typical mindless drivel from thought out Hackneyed beyond belief.
  • What a beatdown

    Super smart mass murderer caught a few hours after he somehow kills everyone in a bold escape from maximum security real old, .not scary just disgusting ultra violence.
  • Shame on you, Kevin Bacon!

    Shame on you, Kevin Bacon, for delivering such a poor performance (in such a pathetic plot). I considered you once to be one of the finest actors with very high integrity. Now you threw that all overboard just to make some money. Very disappointing.
  • Not so Good for 1st eposide

    First, why Alan Edgar Pole?

    First eposide has many blank areas?

    How can a killer cut 4 men in a room without any force?

    How can he order so easy to his crew.

    How can he get people so easy?

    Scrip must be more powerful.

    It was so simple for a serial killer show.
  • Lord help my poor soul.......

    ..... I'm Hooked

    Great first episode, would have been better if the adverts/trailers didn't give away so much spoilers, I felt some plot lines were predictable because of this. Also some aspects were rushed and might have been better with a 2 hour opener.

    The character development of the main characters was good I think they gave you just enough to feel like you know them but left out lots for future plot lines. As for the others the 'always hostile female FBI agent' didn't get any development but maybe that's for another episode?

    Overall I think it was a good opener and will be watching the rest of the season.
  • Lots of promise

    The first thing I wanted to point out is that I watched this home alone with no lights on, and it was awesome! Hahah thought the pilot had great scare factor although I feel like for a serial killer set up to have such superior intelligence and cunning, the flashback to when his botched attempt at killing Sarah Fuller was very sorority killer B movie -ish...

    [Spoiler Alert!]

    Loved the part when Kevin Bacon had realised that Sarah Fuller was in danger and they followed the blood trail into the hidey hole between the houses and then into the garage.

    When it comes to the writing and characters I have to agree with the other posters below me: Kevin Bacon running around by himself and not having someone attached to him 24/7 seems unrealistic and too Harry Potter-ish for me, although I did like the part when he reached for his gun and remembered he didn't own one anymore. I love the flashbacks but it makes me wonder how they are going to extend this past 1 season? Also the female FBI agent makes no sense to me at all, both in the plot and standalone, and I don't think it's the actress's fault but WOW she's annoying!

    I think Kevin Bacon is carrying the show well but I'd love to see more of James Purefoy. My hope for the future of the show is that they expand into the backstories of the 'followers' so we get a real insight into their motivations (this is what made Criminal Minds such a good premise and a great show in

    Let's get the person who wrote the part of the lady agent to write her out. That mole is a distraction, her part and dialogue is a distraction. It's not all wrong. A slap in the face in a brilliant premise. This show will get better and better. Love the young guy.
  • great show

    I loved the show