The Following

Season 1 Episode 6

The Fall

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 25, 2013 on FOX

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  • Would you believe?

    Assuming anyone has missed the story so far here it goes: This is the story of a serial killer, a serial killer in jail mind you, a serial killer that has convinced dozens of killers to follow him blindly and do some more killing on his behalf. Well not quite right. That is what happened in episode 1, when in a rather dramatic fashion his followers did finish the job the good guy, former FBI agent Ryan, aka as Kevin Bacon, prevented him from accomplishing eight years earlier.

    Ever since the bad guy, a British literature professor particularly fond of Edgar Allan Poe, has embarked in a series of minor crimes (kidnapping his own son, his former wife) and we frankly do not know where all this is going. By the way, the producers should have made Joe a French professor, the French are indeed in love with Poe. This is sadly not Homeland where not knowing is actually part of the magic. The whole story is now quickly developing into a never-ending man-hunt where everybody is actually a potential bad guy indoctrinated by our not so gentle handsome professor behind bars.

    The actual good guy, Kevin Bacon has a knack for understanding everybody's psychology. How on earth does he know so well the intimate story of the dubious threesome? (by watching the first five episodes probably) and yet why is he incapable of figuring out who the next follower will be?

    The story is well told on the surface but let's face it, without anyone understanding why on earth Joe kidnapped his son it just does not make sense any sense at all.

    Episode 5 ended in a cliffhanger where only magic could have prevented the FBI from rescuing Joe's son. Magic which in this case means that at least half the FBI are actually followers Joe. So what is the story, a psychopath that rules the police and/or the FBI or a true serial killer. For the past few episodes all victims have been effectively killed in self-defense. Where has Dexter gone?

    The opening of the latest episode just reminded me of Don Adams' fantastic Get Smart. To the simple question of who knows who is surrounding the house, he points out "he knows,pauses, and adds the FBI knows, SWAT teams know and so forth" When Maxwell Smart uttered these words half a century ago, nobody was coming to help him, and Siegfried (the great Bernie Kopell) would have to find a way to lose the battle on his own against Max and 99. In the latest "Following" everything Ryan says is true, and still the magic works for the bad guys. Action movies do not have to be realistic, I love James Bond, but give us a break, please, find another way, true magic if necessary, to make the bad guys win.

    At this rate we will soon get to the point that the entire government is actually a follower of Joe's. I realize we live in a world of paranoia, but this is just like claiming the George W. Bush destroyed the Twin Towers, ... probably on his own!

    Surprisingly, there is no cliffhanger, the kid is still lost, and besides the fact that Joe, who if I remember well was due to be executed 5 episodes ago, is re-starting his legal appeals process (why?how?) we have no clue as to what will follow. The problem is that unless we get a clue, we might stop looking for that answer.
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