The Following

Season 1 Episode 15

The Final Chapter

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 29, 2013 on FOX

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  • Rewatched

    I just finished rewatching getting ready for the return! I personally am excited. I do however feel that Joe isn't dead, his death was too easy. I think that it was staged & he'll come back. Is that predictable probably, but it's tv, isn't it usually always predictable?

    I hated watching the buried alive scene. That is one of my worst fears, that & bridges, anyway. I can't possibly imagine how terrible it would be to be inside a nailed shut box & to be buried.

    Even during the rewatch I was about to yell at Mike! Apparently I thought I was in a 'choose your own adventure show', because I found myself hopefully that they would make it to Parker in they didn't. :(

    Now I know I'm not the only person on the planet that's like this but seriously didn't Mike become a bit hotter when he started beating the crap out of the sniper dude? I know I thought so. Then Ryan putting a bullet in his head? Yes please & thank you. (I know I'm twisted. I embrace it!)

    I was a bit frusterated with Ryan for leaving Mike behind when he could've had some back up, but when you look at it & see the situation you'd understand why he didn't. A) Anyone close to Ryan is a target for the followers. They'd literally just tried to take Mike out, AND killed Parker. He was trying to protect Mike.

    B) He didn't know what was ahead of him when he got to the building. No clue what was going to happen, who was going to be watching or waiting. If he had pulled up with Mike in the car, what good would that have done? Sure he could've made a phone call, but being as Ryan was transported to another place after being drugged. I'm pretty sure all Mike really could've done was make a phone call. I mean I guess he could've dropped him off at the beginning of the driveway or something, but he didn't know what he was walking into. Better to have Mike safe.

    I enjoyed the scenes between Joe & Claire. I like the dynamic there. When he went all stabby on that random guy I felt bad for Claire. I mean the future nightmares she's going to have, well if she lives.

    That brings me back to Joe's death. Again too easy. No body=No death. The coroner could very well be a follower, & it all could be a set up. Yeah these are a dental match sure here ya go. Let your guards down get back to feeling safe cuz the fan is about to truely begin!

    I do wonder if they will allow Claire to live. Her death would torture Ryan so. Although it might be a bit much for him & he might just go back to drinking himself to death. So not sure how that one is going to go exactly.

    I also really hope Roderick comes back! I miss his face!