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  • Amazing series

  • best series ever

    This show was great, Kevin Bacon is amazing, so is Joe. I like the way he moves his head in a special way, whenever talking or talked to, I mean Joe. Kevin Bacon is very handsome, he acts perfectly. I give this series a 5 stars.
  • Awesome Show

    I am very sad that the show has ended. This show was amazing. I really wanted them to make a season 4. I don't know why this show was not liked. I loved it and I wish that is never ended and got another chance to prove itself. I know some people don't like shows that involve murder, and that's ok, but they don't need to watch the show. This show is for people who are interested in action and just because you don't like the show doesn't mean you have to try and get it cancelled and not back on the air. I am super upset and I wish that this show stayed on longer. I hope most of you agree and if you don't that's ok. I was just sharing my opinion and I don't mean to be rude to anyone. I really hope that someone picks this show up and starts a season 4. All of the actors did such an amazing job and I really want there to be more of the show. I want to see what Ryan Hardy has in store and what he is going to do now that we know he is alive. I hope most of you agree and will help try to get the show back on TV.
  • Gratuitous EVIL w/ no redeeming qualities

    I like Kevin Bacon, so I wanted to like his show, but there was nothing likable. The show portrayed evil acts being committed by easily manipulated people with no particular motive other than the fact that they were soulless, immature, sheep. The show did not even make much of an attempt to make excuses for the mindlessly evil actions of the characters.
  • A very good show.

    This is sad that the show has ended. First season was good, second a little bit slower but still good and the third one, in particular the first half was the best. I would miss Ryan Hardy and his team. I hope that someone will pick up the show for a movie or at least mini-show of 4-6 episodes giving a real closure.
  • Great ending of show ... spoiler alert

    Just finished watching the last and final season of "The Following" ... In my opinion having Theo being the new nemesis for Ryan Hardy was excellent. And having a shadow cabal of wealthy serial killers was a great idea, in the unlikely eventuality of the show being renewed. Great ending to a great show. Definitely the best ending of a show for many a year, in my opinion.
  • How the show should have ended

    killing of Joe was a big mistake, the chemistry Joe and Ryan were great.

    I was hoping for Ryan to totaly flip out and when Joe started to pop up during Ryans drinking benders I was kind of hoping that during a black out Ryan would accualy start killing people like Joe.

    Or after falling in the river hes struck with amnesia and thinks he is Joe , and starts killing

    Well its obvius were im going with this , I want Ryan to become the type of beast he usally is hunting.

    Think that would have made a very interesting new season and given the series a much needed reboot
  • Noooooo!!

    My favorite show

    , was shocked and upset to find out it was cancelled. , poor planning. Should be on a different night. Very upset.
  • Cancelled? Good riddance!

    I enjoyed the first season, though, it was little more than mind-numbing escapism. But, each subsequent season was more disastrous than the one prior. The criminals were all buffoonish cartoon characters, and the FBI agents were poor representations of Keystone cops. I guess FOX did what I was not able to do myself: cut all ties with this brainless mush-mash of mediocrity and ridiculousness. My only hope for the final episode is that Mike die a horrible, painful death, and that Ryan is remanded to an asylum until the end of time!
  • They Jumped a Bunch of Sharks, Man

    I've been watching the show because my husband likes it. It has become a huge waste of time and an anti-smart intellectuals manifesto. They are either crazy malfeasors or boozy, semi-crazy FBI agents. The world of the show is an insane one.

    I wish they kept Joe alive. They should have made him a different person who was now helping the FBI catch serial killers. Not just a mental breakdown for Hardy.
  • The writers must think we're all idiots.

    First they don't search Joe for a weapon? Ya right. Then he manages to take all the people in the room hostage. Ya ok. All they had to do is gas the room and put everyone asleep and it's over. What a pitiful excuse of writing. Why do I watch this crap?
  • Beavis and Butthead would make better FBI agents.


    Show portrays the cops and FBI agents as morons who don't even search Joe after he kills a corrupt prison guard. Oh wait thats not a spoiler alert thats every episode pretty much. Now they got some computer genius who can hack into everything on the planet and of course is always one step away from getting caught This is the dumbest show on TV right now besides the dancing/singing shows. Why keep watching some may ask? I don't have cable and this is one of the few channels I do have. FU fox lol
  • Ryan , Ryan , Ryan

    The only suspense left on this show is trying to guess how many times they are going to say Ryan. We set an over/under every week. They are kind of lagging behind on the Ryan's this season but now that Joe is playing a more prominent part the amount of Ryan's will pick up , all we need now is for Claire to come back , the over/under will have to be set at about 25 if that happens.

    A show that started out promisingly is now BAD , it needs to get the axe!
  • gross

    disgustingly gross...

    season after season and it's every episode with at least 5 brutal slayings - why why why? how is this suspense?

    This is just gore

    put the nail in the coffin on this lame show already

    Bacon has decided money is more important than acting, or maybe he just enjoys his own game (the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon) as he barely puts in any effort to act and looks like he hasn't even graduated from acting school.

    Footloose will look differently to me now as Kevin Bacon has lost all his acting talent to gain $ for this piece of garbage show which doesn't make any sense. Do the writers just let's add three more cult leaders this episode, they and their croonies will kill 50 women/kids, then their croonies will kill these cult leaders and they'll form new ones for next episode - then we'll

    sounds to me the writers gave up a long long time ago .... before the show even aired maybe and especially now in Season 3 (really, three seasons of this crap tv?).
  • Fortunately, I thought is it only me?

    The first season was great!

    The second season was so so!

    the third season is boring, horrible, stupid!
  • the writers have really fallen asleep at the wheel here....

    Joe Carroll in the first season was a phenomenon, and Lily Grey and her family added an extra element in the second what's going on in this season? No clear plot line, Carroll's getting boring, the FBI are incompetent, legal structure and procedures are all over the place, predictable characters (and plots) and no smart witty dialogue? and then on top of all expect us to believe that the mastermind that created Joe and others much smarter than him is Strauss? who doesn't have the foresight to see how his "best student" would react or is not meticulous enough to have a back up plan for when things go wrong?
  • pffffff

    i wanted to complain about the writing on this show but it seems im late to the party ill just agree with the bad soooooo bad
  • Another epic fail for the Federal Booty Inspectors

    I know people have had issue with the way that police/FBI are portrayed on this show from the start, but I understood from day 1 that this is TV AND ISN"T REAL, so I just went ahead and had fun with it. Until last week's episode.

    Upon learning that Joe's mentor is behind everything, Hardy's strategy is to show up when the guy's being transferred to his trial simply to rub it in his face (IE reveal that they know!!!Isn't that important info to keep close to the vest?). So after figuring out Joe's mentor is running the show and that his trial is literally the very next day, it doesn't cross the mind of these elite popo's that maybe the ONLY KEY WITNESS against Joe's mentor might be a target? That's just too much even for a joke. I thought the whole thing was a setup and was waiting for the kiddo's to go into the room and die. Nope instead I'm supposed to believe that even after making the connection with Joe's mentor that 1 crappy protection agent is enough from a pack of serial killers
  • Federal Bureau of Idiots

    This show portrays the FBI in the worst possible light - they bumble and fumble their way around and never get anything right! why do the 3 main characters always put themselves in dangerous situations without back-up; totally unrealistic. The first season got me hooked but now it has degenerated into predictable and repetitive plot lines. I hope the executives at Fox are reading these reviews and will do something to salvage this show.
  • Unbelievably unbelievable

    Pathetic. This is going downhilllllll
  • the failing

    Can't believe I've watched this up to the third season if I was a serial killer I wouldn't have the slightest worry about the FBI (F***g Blithering Idiots ) catching me, there are bigger escape artists than harry Houdini in this show, totally unbelievable the writers must think we as incompetent as the fbi. it has spoiled what could have been a really good programme pity (done watching)
  • The Writing Has Gone WAY Down Hill

    Instead of maiming potential valuable suspects the writers are making sure they are almost ALWAYS shot dead before they could possibly be held and interrogated for valuable information. The show in 2015 has been on for three episodes and I'm already losing count of the number of shoot-to-kill scenes of valuable suspects. Of course it's all in aid of dragging things on so nothing can possibly be resolved before the current episode commitment to FOX expires. I guess Hardy et al are really, really bad shots. When slice-and-fold-into-a-box boy was aiming a gun at three FBI agents, I guess NONE of them could shoot his hand, or kneecap, or other non-fatal site, because alive it might hasten critical plot information and wrap up that FOX commitment waaaay too soon. What a piece of crap this show has become. I can't decide to give up, or watch it and just mock it weekly. This thing has become visibly laughable and transparent. Oh-my-gosh-the-su-spense-is-kill-ing-me-each-week.
  • follwing from ights flashing and no suprize factor to stopping to watch a vidio instead of goung in

    Kevin beacon worst fbi agent ever
  • Sorry....

    Will not watch ANYTHING else that Diane Neal is in! I'm not sure why the Following hired this pathetic and ANNOYING actress! :( It's bad enough we have had to suffer with her on both NCIS shows, and so done with that too!
  • All We Need To Change Is The Title Page

    There could be eight thousand FBI agents hunting for Joe, but it will ALWAYS wind up with Kevin Bacon going into Joe's hideout by himself (maybe with one agent in tow). He will ALWAYS be captured, the FBI will (finally) arrive, Joe will ALWAYS escape and a mid-level cast member will ALWAYS die.
  • It's worth The FOLLOWING!!!

    It's awesomely creepy, smart scripted, with exceptionally unexpected twists and turns! The acting is so strong and so convincing! I can't remember me wishing for a character to die Like Ever - as strong as I did for Joe's followers. Especially Emma... hehehe

    The Following is a very, very, very good psychological thriller!
  • It blows my mind...

    to think the creator of this show is also responsible for The Vampire Diaries. It's crazy to think that two exact opposites came from the same mind.
  • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

    The Following is the Spring sensation that took Fox viewers by storm and led to some of the highest ratings for a mid-season debut in network history. After watching one episode, I could see why this show was so popular, it really is right up my ally, and is easily one of the best written shows on network television.

    10 years ago, College professor, Joe Carroll (James Purefoy), was convicted of the murders of 14 young women. He sits on death row, waiting to be executed, when he launches a daring escape. Completely stunned, the . brings in the now retired agent who originally caught him to track him down. Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) is a troubled, lonely man, who just wants to move on with his life and leave all the horrors he's known behind him. Reluctantly, he agrees to find Carroll and to everyone's surprise, does it with ease. As it turns out, getting caught again was all part of Carroll's plan. While in prison, Carroll had spoken with and gotten to know many different people who admire what he did. The charismatic killer has tricked these people into believing that they need to give their lives meaning by being a part of something special, his resurrection. Carroll's getting easily captured by the . was nothing more than a signal to his many followers to begin reeking havoc all over the eastern seaboard. The targets are seemingly anyone Carroll ever interacted with and the acts all meant to torment the man who caught him, Ryan Hardy. With no other choice, Hardy agrees to stay on and try to stop whatever was set in motion, before Carroll's plan can come to fruition.

    I know what you're thinking, because I was thinking the same thing. It's a great story for one season, but how in the world can they continue this show after that, without it becoming old and repetitive. It was something I thought a lot about while watching this show, however my doubts may have been premature. The more this show continued, the better the writing got, and if anyone can keep this show interesting and fresh it's this talented cast and crew.

    Kevin Bacon has always been a tremendously underrated actor, because for 30 years, he's simply been known as that guy from Footloose. I've seen many of his films and now his new TV show, and I have to tell you this guy is phenomenal. It wasn't just being able to pull of the character of Ryan Hardy, but also the chemistry he had with James Purefoy. Joe Carroll is one of the best villians I've seen since Hannibal Lechter and the chemistry Purefoy has with Bacon, easily rivals that of Hopkins and Foster.

    The show is made even stronger by a tremendous support cast of complicated characters, all of whom have their own hidden past and issues that are brought to the table. Movie actor, Shawn Ashmore is terrific as the young agent who wants nothing more than the praise of his idol, Ryan Hardy. The boss is played by Annie Parisse, perhaps best known as . Alex Borgia on Law & Order.

    This show really has deep, well developed characters, that you get quickly attached to, and every time you think you know what's coming they throw a curve ball at you. The Following is such a strong story, that is so well written, that it really has the chance of being on the air for years.

    Season one is now streaming on Netflix and season two debuts on Fox in January. I really can't wait to get there. Rarely do I watch shows on the air, I prefer to wait for the DVD to avoid the commercials and watch as much or as a little as I want. The Following is different though, because this show was just so amazing to me, that I honestly can't wait to see what season two has in store for me. I am more than willing to sit through the commercials in order to get there that much faster, and I think once you've seen this show, you'll feel the exact same way.
  • boo haters!

    I just watched both seasons and i thought it was good ok it did drag a bit with the ryan/joe and at points you were like come on just kill him.... and thank god claire killed emma hated her from start...

    what i dont understand about all leaving bad comments if you dont like it then why continue watching why not just stop watching it... i watch a few episodes of 1st season of progs if crap then why bother with the rest if good then great