The Following

Season 2 Episode 10

Teacher's Pet

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 24, 2014 on FOX

Episode Recap

Mike goes to the motel to meet with Claire, who is under the protection Turner and his marshals.


One year ago, the EMTs take the wounded Claire and Ryan to separate ER rooms. Before he passes out from his injury, Ryan sees Claire apparently dying.

Later, Claire wakes up in a hospital room. Mike assures her that she'll recover and that Ryan will pull through, and that Turner and his men have Joey and his grandmother in witness protection.


Claire demands to know how Joe can be alive when they thought he died a year ago.


A year ago, Turner tells Claire that she'll have to go into witness protection with her son. Claire wants to talk to Ryan about it, but Turner tells her that protocol forbids it. She refuses and Mike warns her that Joe's people are still out there even if he's dead. He says that Ryan would want her and Joey to be safe. Claire refuses to do it because of how it will harm Ryan, but Mike tells her that she has no choice.

Later, Mike goes to tell Ryan that Claire didn't make it, and his friend breaks into tears.


Ryan wakes up in the morning next to Claire. He slips out of bed, being careful not to wake her, and goes into his private room to watch the video of Joe's announcement to the world. When he hears Carrie coming, he shuts off the TV and quickly goes outside, closing the door behind him. The reporter wonders what he's hiding and Ryan jokingly refuses to tell her. As Carrie gets dressed, she says that they shouldn't make much of being together because it was posttraumatic sex. She asks Ryan what he's planning on doing, and Ryan doesn't answer her. Carrie assures him that anything he says will be off the record, but he doesn't respond. They both agree that they had a fun night and Carrie tells Ryan that she wants the story on Joe… but she also wants to help him.

Joe and Emma are in bed, laughing about the followers praising him. Mandy barges in to tell Joe that Robert is looking for him. Joe tells her to wait outside, and once the younger girl goes, Emma complains that Mandy came in on purpose. Joe tells her to treat Emma nicely because they need all the allies they can get, and asks Emma if Robert is truly with them. She says that he is but that some of the other followers might need convincing. Emma then makes Joe promise that he'll keep her in the loop about what he has planned, and Joe assures her that he needs her. Meanwhile, Mandy secretly listens from outside.

At the motel, Mike tells Claire that Joe faked his death and has now gathered a new group of followers. Claire asks if Ryan is okay, and Mike admits that he's doing better than he has been. She insists that she doesn't want to g o back into hiding because Joe is on the loose, and the only way Joey can be safe is if she kills Joe.

Emma gathers four of the psychos from the hole and brings them to the community hall. Robert tells Joe about each of them: Patrick, Tilda, Lucas, and Mallory Hodge. Mallory was Lance's girlfriend and the two were inseparable. She's not squeamish about blood and wants revenge for Lance's death. Robert assures Joe that they need guidance to reach their full potential, and Joe promises to shepherd them. Joe then praises Robert for all of his help and meets with the four killers.

Ryan goes the NSA terrorist unit in New York, and Agent Jeffrey Clarke meets him there. Clarke says that he's Ryan's liaison with Director Franklin and that they've been checking all of Jana's communications. They're sure that she acted alone, and they've cleared Gina of any wrongdoing. Clarke assures Ryan that once Gina recovers from her injury, she'll be back on the job. Clark assures Ryan that he has their full support and Ryan realizes that they consider him expendable if anything goes wrong.

As Ryan goes to see the prisoner, Strauss, Clarke explains that they haven't charged Strauss yet because they're hoping that they'll find the corpses of more of his victims. Ryan doesn't think it's likely because Strauss is too careful, and figures that he can convince Strauss to give up the names of the more of the killers that he claimed he trained. When he enters the cell, Ryan tells Strauss that they killed Lance and wonders if he was one of the killers he trained. Strauss demands to talk to his lawyer but Ryan ignores the request and tells the doctor that he's going to prison because of Joe's mistake.


One year ago, the wounded Joe makes his way to Strauss' home. As Strauss tends to his wounds, he reminds Joe that he warned him that one day his ego would get him in trouble. Joe apologizes and Strauss says that doesn't make up for Joe betraying what he taught him.


Ryan compliments Strauss on using his medical practice to conceal his victims' bodies, but Strauss doesn't fall for the flattery. He tells Ryan that he'll have to give something to get something, and Ryan tells Strauss how Joe sent three killers to Carrie's book signing. Strauss figures that Joe made a public statement afterward and isn't impressed, believing that a quiet kill is a greater accomplishment. Ryan asks about Lance and Strauss, satisfied that Ryan has given him something, says that Lance wasn't one of his students. He admits that he has no idea where Joe is or where he recruited Lance. Strauss then goes to work on Ryan, pointing out that he's just as obsessed as Joe and that he's copying Joe's life because he has no life of his own. Realizing he'll get nothing further from Strauss, Ryan walks out.

At the motel, Claire insists that she can help them get Joe, but Mike tells her to have a good life and go home.

Carrie is preparing for her evening broadcast when Ryan calls. She repeats her offer to help, and Ryan asks if he can go on the record with her.

At Korban, Joe lectures his followers about how they must spill blood to redeem the world. They begin chanting again and Joe tells them that they're going to go on a sacred mission to spread their message of redemption by blood. He summons the four killers to the front of the hall and while the others praise them, Mandy quietly moves to the back of the room.

Clarke and an IT agent bring Jana's cell phone to Ryan's apartment. Max plugs it into her computer and Clarke warns her that they've been having breaking Jana's encryption. Ryan turns on the news and Carries come on the air to announce that the FBI has arrested Strauss.

At Korban, Joe is back in his room when Emma calls to him to come watch the TV. On the screen, Carrie says that Strauss is cooperating with the authorities and that he helped Joe when he was wounded a year ago at the lighthouse. Emma asks Joe who Strauss is.


In 1982, the principal at Lightford Academy sends a Young Joe to see Strauss. Strauss explains that he provides guidance to wayward students and goes over Joe's background: how his parents died and Joe was sent to the U.S. The doctor reviews Joe's tests and says that he's special, and asks if Joe knows what psychopaths are.


Carrie says that Strauss' arrest brings the FBI one step closer to capturing Joe. At Korban, Joe gets out his cell phone and Emma warns him that he can't call Strauss. Joe assures her that he's going to call Jana and see what she can find out.

At Ryan's apartment, Max wonders if Joe will call and Ryan is confident that he will. Jana's cellphone rings and Max and the IT agent begin tracing the call. Ryan answers the phone and greets Joe. Emma tells Joe to hang up, but Joe can't resist talking to his archnemesis. Ryan tells him that Jana is dead, a bullet in her brain, and says that Strauss says hello. Joe tells Ryan that it isn't just about the two of them anymore, and that he is sending a holy army of warriors out to bring hell down on the world. He advises Ryan to relax and enjoy the show, and then hangs up. Max and the FBI confirm that Joe is using some kind of virus program to cover the phone call.

At Korban, Joe throws the cellphone at the wall in a fit of fury. When Emma tries to comfort him, he tells her to give him a moment and she hastily leads Mandy out.

In New York, Ryan figures that Joe has joined a religious sect and taken them over, and tells Clarke to check out any such groups within an hour's drive of NYC. Clarke says that they should be able to trace the call in a few hours, but Ryan tells him that they don't have time.

Robert drives the four killers into New York and they park on a street. Tilda picks the first victim: a man walking into a park who reminds her of a man who teased her about her weight in high school. Lucas says that he was just like the guy but agrees to kill the man for her. He goes over and kills the man, leaves a note in his jacket, and walks back to the van. As they get in, Lucas tells Tilda that no one should ever make her feel less than beautiful.

Mike returns to Ryan's apartment and tells Ryan and Mike that he went to see his mother. Ryan tells him what happened with Joe and Max tells them that Lance disappeared with his girlfriend Mallory two years ago. When Ryan leaves the room, Max tells Mike that he doesn't have to lie with them. She's fine with him not telling them anything, and knows that he was lying because she checked with his mother earlier. Mike picks up on the fact that she was checking on him, but Max just ignores him and walks away.

At Korban, Joe addresses his followers again. Emma hands him a cat and Joe talks about blood sacrifices and how there will be those who resist their attempts to send them to a better place. As he talks, Joe strokes the cat and says that they must fight those who would resist. Joe then chokes the cat to death and assures his new people that eventually their victims will accept their fate.


In 1982, Strauss takes Joe to the morgue and invites him to touch a female corpse. Joe touches it gently and Strauss tells him to imagine that he's the one who killed the woman. Joe insists that killing is wrong, but Strauss tells him that people use religion to control others. However, they're unique and they're the ones who get to choose who lives and dies. Joe admires the corpse's eyes and tells Strauss that they're beautiful.


Joe invites the other followers to kill cats. Most of them are eager but one woman, Carla, insists that it isn't there way. Joe tells her that he admires her principles, but tells her that she has to abandon her old morality. He then tells the others that their mission comes from on high and that they have to bring others peace. Carla admits that she was wrong, but Joe asks her if she wants to think about it outside. She does and Joe invites anyone else who wants to, to do the same. Several other followers go out with Carla, and Joe nods to Emma and one of the security guards. Mandy notices the exchange and leaves, crying.

Robert drives the four killers to a house and Lucas notices a man bringing his dog home. He picks the man, John, and he and Tilda approach the house. Inside, John and his wife hear their dog barking and John goes to check it out. He finds the dog scratching at a door and opens it, and Lucas and Tilda kill him. They then find John's wife and son and kill them as well.

When he learns of the murders, Clarke calls in Ryan and Mike. The FBI agent shows them what happened and they realize that the same killers killed the man in the park and left the same message, "No redemption without blood." There's no connection between the two killings, and Ryan figures that Joe is now preaching a message of blood sacrifice. Max calls to tell Ryan that she's picked up Mallory's face on CCTV via facial recognition, and she was near a restaurant where she was fired several years ago. Ryan figures that the killers are going their next and heads out with Mike.

At Korban, Emma approaches Mandy as she sits outside by the community fire and tells the girl that she failed. It's only because of Mandy's connection to Joe that she isn't in the hole with the other doubters. As Emma starts to walk away, Mandy figures that Emma hates her because Joe cares about her. Emma tells her to respect her relationship with Joe and figures that they pretend to like each other for his sake. Mandy, disgusted, says that Emma is good at faking and reminds her that she's not the only one who has killed her mother.

Robert drives the others to the restaurant where Mallory worked. Patrick and Mallory go inside and Mallory insists that no one will remember her from when she worked there. They sit at the bar and Patrick orders a drink and gets one for Mallory. She picks a woman at random going into the restroom and gulps down her drink, and Patrick assures Mallory that she can handle it.

Ryan and Mike pull up in front of the restaurant with the police.

Mallory follows the woman into the restroom and nervously washes her hands. The woman asks Mallory if she's okay.

Patrick prepares to start killing the other restaurant patrons, but notices the police lights flashing outside.

Mallory mutters "no redemption without blood" and attacks the woman, who fends her off and runs out into the restaurant. Patrick grabs her and holds a knife to her throat as Ryan and Mike come in, guns drawn. Ryan sees Mallory as she comes out and tells her that her parents want her back, and asks her to drop the knife. After a moment, Mallory drops it and Ryan asks her where Joe is. Realizing that Mallory is about to crack, Patrick drops his hostage and grabs Mallory, and then slits her throat. Ryan and Mike gun him down and Ryan goes to Mallory, but it's too late to do anything for her. As the police secure the crime scene, Ryan has Clarke run forensics checks on the killers to see if they can find where they've been, and then tells Mike to check on cults that use blood sacrifice.

Later at Korban, Joe holds another gathering and welcomes Lucas and Tilda back into the fold. He cuts his arm and anoints them with his blood, and then tells the crowd that death must be gloried. Joe calls on the other followers to join the killers' sacred rank and become harbingers of salvation. As the other followers go forward to receive the anointment, Mandy walks away.

When Ryan goes back to his apartment, he finds Carrie and her bodyguards waiting for him. She tells them that she might be there for a while and goes inside. Ryan says that he didn't find Joe and Carrie believes him. She realizes that he's upset that he couldn't save Mallory, and tells him that he did good by saving all of the people at the restaurant. Smiling, she thanks Ryan for trusting her and they kiss.

Claire is watching the newscast at the motel. She calls Turner in from the next room and tells him to make whatever arrangements that he has to, because she's going to New York.

Ryan and Carrie end up in Ryan's bed having sex.