The Following

Season 1 Episode 6

The Fall

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 25, 2013 on FOX

Episode Recap

Paul takes Ryan's weapon and orders Joey to his room. Ryan tells the boy to go as well and once Joy goes upstairs, Paul tells Ryan to sit down. As he tries to work out what to do next, Emma and Jacob arrive and tell Paul that Hank and Lopez are dead. Emma demands to know who is out there and Ryan assures them that the FBI are there with plenty of backup, and warns them that none of them will get out of the farmhouse alive.

Charlie takes Claire to a warehouse basement, passing through a locked gate. Once he locks it behind them, he takes her into a room filled with weapon racks and computer servers. Claire asks where her son is and Charlie grabs her by the throat and warns her that he'll hurt her if she makes him.

Chief Burke meets Mike and Deputy Ava outside the farmhouse. They tell him what Ryan told them, that Deputy Lopez is dead, and Mike tells the chief to focus. Burke gets his feelings under control and helps them set up a perimeter.

Jacob brings in some rope but hesitates to tie up Ryan, who is staring at him. Paul tells him to do it and Ryan mockingly invites Jacob to try it, warning that he'll break his neck when he gets close. Ryan's cell phone rings and Paul tells them to hand it over. Ryan invites them to take it and Paul orders him to put it on the table and the move away.

Charlie checks his computers and Claire asks him about Joey. He admits that something has happened and tells her that he'll let her know when he has an ETA. As she looks around, Claire sees a copy of her ex-husband's book and asks Charlie how she met Carroll. Charlie says that they met through friends.


Charlie meets Carroll in prison and they talk about how he served in the Army in the cyber-division until he received a psychological discharge. Carroll asks if he's ever killed anybody and Charlie admits that he killed nine people, and four of them were simply people he wanted dead. Impressed, Carroll asks Charlie if Roderick told him what he has to do, and Charlie thanks him for the opportunity to serve.

The Present

As Claire looks around, she sees a file with photos in it and asks what they are. Charlie knocks them on the floor and they spill out, and Claire realizes that their photos of her at home and at work. When Charlie asks her to trust him, Claire asks why and he tells her that he's her follower.

Jacob and Paul argue about whether Ryan should sit down. Emma gives Joey some drugged milk and comes downstairs, sees that they haven't done anything, and takes charge. As the police pull up outside, sirens blaring, Ryan says that they're doing it so Emma and the others will know that they're in trouble. He says that he's fine with anything they do to her because he knows Carroll won't let them harm Joey and the police won't hurt the boy. An angry Emma tasers Ryan, sending him into convulsions when it interferes with his pacemaker. She tells Paul and Jacob that he'll be fine and orders them to tie Ryan up.

Debra and her team arrive at the farmhouse and met with Mike. He brings his superior up to speed and shows her how he's tapped into the computer servers inside the farmhouse. When Emma sends an email, Mike tries to intercept it only to discover that it's encrypted.

Jacob checks on Joey and comes downstairs, and Emma tells him that she's emailed Roderick requesting help. She admits that she doesn't know what to do and Jacob kisses her and says that they'll figure it out.

At the detention center, Olivia meets with Carroll again and tells him that the FBI is at the farmhouse. He asks about Claire and Olivia tells him that Claire has disappeared. She asks what happened to Claire but Carroll advises her to remain ignorant so that she has deniability. Olivia reluctantly drops the matter and Carroll tells her to keep him updated on what's happening.

When Ryan recovers from the shock, Emma tells him to call Debra and have her pull the police back. He refuses, daring her to kill him. Instead, Emma has Paul and Jacob bring Megan up from the basement and tasers her. Ryan tells her to stop and agrees to call Debra.

As Debra prepares the assault, Mike brings her up to date on Claire's disappearance. Debra figures that Olivia relayed a message with her news conference and tells Mike to focus on her. Ryan calls to tell them that Megan and Joey are there, and Debra asks to talk to Emma. When the cultist gets on the line, Debra tells her that she wants everyone to get out safely, and Emma turns her to pull the officers back. Debra assures her that she will and then talks about how she admired Emma's painting at the house. The FBI agent says that all of the paintings had the face of Emma's mother, and Emma reminds her that she killed her mother. Debra says that she understands and that everyone has feelings like that, but figures that Emma misses her mother despite her hatred. Emma hangs up and Jacob tries to comfort her, and Ryan realizes that the two of them are sleeping together even though Jacob was pretending to be Paul's lover.

While they wait in the van, Mike wonders what Debra is doing with Emma. She says that she's trying to get Emma to acknowledge her grief and hopefully touch the girl's conscience. Debra talks about how she knows from personal experience that parents can twist a child around.


Debra drives to the Serenity Hills church commune in Church Rock, Iowa. The leader, Dale, greets her and points out that he hasn't seen her in 15 years. He warns her that her parents may not want to see her after what she did to them.


A 14 year old Debra hesitantly approaches a bedroom in the house. Dale is inside, tells her not to be afraid, and starts to kiss her. Debra begs him to stop and finally slaps him. She runs out into the hallway where her mother is waiting and hugs her.


Debra goes into the church meeting hall where her mother and father are waiting.

The Present

Claire continues asking Charlie about her son and he tells her that Emma and the others have been delayed and doesn't know why. She wonders if they were ever going to bring Joey to her and Charlie assures her that reuniting mother and father are part of the plan. Claire asks him what he meant earlier when he said he was her follower and Charlie shows her the notebooks that he's kept of her activities from the last two years. Charlie shows her video footage of Claire and Joey going about their lives and explains that he took it to show Carroll because he still considers them an important part of his life. As Claire watches, she sees footage of her sleeping in her bed. Charlie assures her that he didn't do anything inappropriate and that Emma had no idea what he was doing.

Roderick sends Emma an email telling her to shut down their servers and wait for him to call via the satellite phone.

Debra has the police pull away from the farmhouse and Emma sees them. As she prepares to call Debra, Paul asks her how Jacob is doing. Emma refuses to discuss it and Ryan, listening in, realizes that Paul and Emma are also involved. As he talks, Ryan takes note of the discarded rope they used to tie his hands... and the knife that they used to cut it.

Emma calls Debra and starts talking about how she misses her mother. Debra figures that Emma is toying with her but Emma continues, talking about all of the guys that her mother brought home for sex. When Emma says that she killed her mother so she could be free, Debra points out that Emma is still taking orders from Carroll. Emma angrily insists that she chose Carroll and hangs up.


Debra's parents invite her to stay, insisting that she has great potential, but Debra tells them that she doesn't belong there. When they wonder why she came back, Debra says because they're her family.

The Present

When Mike confirms that someone sent an email to the farmhouse, Debra figures that Emma is stalling.

Jacob comes back to the main room and Ryan taunts him and Paul about their relationship. Jacob finally grabs Megan and starts choking her, and Paul pulls him away. Distracted, they don't notice that Ryan has grabbed the knife.

Mike tracks one of the emails sent to the farmhouse and confirms that it came from a warehouse in Richmond. Debra sends Turner and a team to arrive, while the FBI SWAT team arrives. The commander admits that he can't guarantee Joey's safety if they launch an assault, and Debra tells him to set up but wait for her signal. As the SWAT team leaves, Mike and Ava volunteer to go with them.

At the warehouse, Charlie calls Roderick and asks him what's happening. He assures Roderick that he still has Claire, unaware that Claire is stealing his keys for the gate. She runs upstairs and Charlie goes after her, easily capturing her.

As night falls, the SWAT team takes up position. Inside, Emma's cell phone rings and she tells Jacob and Paul to watch Ryan while she takes the call in the next room. When she comes back, she tells her comrades that everything is good and then goes upstairs to check on Joey. Paul worries that something is wrong but Emma tells him to have a little faith. Once she's gone, Ryan continues putting the pressure on Jacob and Paul, warning them that their situation is hopeless, and Jacob slaps him. Meanwhile, Emma wakes Joey up and tells him that they have to go.

Back in the warehouse basement, Charlie checks the computers and Claire apologizes for running away. She claims that she panicked when Charlie told her that Joey was delayed. She asks if she can go home since Joey won't be there, but Charlie insists that wouldn't be part of Carroll's plans. Claire asks him who Roderick is, figuring that it's an alias taken from Poe, and moves very close to Charlie. Clearly overwhelmed by her nearness, Charlie stutters for an answer and Claire asks him why he listens to Carroll. Charlie tells her that Carroll is teaching him to feel his life.


Charlie visits Carroll in prison and tells him what Claire has been doing. When he talks about how Claire went to a benefit and wore a black dress, Carroll realizes that Charlie has feelings for his ex-wife. Charlie insists that he isn't doing anything inappropriate but Carroll assures him that he knows from personal experience how easy it is to fall in love with Claire.

The Present

Charlie suddenly leans forward and kisses Claire. Shocked, she shoves him back and he apologizes, saying that it's impure. He then starts slamming his head into a nearby pillar in an act of self-flagellation.

Jacob finally goes upstairs to check on Emma when she doesn't come back. Ryan starts cutting himself free and Jacob runs downstairs to tell Paul that Emma has left and taken Joey with him. Jacob checks the door and a half-dozen SWAT members train laser sights on his chest. Ryan cuts himself free, stabs Paul in the stomach, and punches Jacob. After freeing Megan and sending her outside, Ryan gets out himself, calls Mike and tells him that Emma is running and has Joey with her. Mike and Ava go out after them.

A man approaches one of the SWAT teams and they order him to put his hands up. He does but another man comes up behind them and shoots them dead.

Emma takes Joey through the woods and tells him that Jacob and Paul will be fine. Mike and Ava intercept them and Mike orders Emma to put her hands up. However, Ava shoots Mike and tells Emma that Roderick sent her.

The FBI breaks into the warehouse basement and Charlie throws a smoke grenade to cover his escape. Turner and his men make sure that Claire is safe.

As Debra goes to the ambulance to check on Megan, the SWAT commander tells her that Ryan and Joey are both out of the house. She tells him to take his men in. Meanwhile, Jacob checks on the injured Paul. When the SWAT team breaks in, Jacob yells that they surrender. However, the two men that took out the other team burst in, wearing stolen uniforms, and gun down the real SWAT team. They then tell Paul and Jacob to get out the back.

Ryan finds Mike lying on the ground and confirms that he's alive thanks to the Kevlar vest that he was wearing. Mike tells Ryan that Ava is one of Carroll's followers and points out where she went with Emma and Joey. As Ryan goes after them, he stumbles across the dead SWAT team.

Ava takes Emma to a waiting car and assures her that it has plenty of gas. Ryan arrives and shoots Ava, but Emma uses Joey as a shield, gets into the car, and drives away.

Jacob steps out onto the road as a truck approaches. He flags down the driver and then punches him unconscious when he gets to the door. The wounded Paul gets in on the passenger side and Jacob drives off.

As the FBI agents secure the area, they find the dead SAWT team. Mike realizes that somehow Carroll has men with tactical training who have infiltrated the police. Meanwhile, Ryan goes off alone, frustrated that he lost Joey despite his promise to Claire. Back at the command van, Debra tells Mike that cult mentality focuses on unity and that it's appealing because everyone wants to belong.


Debra's mother accuses her daughter of coming back out of guilt, and blames her for the fact that they've lost standing in the cult because Debra left them. Debra tells her parents that she came back to forgive them. She tells her parents that she loves them and always will. As Dale comes over, Debra tells her parents to remember what she's said and then walks away.


When Mrs. Parker realizes what her daughter has done, she escorts her gently but firmly back into Dale's room.

The Present

The next day, Olivia returns to the prison and tells Carroll that everyone got out of the house. When she tells him that the FBI has no idea where his son is, Carroll tells the attorney that it's time for the next part of his story.

A few hours later, Olivia calls a press statement and tells the reporters that she's filed a court order for Carroll's transfer to another facility. As she names Ryan as the man who has been abusing Carroll, Claire watches on the news. Ryan arrives and she angrily goes out to meet him. Furious that he let Joey go, she shoves him but he holds her tight, trying to comfort her.

Carroll lies in the bunk of his cell, smiling in satisfaction.

Debra goes to her office and looks at the church medallion that Dale gave her.

Emma is driving away with Joey when she receives a call from Jacob. She answers it but remains silent as he asks why she abandoned them. Jacob continues talking until the line goes dead, and the wounded Paul thanks him for not leaving him behind.

Jacob calls Emma and she answers the phone. She refuses to say anything as Paul demands to know why she left him. After a moment, she hangs up and Paul thanks Jacob for not leaving him.

Ryan holds Claire tightly.