The Following

Season 1 Episode 6

The Fall

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 25, 2013 on FOX

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  • Cult mentality is one of unity

    "Cult mentality is one of unity. It's human nature. We all want to belong. It's a primal

    -- Debra Parker, FBI

    That certainly explains the unity among sociopathic Law Enforcement Officials "LEOs" who like the Joe Carroll cult members, murder innocent citizens merely because they can.

    Funny how the writers for "The Following" depicted the Joe Carroll cult. They might just as well have been depicting the federal government, the biggest cult of all.
  • Good episode

    You people don't seem to pay a lot of attention while watching the show, do you?. Maybe the whole thing is a bit unusual and some plots are a bit non-realistic but all in all everything looks good.


    I guess you missed couple episodes where it was said how Joe was getting his followers. Prison inmates couldn't do it. Prison guards have done it once already. It would be stupid, as you wrote, to do it again in a short period of time. The whole penitentiary system would be on target by the police, FBI, SWAT, ATF and who knows what else.


    Claire was saved by the FBI. She didn't run. It was Charlie who ran away but since FBI didn't know how many people were inside they said "they". Try not to fall asleep next time ;-)
  • The stupidity and predictabilty

    I'm done with this crap. Just demonstrates how great shows like The American's, Banshee, Homeland, Shameless really are in comparison. This is a laughable mess. Uhghh. I'll never get these last 6 hours back, but I won't commit any bye
  • Would you believe?

    Assuming anyone has missed the story so far here it goes: This is the story of a serial killer, a serial killer in jail mind you, a serial killer that has convinced dozens of killers to follow him blindly and do some more killing on his behalf. Well not quite right. That is what happened in episode 1, when in a rather dramatic fashion his followers did finish the job the good guy, former FBI agent Ryan, aka as Kevin Bacon, prevented him from accomplishing eight years earlier.

    Ever since the bad guy, a British literature professor particularly fond of Edgar Allan Poe, has embarked in a series of minor crimes (kidnapping his own son, his former wife) and we frankly do not know where all this is going. By the way, the producers should have made Joe a French professor, the French are indeed in love with Poe. This is sadly not Homeland where not knowing is actually part of the magic. The whole story is now quickly developing into a never-ending man-hunt where everybody is actually a potential bad guy indoctrinated by our not so gentle handsome professor behind bars.

    The actual good guy, Kevin Bacon has a knack for understanding everybody's psychology. How on earth does he know so well the intimate story of the dubious threesome? (by watching the first five episodes probably) and yet why is he incapable of figuring out who the next follower will be?

    The story is well told on the surface but let's face it, without anyone understanding why on earth Joe kidnapped his son it just does not make sense any sense at all.

    Episode 5 ended in a cliffhanger where only magic could have prevented the FBI from rescuing Joe's son. Magic which in this case means that at least half the FBI are actually followers Joe. So what is the story, a psychopath that rules the police and/or the FBI or a true serial killer. For the past few episodes all victims have been effectively killed in self-defense. Where has Dexter gone?

    The opening of the latest episode just reminded me of Don Adams' fantastic Get Smart. To the simple question of who knows who is surrounding the house, he points out "he knows,pauses, and adds the FBI knows, SWAT teams know and so forth" When Maxwell Smart uttered these words half a century ago, nobody was coming to help him, and Siegfried (the great Bernie Kopell) would have to find a way to lose the battle on his own against Max and 99. In the latest "Following" everything Ryan says is true, and still the magic works for the bad guys. Action movies do not have to be realistic, I love James Bond, but give us a break, please, find another way, true magic if necessary, to make the bad guys win.

    At this rate we will soon get to the point that the entire government is actually a follower of Joe's. I realize we live in a world of paranoia, but this is just like claiming the George W. Bush destroyed the Twin Towers, ... probably on his own!

    Surprisingly, there is no cliffhanger, the kid is still lost, and besides the fact that Joe, who if I remember well was due to be executed 5 episodes ago, is re-starting his legal appeals process (why?how?) we have no clue as to what will follow. The problem is that unless we get a clue, we might stop looking for that answer.
  • 'The Fall' is an #EpicFail

    Aside from the countless stupid scenes on this episode, just wondering... how come there aren't any cult members in Carroll's prison to help him escape when they managed to infiltrate everywhere else?

    I'm VERY disappointed! the show started off well but after watching this ridiculous episode I'm starting to think that all of it was just a complete waste time.
  • Follower

    Just wondering, maybe I wasn't paying attention... Charlie is holding Claire in his "basement cage", suddenly there's an intruder alarm and he sees the police on his video screen. They come in, throw some tear gas or something, and Charlie and Claire escape out a back exit. The police pursue, and announce "they're gone", or something to that effect. Now cut to Claire's home at the arrives and out comes Claire. From where?? How did she get home and why is there no reference to this or to did I miss something.
  • Excellent Start, Dreadful (To Put It Lightly) Ending

    The first thirty-some-odd minutes featured what I thought to be superb acting, writing, and directing, and we learned a lot about allow the characters. The story arc was developing nicely, and Hardy's taunting of Jacob, Paul, and Emma had the perfect balance between comedy and action. The FBI actually used real techniques, rather than being the idiots that they've been across much of the series, and I thought the flashbacks were more focused, focussing on only two scenarios, rather than the usual 5 or more. Half way in, I was thinking, this ending is going to be epic.

    But the ending was far from epic. Things went downhill so fast. The FBI actually backs off a little bit, even though there's no logical reason for them to do so. Paul and Jacob set down another rope and a knife just feet away from Hardy, and Hardy stands up and grabs the rope and knife, yelling "don't shoot" and sitting back down shortly after. Apparently neither of them found that suspicious, because they didn't pat him down or even notice that the knife was missing. Claire's captor (forgot his name) leaves the keys on his chair as he makes a phone call, and Claire grabs them and runs. But she can't figure out how to unlock the door. I mean, come on.

    Anyway, her captor figures it out, but rather than running after her, he slowly walks towards her, and when she finally manages to unlock the door, rather than trying to run, she decides to hide (which as you may recall is the same brilliant tactic that Megan used when Jacob cut her free in episode 4. So Claire is taken back into the room, and her captor kisses her. He then apologizes and begins to furiously bash his head against a pole. Then they cut to commercial break. When we saw this, my wife and I broke out laughing hysterically because it was just so outrageous.

    Later, Emma runs off with Joey and Hardy, seeing his chance, breaks free, and stabs Paul before moving on to Jacob. And Hardy lets Megan go. But then the FBI decides to infiltrate the house, and two FBI agents hold Jacob and Paul at gunpoint. Then two other FBI agents (also Joe's followers) go in, guns ablazing and save the day for Paul and Jacob. Ryan catches up with Emma, as does his fellow FBI-man and a female local cop. And what do you know? The girl's a follower, too. Whoopdy-doo! There's a shock, and it proves that just about everybody in the world is a follower, the local police department does not perform very sufficient background checks, and that a beautifully written episode of The Following is too good to be true.

    Then Hrdy shoots the female cop, and Joey for some reason willingly goes with Emma and they enter a car. Hardy doesn't think to shoot the tires and they get away. I thought the FBI had the place surrounded, but I guess not. And why didn't anybody go after them? Whatever. But then, Jacob and Paul get away through a different part of the property, and the FBI does nothing to try to stop them either. Then the flashbacks reveal that Annie Parisse's parents are mad at her for not allowing herself to be raped. And that's pretty much it. Oh, wait. The FBI finds out where Claire is being held, and they enter. Her captor throws a smoke grenade, runs off, and the FBI so eloquently states, "He's And that's the end of that and another disappointing episode.

    But hey, next week's preview looks promising. Oh, never mind, it's about Carroll being transferred due to abuse. Because hey, that certainly warrants 60 minutes of television.

    Additional Notes:

    1. So these two episodes basically didn't happen. Because everything that happened, has just unhappened, with the exceptions of some minor characters' deaths.

    2. How does a girl who lives in a cult where parents make their children be raped end up to get a job as a lead investigator in the FBI?

    3. The first 34 minutes of this were excellent, and I sincerely wish I would have stopped watching at that point. Because the ending, quite frankly, sucked.
  • Predictable events taking to far to the point of unbelievable

    Started off well but now that everyone apart from the President of the US part of the gang its a bit too far fetched
  • The Fall

    The Fall was a perfectly entertaining episode of The Following and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character growth and plot development. The story was well written and I liked how everything played out. I look forward to watching what happens next! !!!!!!!!!!!
  • This episode started out good, then...

    The first half of the episode was a showcase of great acting and writing. The mind games Kevin Bacon played with the trio was superb and Annie Parisse showed the first example in the series of the FBI not being completely incompetent.

    And then...

    It turned back into what basically amounts to the crime drama equivalent of slapstick comedy with everyone and their uncle suddenly being revealed as evil. (I use the term "revealed" loosely here because really did anyone not see the female cop twist coming?) And apparently this cult has an entire private military that they can just call on for support whenever the plot demands it.

    I hate to get pretentious but the writers need to look up the term "deus ex machina" and learn that it is an incredibly lazy writing technique that needs to be avoided at all times.

    Anyway, Kevin Bacon was awesome for the first 30 minutes of this episode so my rating is 5 because I give the first half a 10 and the second half a 0.
  • Excellant!

    No surprise with the sheriff being one of them. The best part was Bacon's conversation with the trio. I loved how he played with their minds.

    Interesting Debra was part of a cult as a child. My husband always thought she would turn out to be a part of Joe's I don't think so now. My review was cut in try think kept her medalion as a connection to her parents. If she turns out to have gone from one cult to be very disspointed, it's to obvious. in It's been a long time since I can't wait to see what happens next week with show. I love it! Also my sister told me about a show called The Amercians. I had to watch the first two episodes on onlinw now I'm hooked that show too.
  • Good episode could still be better

    This was a better episode it doe show that the following has a bit of kick left in it. Still though I find it quite disbeliving that a highly trained swat agents could be taken down so easily and that all the bad guys could escape so easily. Also so far they have shown that 4 of the followers have been to see Joe in prison so far, my question is how don't the FBI have there photos already? Pretty sure there would be cameras everywhere in a prison and all of Joes visits would have been caught on camera so the FBI should already have IDs for the followers just from that. Also after Ryan told the FBI over the phone where they were all were in the house it would have been pretty easy for SWAT to take them all out. It's called a few flashbangs and then storming the house. It was a better episode but it is still showing that writers on this show have no clue what they are doing.
  • Unbelievable...

    Just when I was ready to give up on this show, this episode came...

    I mean people attacking the police, infiltrating SWAT and killing the actual SWAT members...

    Even police agents attacking other police...

    This should have been called "The Cult" not the show with T-Bat from PB.
  • OMG Really!?

    I had my doubts about that female cop from the get go but come on just how many people from the law enforcement and FBI are part of their You just cant trust anyone, but I'm extremely happy that Mike did not die. I literally screamed at the TV when he was shot. Oddly enough I'm happy that the trio got away because they are interesting and familiar right now and I want to see what will happen next with them