The Following

Season 2 Episode 14


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 21, 2014 on FOX

Episode Recap

After their mother is killed, Luke and Mark hijack a woman's car, kill her, and drive off. Luke rants on about how Lily isn't really dead until Mark convinces his twin brother that she is. At that, Luke pulls over, pounds on the steering wheel, and vows to get revenge on Ryan, Joe, and Mike

The next day at Korban, the local detective questions Ryan, Mike, and Max about the shooting. Max claims that she wasn't in clear site of the shooting, while Ryan supports Mike's story that Lily drew on him and he was forced to kill her in self-defense. The detective is clearly suspicious but Clarke tells him that they have to move on with tracking Joe and that he can questions the team later as necessary. Once the detective leaves, Clarke asks what they have on Joe and Ryan relays what Joe said about having something big planned involving Kingston Tanner. As they plan to head back, Clarke tells Ryan that Carrie broadcast a poem from Carrie and asks him to talk to Claire. Once the FBI agent leaves, Ryan tells Mike that he should go home and get some rest. Mike refuses, figuring that Ryan is trying to get rid of him. He tells his friend that he would have done the same thing if he faced Joe, and Ryan tells him that he's better than that.

At Kingston's house in New Jersey, his people gather outside to pray for Preston. Kingston's bodyguard Roman brings him a note that someone threw over the fence. There's a burner cell phone attacked and Kingston tells his bodyguard not to say anything to the FBI about it.

Back at Ryan's apartment, Mike and Max watch the news coverage of Carrie's broadcast of Claire's poem, and Max puts a hand on Mike's knee. In the other room, Ryan complains to Claire about how she's putting Carrie in danger to use her to deliver the poem. Claire defends what she did, saying that she plans to lure Joe out so they can kill him, and explains that the poem was something she and Joe wrote together. She wanted him to know she was alive so that he would come after her. Ryan tells her to go home, explaining that he can't focus on what he has to do if she's in danger, and asks her to trust him. They share a huge and then Ryan kisses her. Claire kisses him back and Ryan leaves. Once he's gone Claire looks around and finds Ryan's weapons.

At Micah's safe house, Jason tells Joe that everything is ready for his big performance, and Angela pledges her loyalty to him. Once Jason and Angela leave with the others, Joe tells Emma that the poem proves that Claire is alive. Emma figures that it's a trap but Joe insists that Claire will be at the inn where he proposed to her and they wrote the poem. Unconvinced, Emma warns that she's going to leave Joe if he start coming apart over Claire, but Joe figures that his ex-wife has a good reason for coming out of hiding and tells Emma that Claire is no threat to her. He explains that he needs closure, and if it is a trap then they can still get Claire and have a hostage. Robert comes out and tells them that Tilda has repeated that everyone is in place in New York, and Joe tells him and Emma to go to the Ware Lake Inn and see if Claire is there and if it's a trap,.

The FBI go to Kingston's house and Ryan tells the evangelist that his son Preston is alive but Joe still has him prisoner. He then advises Kingston to stay in the house and send his supporters away. As they talk, Kingston receives a call on the burner cell phone. He goes to the next room to answer it and Joe tells him that he will receive a sign and when he does, he should do exactly what Joe says.

Outside of the house, Angela approaches the house carrying a bottle of gasoline. When Ryan and the others leave, she pours the gasoline on herself and then sets herself on fire, praising Joe. As Ryan and Mike run over to put her out, Kingston sees the sign and tells Roman that they have to leave now. The bodyguards escorts Kingston outside where a black SUV is waiting. Kingston orders Roman to stay there and goes to the SUV, and Robert knocks him out, drags him into the van, and drives away.

Emma is in the house's garage when Joe finds her. When he tells her not to endanger herself, Emma says that she should go with him to New York in case anything goes wrong with his plan. Joe says that she has to play her part and that he's utterly devoted to her. He promises that when it's all over and they're dead, they will be immortalized and everyone will know that Emma was the woman responsible for his success. They share a kiss for a moment.

When Ryan goes back inside, Roman tells him that Kingston is gone. Clarke warns the bodyguard that he could be prosecuted for interfering with a Federal investigation, and Ryan figures that Clarke wouldn't have let his boss go without having some kind of line on him. Roman admits that he secretly hid a tracer on Kingston.

At the Blessed Saints Cathedral in New York, Tilda and the others come in and sit in the back during the middle of a service.

Ryan and Mike start driving to the coordinates while Max gives them directions from the apartment.

In the cathedral back rooms, Tilda and another follower kill a janitor and then unlock the back door. Jason and his people pull up at the loading dock and drag Kingston inside, along with barrels of liquid explosive. Jason tells the driver that he knows what to do and the man leaves in the SUV.

Max realizes that Kingston and his abductors are at the cathedral. Ryan tells them to get SWAT teams there. As Max and Clarke head out, the marshals come in to pick up Claire and return her to witness protection.

Tilde and her people chain the cathedral doors shut while Jason drags in Kingston. Joe steps out and tells Father McManus that he's taking over to lead the service.

Emma and Robert wait outside the inn, which is closed for the season. As they wait, Emma asks Robert what Joe told him to do with Claire, and Robert says that their leader said to let Emma make the call. They talk about death and Robert wonders what Emma thinks it will be like. Emma says that she hopes death is silence, and brings an end to the running and the lying, and then tells Robert that they'll do another sweep for a trap.

When the NYPD arrive at the cathedral, one of Joe's followers--Karyn--draws a gun and warns that they'll blow the place up if anyone tries to enter. Ryan and Mike arrive just as Karyn kills herself  to prove that even death won't stop them. Ryan goes looking for another way in and Mike goes with him, realizing what he's up to. They get to the roof and find an open window. They get inside and hide just as Jason and his people rig the windows with explosives.

As the marshals drive Claire back to the safe house, she sets off a tear gas grenade from6 Ryan's arsenal. She runs for it and when one of the marshals tries to grab her, she sprays mace in his face.

As night falls, the FBI and SWAT teams gather outside the cathedral. Max calls Ryan, who reveals that he and Mike are inside and that Joe's followers have booby-trapped the windows. They've also taken out the interior security cameras, making it impossible for the FBI to tell what's going on inside. Meanwhile, Joe has Tilda bring out Preston and then shows Kingston the video footage of Preston killing Courtney at Korban. The cult leader take great pleasure in pointing out that Preston is simply doing what Kingston taught him, and says that God doesn't exist but Joe does.

Mike and Ryan find the dead janitor by the back and then make their way to the cathedral office. Mike goes to work on the cameras to get them back up.

Joe begins broadcasting live on the Internet again, promising that show that Kingston is a liar and god doesn't exist.

At the news station, Carrie tells her people to go live with the developing situation. Meanwhile, Joe tells Kingston that he can either pray to God or Joe to save Preston, and tells him to make his decision. Kingston finally kneels and begs Joe to spare Preston, and Joe tells him that he's just beginning. He has his people take father and son up to the altar and hands each of them a knife, and says that either one of them must kill the other or his people will kill them both. Preston tries to charge at Joe, but a follower easily knocks him down and Joe warns that attacking him isn't an option.

Mike gets the cameras up and he and Ryan listen as Kingston forgives Joe for his sins. Kingston then raises his knife and Preston asks him what to do. When Joe asks as well, calling Kingston greedy, Kingston admits that he has made money but that he believes in God and the ultimate triumph of good over evil. He tells Preston to forgive himself and then cuts his own throat.

At the inn, Emma and Robert see Claire arrive in a taxi and go inside. Emma is sure that she's alone and tells Robert that they're going to get her.

At the cathedral, Mike tells Ryan that he'll distract Joe will Ryan shoots him dead. Ryan refuses, pointing out that there would still be a hundred parishioners at risk from the explosives. He tells Mike to stop trying to sacrifice himself, and Mike promises not to do anything stupid.

At the cathedral, the FBI try to block Joe's Internet broadcast without success. Joe admits that he didn't think Kingston would kill himself and accuses him of being a coward.

Claire draws Ryan's gun and looks around the inn, trying to find Joe. She makes her way to the lobby and Emma confronts her, demanding to know why she came. Claire threatens to kill her but Emma points out that if she's dead then she can't take Claire to Joe. Robert jumps Claire and easily captures her, and Emma says that they're going to kill her and claim Claire killed Robert before Emma had to shoot her. Emma then shoots Robert, but he manages to grab Emma before she can kill him with a second shot. Taking advantage of the distraction, Claire runs upstairs. Emma chases after her and advises her to surrender, saying that Claire was like a mother to her when Emma was Joey's nanny. Claire jumps her and they struggle for the gun, and Claire finally stabs Emma and shoves her out the attic window where she falls three stories. When Claire goes down to get the car keys, Emma manages to grab her leg and they struggle. Struggling for her life, Claire finally stabs Emma in the chest with a loose board. However, as she gets to her feet, Luke and Mark step out of the shadows and advance on her.

Ryan takes out one of the followers patrolling the hallways, while another one spots Mike and opens fire. Joe hears the gunshots and orders the intruders to reveal themselves or he'll start shooting hostages. Mike finally comes in and offers his life for the hostages. Sure that Ryan is with Mike, Joe calls on Ryan to come out. Mike yells to Ryan to take the shot and kill Joe, but Joe knocks Mike out and points out that he and Ryan both have acolytes willing to give up their lives. Joe then reminds Mike of how Lily killed Mike's father, and Mike tells Ryan to finish it. He leaps at Joe, who easily knocks him down, and Ryan listens from nearby as a gunshot goes off.