The Following

Season 1 Episode 12

The Curse

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 08, 2013 on FOX

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  • The Objective of the show is to drive the viewers crazy.

    This show is driving me insane! It's like watching a clique'd horror movie. Don't leave the kid alone they're going to grab him. Don't leave the female FBI agent alone cuz someone is going to whack her. DO NOT leave the follower alone in a room handcuffed to the radiator he will get killed!

    Aaaahhh I find myself screaming at the . and shaking my head and the stupidity of these people. We they really trained as FBI agents?! Cuz holy crap they suck! They need to go back and get some extra training cuz these followers are kicking their ass! It's sad that these "highly" trained agents are being knocked about by these set of crazy people.

    On another note, i know they train agents to shoot to kill but does Ryan have to kill each follower who comes across his path?! Shit, the whole point is to get information from these people not shoot them dead so you're left with nothing!

    Alright rant finished!