The Following

Season 1 Episode 12

The Curse

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 08, 2013 on FOX

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  • The Objective of the show is to drive the viewers crazy.

    This show is driving me insane! It's like watching a clique'd horror movie. Don't leave the kid alone they're going to grab him. Don't leave the female FBI agent alone cuz someone is going to whack her. DO NOT leave the follower alone in a room handcuffed to the radiator he will get killed!

    Aaaahhh I find myself screaming at the . and shaking my head and the stupidity of these people. We they really trained as FBI agents?! Cuz holy crap they suck! They need to go back and get some extra training cuz these followers are kicking their ass! It's sad that these "highly" trained agents are being knocked about by these set of crazy people.

    On another note, i know they train agents to shoot to kill but does Ryan have to kill each follower who comes across his path?! Shit, the whole point is to get information from these people not shoot them dead so you're left with nothing!

    Alright rant finished!
  • The Curse

    The Curse was an excellent and very exciting episode of The Following. It was great to see Claire try to escape with Joey and it was awesome how she let Emma know how it is! Hardy and gang track some good leads and find more than they bargained for. Carroll takes a break from writing and surprises Ryan. I liked how everything played out and the ending was crazy. I look forward to watching what happens nex!!!!!!!!!

  • Seriously?

    Honestly, an hour of pure stupidity. The FBI sucks and doesn't care about the law. They send three people to a scene where for all they know they could be approached by an army of followers. The followers can easily kill Weston, Parker, and Hardy, yet they let all three of them go, Jacob suddenly is fine with killing and punching people. Weston can't identify Roderick even though he was captured by him just a few episodes ago. Joe lets Claire read his story and doesn't password protect his computer. And nothing else really happens. Lazy writing at its finest, people. I'm done with the show and enjoy it if you're still watching, but I can't take this any more.
  • Unbelievable

    It's excited and frustrated that Joe Carroll & members of his cult are next to Ryan but he still can't to catch his own enemy
  • SPOILER: Theory on Joe Carroll's motive

    I have been thinking about this for several weeks now but it's starting to look more and more feasible. Could it be that Joe Carroll's motive is to turn Ryan into a serial killer? What is Ryan's body count right now? It's gotta be a dozen or so. Futhermore, Joe has shown he doesn't give a flip about his followers. He keeps throwing them out there like pawns for Ryan to pop off. When Vince was on the ground reaching for the gun, I am thinking "just shoot him in the shoulder". Nope. Kill shot.

    Which brings me to my next point: when any law enforcement officer takes a life in the line of duty, it is protocol to put him on "administrative leave" or a desk job until a proper investigation of the incident can be performed. Yet, here is knocking folks off left & right like he is shooting free throws. And he is not even a full FBI agent! He is some kind of unofficial consultant.
  • AGREE!!!!pathetic

    WOW>>>> I edited my review to say the site is messed doesn't print some words we put in our take my review with a grain of salt.....

    I agree with all the previous I will watch the rest of the episodes.

    The first three episodes were pretty good. Then it's gone downhill. I can't really add anything new that the precious reviewers have already pointed out. OH, except the scene a few episodes ago when they were going to kill Mike and the fbi female agent stayed outside and ryan went THE GUN FIRE And the bad guys come running out off from underpass ( or wherever they were keeping came running out and the female FBI agent is looking in the opposite direction of there the gun fire HAD TO BE COMING seems surprised to see them running out. Did she not hear the gun fire??? That made me think

    she has to be PART OF THE more recent episodes don't indiate it. In any last episode wes the worse. Started out lame and boring. they would just have Jacob KILL EMMA then i would at least look forward to watching the last few shows. Never liked that i'm digressing. Once agreee with all the reviews that are printed before mind.
  • Why don't they just stick together???

    Why do they continue getting separated from each other in dark, dangerous places? Don't they know that they MUST stick together?????? I keep watching, waiting for the FBI brains to kick in and perhaps win a few of these battles, but they keep doing stupid

    I find myself yelling at the TV, "Don't go down there alone!!!" "Don't chase that guy!!!!" "Go together to check out that noise!!!" They never listen to me.... And now they are partnering with they all look at the drawing that Mike did? Didn't Ryan see him also???

    On a more positive note, I enjoyed the backstory about the death of Ryan's father's watching Claire smack Emma was extraordinarily satisfying, if too brief...
  • Terrible

    This show is spectacularly terrible. One of the big moments in the episode was when a guy slipped up and said that the followers were in a house. No way? Really? Where else would they be? Hiding out in the mountains of Peru? And the serial killer guy just keeps popping up. Why was he at the house? Did they even explain it? I didn't get it. Of course, it's tough to figure out stuff when the writing is so bad and it's almost pitch black in every scene. By the way, there was bullet-proof glass in an old basement? Whatever. That's absurd. Are they going to raid a house with no lights in every episode? Are there light switches? Why not flip one when you walk into a room? Is it easier to find the bad guys if it's dark in the room? Does anybody understand how bad the acting is in this movie? It's almost as bad as the writing. The next time somebody has an idea for a TV show, perhaps it would be wise to do some brainstorming. Perhaps the producers would realize that what they really have is a 10-episode mini series. Wrap it up and move on with something else. How long can they go on raiding dark houses? How long can this Joe guy keep pulling evil pranks to torment Hardy? You can't repeat the same storyline every week until the end of time.
  • Fun game to play

    im starting to play a game with this show ,predict the FBI messing up ,you can see them failing a mile away. Carrol calls Joes so often, dont they have a ready made tap on his cell (when parker asked for that cell trace who believed that it would yield a lead) ,yeah lets go visit the son of a militant leader just the 3 of us ,no back up because we have been so good at handling this cult have passwords these days if u dont want anyone snooping around your execution of a plot over and over

    That feeble attempt of an escape by claire didnt even get the pulse going it was so obvious it wasnt going anywhere.

    Im gona continue watching this show religiously ,it makes me appreciate the well written shows so much more and i cant wait so see what stupid move the FBI come up with next