The Following

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 21, 2013 on FOX

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  • Can only get better

    Saw the pilot yesterday and felt the detective and many scenes to be to much by the book and rather cliche:

    1. Our detective has a drinking problem. Hell couldn't you think of something original

    2. "Listen. You'll be fine. Nothing is gonna happen to you. I promise


    How many times do i have to listen to stereotypical line like this, geesus!

    3. Sarah, escapee of the killer get's surprised by a cop in her bathroom. Now i'd be afraid too. But why

    must she be the typical victim and recollect her fragile nerves only, when she could also overreact and

    scream into his face, to "piss the hell off", or something. You know, something different then we have

    seen before. That what would have been character not cardboard cliche.

    4. Don't let me start with the failed Hannibal Lector "interview". It's obvious this scene was rushed

    when filmed, those two actors have no chemistry together. The dialogue lines didn't help either.

    Bad guys don't need to explain themselves. In fact the more someone explains himself the less

    he is self assured, the less menacing he is. But this killer told us EVERYTHING and leaves nothing

    open to be afraid of. Nothing is more scary than ones own imaginations.

    5. Flahsbacks, flashbacks, flashbacks, the cheapest way of telling a backstory.

    Despite that:

    Concept of this show is intriguing. But telling from the pilot it's in the wrong hands just as Terra Nova and Last Resort were. Let's hope for the best. We have a true star actor here. Hopefully he will make his influence matter with the execs and writers. Will be watching.
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