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  • I'm following...

    Don't listen to the stupid people... The Following is one of the best things on TV right now.

    While one might question its probability you have to remember: it's f*cking television you muppets, it's not supposed to be Reality TV, if you wanna watch that, then go and j*rk off to some Real Housewives or similar sh*t.

    Anyhow, the story is awesome, gripping, and sometimes makes you wanna throw a punch at someone because you're so agitated about all the stuff that's happening here.

    I guess a show like this is a little bit like a great sports team you can either love or hate as there's no room for anything inbetween.

    Additionally it never gets old to look at Natalie Zea and Annie Parisse, but eye candyness really is just a side note here as The Following is all about its story, its idea.

    I really hope they can make a run for it, because this show is destined for glory.
  • Very Stupid and extremely Unbelievable.

    The show started as a exciting series, however as mentioned by another reviewer it is getting stupider and more frustrating after every episode. Today was the final draw for me. How stupid is it for two FBI agents to follow a lead and find an abandoned car that was involved in kidnapping another FBI agent, the instead of calling backup decide to deal with several armed and dangerous cult members on there own. WOW I thought I was watching Batman for a second. It is hard to believe this is the FBI procedure in reality, if so then FBI has gone stupid too.
  • Don't listen to any of the morons who don't appreciate this show for what it is

    This is a phenomenal show, the writers have done a phenomenal job in keeping the audience in a suspense- filled thriller. It is violent and at some points gruesome however the substance in the show is second to none. Every character is very well developed and the best part is, you don't know whose on whose side. Some times it's obvious, others... not so much. Keep watching! This show is solid.
  • Ridiculous

    The show has lost it's way and gets more ludicrous every week. I'm over it. The commercials every 5 minutes finally did me in though
  • This show is just WRONG

    This show is just wrong in every sense of the word. I was hopeful since I really like Kevin Bacon. But the violence they portray - especially in tonight's episode (3/11) is just SICK. With the master villain showing a "disciple" how to kill a woman, and then that same master villain killing one of his own disciples slowly as he hugs just more graphically horrific than any of the "shoot em up" shows. It has no social redeeming value whatsoever and the cast and writers should be ashamed of putting such trash on tv.
  • Dumbest thing on TV!

    This show has just gotten so totally stupid and unbelievable. It is ridiculous that the FBI never wins squat. It is impossible for such a large group of psychopaths to never make a mistake. There would be way too many selfish competing agendas with such a large group that they would be killing each other by now and their ridiculous little "cult" would have collapsed. Fallen victim to mistakes that the FBI would have picked up on by now. DO NOT WATSE YOUR TIME! There are many better shows out there to waste your time with.
  • Idiotic

    The writers for this show are morons. I've watched a few shows and they keep getting stupider as the show goes along. Ratings are going to kill this show off ... unless they get better writers and a way better storyline
  • Stupid

    I made it to episode 6 when the lady cop shoots her partner after they find emma and joey, at which point I shut it off. I guessed where this show was going from the first episode, but held on in the hopes that it would actually be any good because it did have potential. This is just too ridiculous for me, though.
  • stupid show

    just watch it for the first time this week, what a stupid show, it will not last
  • This is the most frustrating show ever

    I agree with some of the reviews that it is really frustrating to see the good guys kept on losing, when I watched this show, I literally felt myself rolling my eyes half the time. C'mon give the good guys at least a couple of breaks. The followers just popped out from everywhere, it's like Joe literally planned every single attacks and how to retaliate it.. so bloody frustrating. I might give up on this show if the next couple of episodes still continue on its 'losing streak'. Such a waste too, as the acting was just amazing.
  • Beyond Belief

    Kevin Bacon is very good in an exercise in ludicrousness. The premise of everyone being a follower is the most idiotic thing on TV. That this show has been renewed is even more ridiculous!

    If you want to watch a good series, then check out Ripper Street in BBC America.
  • No longer watching

    I don't need to have a plot be 100% believable, but I do need to see the side of good make some progress ONCE in a while. It just got too frustrating. Every week scores more "followers" (most of which Joe doesn't even seem to know!) keep popping up and the FBI doesn't gain an inch. I/m surprised viewers would watch this week after week, with the bad guys always winning.
  • Let's make things more sick and call it a plot

    I understand art. Evil is never. This show just celebrate it. Other people may like it, suspense and all, all series that does not make audience feel good will likely abandon the show, sad though Kevin Bacon is superb.
  • An insult....

    I like Kevin Bacon. I like the camera work. And the acting is great also. I just can't grasp the idea that there would be so many idiots out there to blindly do the unthinking for some hated criminal and that he could have this hold on individuals to all of a sudden become sadistic mean come on really?
  • good to see Bacon bringing home the bacon

    I love his wife on the closer, then the daughter did some special episodes and now, we have Kevin back. Way cool. This show is great, but I am concerned with just how far this series can go with it's current road map. We are going to have to find the bad guy, save the family in a hurry, don't the writers realize that at any given moment in the United States there are something like 800 serial killers running around killing people?! We can't let the specialist focus on only one crazy nut bag group, we have to find other whack jobs and put them in jail so that ultimately, they break out and all of our lives have to be saved by Kevin Bacon. Right? Love the show, but we need more criminals to catch and different ways to show his brilliance as well! thanks for the show though for bring Kevin back. Want to see his wife at work too!
  • One trick pony

    Besides the fact that I adore watching Kevin Bacon ... this show is kind of a one trick pony. Can't you move on to some other crime but keep Kevin Bacon as the star?
  • Keeps you hanging on....

    I love this show!!! It is well written and the actors are awesome!!! I hate reality tv and this is a great way to be entertained by some great writing and acting!!! Hope it stays on the air!!! It is my favorite show to watch....
  • I can't watch "The Following" any more!!!

    Here's the Deal... Agent Mike Weston works for Joe. Joey is actually Ryan's son, not Joe's son and when was the last time you saw someone(Ryan) have so many close encounter with death and survive and he appears to be looking younger in the latest episode!
  • Taking the "I" out of FBI

    I understand that they want to humanize Ryan's character, I mean in the real world, serial killers and murderers aren't caught in a day. But this is TV and there needs to be a balance of loss and success. So far there has been no success and they present the FBI as idiots. The only way this show can be saved is if things start to turn around and Ryan gets ahead of the game and starts frustrating Joe's plans. I don't root for bad guys, so please let me walk away from this show feeling some kind of good. I think the writers are questioning our intelligence as viewers, just too many things happening that destroy all common sense.
  • Renewed?!?! All Involved Should Never Work Again.

    Easily the most depraved, incompetent, and disgusting show in the history of television. Evil always triumphs, and the producers think they'll keep an audience on the hook indefinitely as viewers vainly hope that sometime, somewhere the Good Guys will have their day.

    Sorry, people -- not happening. The writers must be laughing up their sleeves as they manipulate the yokels into staying tuned, and then crush them week after week. And the plotting crosses the border into Hilarious every few minutes, but poor Kevin Bacon just keeps huffing and puffing along (he's got a pacemaker, doncha know). Sometime before the season finale, he's got to turn to the camera and say "c'mon, really?! Seriously? Another ridiculous twist? Another traitor comes out of the woodwork? Kyra, why didn't you tell me not to take this gig?!?"
  • One terrible scene

    Soooo disappointed with how Joe killed his lawyer... With his INJURED hand. She's on the driver side yet can't get out? She's not bound yet can't fight against a gauzed stump choking her? I love this show, and I don't know if it was editing, but that scene was awful.
  • Ha. HA.

    Just came on here to LOL at all the haters of the show because it's being renewed!

    I love this show it's great! Go watch your reality TV shows people.
  • "The Following" is now a Zombie!

    Like a zombie, "The Following," with a ridiculous Episode 6, has died, but (like a zombie) it is not self-aware, so it staggers on, and on, and on.

    How many more cops will we have to watch as these "closet cultists" turn against their associates at critical points in the story line, rescuing a dying script with each clever double-cross?

    At this point I would not be surprised if, by Episode 12 or 13, Ryan Hardy himself were to be revealed as Joe's "Disciple-in-Chief!

    This show is now predictable and silly! Having the good guys switch into the bad guys works on occasion; but here it is fast becoming the only thing holding the show together.

    This show could try a mother's patience! I am so done with it!
  • Just watched episode 6 and no more.

    Stupid, stupid show. I predict that in the next episode a baddie will escape in an invisible Aston Martin, Elvis will retake the building, and Lord Lucan will ride off into the sunset on Black Bess. I don't think the show was ever meant to be an intelligent thriller but the insults to the audience just leave me cold. Even if you can forgive the magic wand stuff every episode I can't forgive the assumption by the shows makers that I'm stoopid. The sequence with FBI guy after he was found "shot"; if you start tearing at his shirt and the guy's alive ... I know he is wearing a vest, he does not need to tell me.

    Go away, go very away. A waste of some good actors.
  • The Following is a WINNER!!!

    Pretty AMAZING start to great TV series with an unexpected twist at the end. The Following was created by the same guy who reinvented horror, Kevin Williamson. This man is legendary for creating the Scream franchise and when I saw the promos, I know Williamson wouldn't let me down -- I WAS RIGHT!!! It's thrilling, entertaining, and you don't know what's going to happen next... I love the blood and the fact that it's not censored... The Following WILL BE a great success.
  • Awful!!!

    Oh, so I can't give this show a zero, too bad. I have watched episodes of Three's Company that had more character development and interest that this crap. Everything that you think will happen, it's probably due to the writers setting everything up for you. The writers must think that we viewers are stupid. I recall seeing an episode where Kevin Bacon needs to drive to Brooklyn to help save his sister. He leaves with his partner in the daylight and gets to his destination and it's dark, so what is written at the bottom of the screen - yup Brooklyn, NY. Kevin Bacon shows no emotion, there's no humor whatsoever. What happened to the female detective from the first show? The violence is gratuitous for gratuitous' sake. No build up, no excitement, how is this junk still on tv?
  • Stop picking and just enjoy the show

    Damn people give it a break. There is tremendous potential here if you just let the show run its course.
  • My Advice

    I love the show partly because I'm a huge Kevin Bacon fan. Here is my suggestion. Get rid of the boy's mother because she just drags the show down with her crying. Focus more on a one-on-one battle between Bacon, the FBI vs. Hardy, the Followers. Do that and you will have a heart-stopping, none stop action show week after week.
  • Prediction: Hardy is a "Follower" also!

    In the final episode (if it ever finally arrives) we will find out that Ryan Hardy (Bacon's character) is also a Follower. That explains why he is so pathetic in his job of catching criminals now. This is the worst TV show of the year. It is ludicrous. Absurd. I have lost interest because everybody follows Carroll, a weak person who I just can't see as very dangerous and charismatic. I think he is a wimp. Why would anybody follow this loser? Unbelievable!
  • Ridiculous

    The first episode was exciting. Since then, it's been downhill at a high rate of speed. There is no recovery. This show won't last through March. It is an insult to people with any modicum of intelligence. The acting is atrocious. The characters have no development. They keep repeating the same scenario. Some bad guy is on the loose. They track down an address. They bust open a door. They find weird stuff but no bad guy. Then they just repeat that over and over and over. There is a reason that they keep introducing new followers. it's because the show has nowhere to go. It should have been a show about a guy who solves various serial murders. This killer should have been in about three episodes. Then it should have shifted to a new killer and a new case.
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