The Following

Season 1 Episode 15

The Final Chapter

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 29, 2013 on FOX

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  • Rewatched

    I just finished rewatching getting ready for the return! I personally am excited. I do however feel that Joe isn't dead, his death was too easy. I think that it was staged & he'll come back. Is that predictable probably, but it's tv, isn't it usually always predictable?

    I hated watching the buried alive scene. That is one of my worst fears, that & bridges, anyway. I can't possibly imagine how terrible it would be to be inside a nailed shut box & to be buried.

    Even during the rewatch I was about to yell at Mike! Apparently I thought I was in a 'choose your own adventure show', because I found myself hopefully that they would make it to Parker in they didn't. :(

    Now I know I'm not the only person on the planet that's like this but seriously didn't Mike become a bit hotter when he started beating the crap out of the sniper dude? I know I thought so. Then Ryan putting a bullet in his head? Yes please & thank you. (I know I'm twisted. I embrace it!)

    I was a bit frusterated with Ryan for leaving Mike behind when he could've had some back up, but when you look at it & see the situation you'd understand why he didn't. A) Anyone close to Ryan is a target for the followers. They'd literally just tried to take Mike out, AND killed Parker. He was trying to protect Mike.

    B) He didn't know what was ahead of him when he got to the building. No clue what was going to happen, who was going to be watching or waiting. If he had pulled up with Mike in the car, what good would that have done? Sure he could've made a phone call, but being as Ryan was transported to another place after being drugged. I'm pretty sure all Mike really could've done was make a phone call. I mean I guess he could've dropped him off at the beginning of the driveway or something, but he didn't know what he was walking into. Better to have Mike safe.

    I enjoyed the scenes between Joe & Claire. I like the dynamic there. When he went all stabby on that random guy I felt bad for Claire. I mean the future nightmares she's going to have, well if she lives.

    That brings me back to Joe's death. Again too easy. No body=No death. The coroner could very well be a follower, & it all could be a set up. Yeah these are a dental match sure here ya go. Let your guards down get back to feeling safe cuz the fan is about to truely begin!

    I do wonder if they will allow Claire to live. Her death would torture Ryan so. Although it might be a bit much for him & he might just go back to drinking himself to death. So not sure how that one is going to go exactly.

    I also really hope Roderick comes back! I miss his face!
  • I thought Hardy got a package with Joey cut to bits inside

    I was just happy that the show knew it was stupid and was making fun of itself. Other than that, it was very standard fare and even made Ryan stupid. No unexpected twists. Very cliched.

    I agree that Purefoy gave his only real performance after the pilot when he said that he earned his kills. That was unsettling. At one point, I thought Hardy got a package with Joey cut to bits inside (his difficulty in getting it open made my mind run wild). Claire might die, but Hardy dying is as realistic as Carroll not coming back next season. It won't happen. I feel bad for Kevin Bacon.
  • Disapointing

    Too may errors.

    No FBI agent or even a beat cop would attempt to do some of this stuff on his/her own.

    Far too much of this went on throughout the first series.

    The same outcome could have been achieved with more realistic COP/FBI procedure.

    Putting guns down, separation from a group when searching, turning your back etc, etc.

    I hope the director and writer tidy this problem up before the next season, if there is one.

  • predictable ?we ll see

    i didnt expect Debra to die without a fight and i bet he s not really dead

    The show would be predictable if Ryan and Claire make it !i really like them both .Will one survive ?

    i hope they bring a new main character in order for the show not to be redundant

    Its a shame it had to end like this but make the best out of it
  • Did this blow or what

    I got hooked to ' The Following' after the first five episodes, though I had my qualms about there being too much suspense, it was the writers were trying to hard to get everyone 'seat-edged' the whole time, and think they ended up overdoing it. To the Season finale (or God I hope it's the series finale), was it the worst you'd ever seen or what, of course I knew Joe would die, of course I knew it would come down to him and Hardy and of course I knew Hardy and Claire would get together, what I didn't see and hope I hadn't seen was their being stabbed in the end, WOW WHAT A CLIFFHANGER THAT WAS. I sure hope the makers of the show don't embarrass us themselves even more by renewing for another season, the best part of the show was when the agent (cant seem to remember her name' died it was nice to see real fake emotion from the whole FBI. my 2.0 rating is for that
  • Can't blame the actors for bad writing, storyline, casting, and plot.

    Wait, why? Why? WHY?

    That's exactly what I said at the end of this episode. It was able to keep me on the edge of my seat and have me guessing (kind of, don't bash me) on what was happening yet. But you can't have little elements save what was possibly your worst episode. With Claire suddenly trying to change her personality, Jacob dead for no reason, Ryan going beserk, Parker dead for no reason, Mike getting bullied (again) and Joe being killed for no reason, I mean come on. For fucks sake! What are these writers thinking? You have wonderful actors (NOT COUNTING NATALIE ZEA) and you're picking them off one by one for no good reason. I'm so disappointed with this show, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't coming back for Season 2. But if The Walking Dead and Falling Skies weren't conflicted with season finales, I never would've even glanced at this show.

    Oh yeah, everyone saw that ending from a mile today. Fuck the writers. 4/10.
  • quite predictable ending...

    after I saw the first episode I was stuck. I really like this show and I plan to keep watching it, but as for this episode I have some remarks. yes, that thing with agent Parker was nice turn and and there was some action and so on but for me the ending seemed so simple. like this whole time they've been building up to this extraordinary finale but then they don't manage to deliver. still like it and even though you could see what was coming at the end it was pretty thrilling!
  • The Following Should Have Followed the Writers & DIrector

    This started off as a great premise on the chalkboard but was horribly translated to the TV. There are way too many opportunities to point out. So, I'll keep it short. The Director should never have allowed the actors to act out this script so I have to blame him. Somebody should follow his a**. He shouldn't have been allowed to direct this show as he could see how poorly this was going to turn out week after week.

    I have seen more intelligence coming out of a security guard at Toys R Us then the FBI in this show. How can you be an FBI agent and get thrown in a box without a fight. Instead she cried like a high school girl on prom night at the Holiday Inn.

    I am not going to talk about the ending as even Helen Keller would agree that it was horrible. For those of you who don't know who she is, Google it then you will laugh your a** off.

    Bottom line, the writing was despicable, they shouldn`t even be allowed to write for porn. The directing was mentally disturbing, he should be allowed to direct a bead of sweat on a baboons balls.

    For the love of baby Jesus, do not renew this show or I will follow you!

  • Cliff-faller

    Season finale, you gotta be kidding, series finale I hope. I started to watch this show with eagerness and thought it was great. Episode after episode the storyline got worse, repetitive and more an more unrealistic, This episode was the summit, I was already working my way through the 10+ episodes in stead of enjoying them, but this was the worst cliffhanger EVER. My dog would write better script then this. Even the villain went from cool, controlling and manipulative, to a drooling, uncoordinated nitwit. This is no cliffhanger for me its a cliff-faller, deep down the pit. Only a new, and talented, team of writers can save this one.
  • The Final Chapter

    The Final Chapter was a great episode of The Following and it was a good finale some will like, others will not. There was lots of action and suspense as Ryan and Mike rush to save agent Parker. Joe and Claire are at his final destination which was interesting. I liked how Claire and Ryan got to him. There were definitely some shocking surprises aling with predictable moments. The ending could wrap the series as a cult classic, or leave room for a come back. I enjoyed watching!!!!!!!!!

  • No longer following this one

    I was really looking forward to this series, but sad to say I stopped watching a few episodes ago. In spite of the brilliant cast the show is mediocre at best. I've been happy w/the new series called "Hannibal" so far. It's really as I hoped The Following would be.
  • Hmmm....

    Given how well American Horror Story has done, as this episode unfolded, I wondered if next season we'd see a different cult? Maybe Ryan lives, his FBI partner lives, and Claire . So we move on to another cult leader. I wonder if it's time to tackle a terror cell and portray average Muslim families, mosque culture, and then the radicalized few? Or is that too much to hope for.
  • What the F...

    Well, I really like this show and did not understand the 15 episodes count... what's that ? It's usually 12, or 18, or 22, but 15 ? Was it a mid season finale or a season finale or the show finale ?
  • I guess Carroll must be alive

    Anytime a show like this ends without seeing an actual dead body then, of course, the villain is still alive. I mean, they stared at the dead body of Parker to establish, for sure, that she was dead. When Carroll comes back it will be such a shocker. I don't know if I can stand another season of Emma's cheekbones, though.
  • Falling off a cliffhanger

    The worst cliffhanger endings are those that finish during the middle of a scene. This episode has one of those endings and it's rather insulting for fans. Aside from this I must admit I was a little disappointed that things didn't quite develop as much as I was hoping. Even though the series has made it clear that Hardy has some control, I always felt like Joe Carroll had deep and involving plans. Part of the fun was trying to imagine what they were. Sadly, those plans didn't seem to materialize in the end. Nevertheless watching James Purefoy act as Joe Carroll is constantly a cause of delight.

    I have to wonder how many avenues the show has left. The often used mechanic of throwing in a new side character for one episode only to have him killed is getting somewhat tiring. Many of the major characters in season one have been put to rest. If any of the good guys get kidnapped again, the show is going to start feeling stale pretty soon. The show is more interesting when it delves into the characters' psyche. The ultimate question is; how much showmanship can they continue to drag us through before it comes to a fitting conclusion. Not for very much longer, I shouldn't think.
  • Great finale!

    I enjoyed the finale, and it didn't feel predictable and dumb to me at all. Surprises were there for those who watched without already looking for reasons to take weekly pot shots at the show. People have been bashing this show all season ............. Anyway, I didn't expect Agent Parker to die. I seriously thought Ryan and Mike would make it to her in time. I didn't expect Joe to be seen blown to bits in an explosion. I actually thought he'd just escape on a boat or something. I actually expected Claire to die with confirmation as the show ended. Instead, she got stabbed but it was left open as to whether she survived or not. I expected something to come out revealing that Agent Weston was a follower, or at least had some kind of connection to Joe. I thought Emma would be taken out by someone in this episode. So, several things happened and didn't happen, that ended up being a surprise for me.
  • No no no no no

    Horrible horrible ending. Everything about it was predictable and dumb. What a horrible ending to a series