The Following

Season 1 Episode 5

The Siege

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 18, 2013 on FOX

Episode Recap

After a night of sex together, Jacob wakes up in the morning and goes to the bathroom. When Emma and Paul ask if he's freaking out, Jacob says that he's fine. Once he leaves, they figure that he is freaking out and Paul tells Emma that the sex between them all was great. Meanwhile, Joey takes the cell phone from the high shelf where Emma hid it, goes to the kitchen, and calls his mother. A desperate Claire asks where he is while the FBI tries to trace the call. Joey doesn't know where he is but describes the farmhouse and the surroundings as best he can. Paul comes downstairs to get breakfast and hears Joey talking, and drags him away, leaving the cell phone on the table.

At the FBI command post at the detention center, Mike tries to trace the call but triggers a virus, rerouting the trace to Louisiana. Meanwhile, Ryan sees Carroll's former lawyer, Olivia Warren, come in. He advises Debra to keep her away from Carroll but the FBI agent admits that legally they have no recourse since Carroll is entitled to counsel. As Ryan leaves, Mike warns the team that it will take him several hours to trace Joey's call.

At the farmhouse, Emma gives Joey a vague explanation about how the police are lying about Joey's father so Claire sent him away for his own protection. Meanwhile, Paul goes to the basement and gloats over their prisoner, Megan. He tells the store clerk that she should get used to the fact that she's never going home. Back upstairs, he talks to a worried Jacob, assuring him that the FBI couldn't have traced the satellite phone or gotten anything useful from Joey. Jacob isn't convinced but Paul figures that he's really worried about killing someone for the first time. He gives Jacob a few helpful hints on what knife to use but Jacob is more worried about their sexual encounter. When Jacob insists that he isn't gay and the sex wasn't right, Paul tells him that their having sex was the first time that things were entirely right between him. He gives Jacob the knife and says that there's only one thing missing. Jacob asks him to kill Megan for him but Paul says that he has to do it and they have faith that he can.

Olivia meets Carroll in the interrogation room and tells him that she can't do anything for him even if she was interested. Carroll warns his former defense attorney that she owes him.


After his trial and conviction, Olivia tells Carroll that she's done everything that she can and she's done with him.

The Present

Carroll tells Olivia to use her contacts to find out what's going on with the FBI and the media, and admits that Ryan has surprised him by bouncing back so quickly. Olivia reluctantly agrees to help and Carroll tells her to get busy.

At the command center, Ryan is watching the news and sees Olivia call a press conference. She recites Poe's "The Masque of the Red Death," and in a basement somewhere, Hank Flynn hears the message and calls his fellow Carroll follower, Charlie Mead, saying that it's time.

Back at the command center, Ryan and Debra realize that Carroll had Olivia send a covert message to his followers. When Ryan insists that they head immediately to Duchess County rather than wait for Mike to complete the trace, Debra finally agrees and deputizes him, giving him a gun. Before they go, Ryan checks on Claire, who wants to go with them. He tells her to stay at the house and they share a hug, and Ryan admits that it wasn't fair to her for him to break up with her years ago. As he leaves, Ryan tells Claire that they'll discuss it when he comes back with Joey.

At the farmhouse, Paul wants to call Roderick and Emma tells him that she already has. When Paul threatens to slap Joey for trying to give them away, Emma tells him to keep his hands off the boy... unaware that Joey is listening in from upstairs. When Emma wonders where Jacob is, Paul tells her that he's in the basement with Megan and they should give him some space to do what he has to.

Olivia comes to see Claire and insists on talking to her alone. When Claire finally agrees, Olivia tells her to go to a street corner at a specific time if she ever wants to see Joey again. When Claire wonders why, Olivia tells her that the FBI is lying to her.

When Ryan and Mike arrive in Duchess County, NY, they meet with the local police. Chief Burke warns them that there are over 150 miles of rural farms in the area and it will take a while to check them all out.

When Jacob comes back upstairs, Paul realizes that he didn't kill Megan. They go outside to talk while Emma calls to Joey. When he doesn't answer, she goes to the boy's room and discovers that he's gone. Emma runs to her partners and they start searching the farm. Meanwhile, Joey runs straight off through the woods, only to trip on a root. An older man, Clark Sullivan, comes up and asks if he's okay.

Claire tells Turner that she's going to meet a friend for lunch and that the FBI can't keep her cooped up in her home. When Turner says that he'll keep a tail on her, Claire says that's fine and goes upstairs to change. Turner calls Debra, who tells him to keep an eye on Claire no matter what.

At the sheriff's office, Mike and Deputy Ava set up the search. When the FBI agent puts up photos of the three followers, Burke recognizes Paul from the security footage of Megan's abduction. Ryan and Mike split up with deputies Lopez and Ava, respectively, and begin the search.

Clark brings Joey home and his wife Nora recognizes the boy from the news. Joey asks to use their phone to call his mother, but before the couple can help, Emma runs up to take Joey home. The Sullivans wonders who she is and Emma says that she's watching Joey for his mother and that he can call his mother from their farmhouse. The Sullivans reluctantly let them go and as they go back to the farmhouse, Paul and Jacob arrive. Emma tells them what happened and tells them to go back and "thank" the Sullivans. Meanwhile, Clark prepares to call the police and just starts the call when Paul comes in with a garden hoe.

Ryan and Lopez are stopping to check their map when Dispatch calls to tell them Clark tried to place an emergency call about Joey. The two men get the address and head for the Sullivan home.

When Emma gets Joey back to the farmhouse, she tells him that he can call his mother soon and then says for him to wait in his room. She locks the door and then hears someone moving downstairs. Hank steps out of the shadows and tells her that Roderick sent him and they have to go.

Claire goes to a restaurant and meets her friend for lunch. They order while Turner and another agent watch from nearby, and Claire glances nervously at her wristwatch.

When Ryan and Lopez arrive at the Sullivan farm, they get no answer and go inside. Clark and Nora are dead, hacked up and propped in their easy chairs. Ryan heads outside and spots footprints, and he and Lopez follow the trail through the woods to the farmhouse matching Joey's description. They spot Paul and Jacob going inside and Ryan calls Mike to tell him what's happening. Mike tells Ryan to wait while he calls in backup, but once he hangs up, Ryan tells Lopez that they should move in and confirm where everyone is.

Emma introduces her partners to Hank and he tells them to be packed to leave in ten minutes. As they get their things, Emma tells the others that she'll get Joey last.

When Debra hears from Mike, she tells Agent Mitchell to get everyone moving toward the farmhouse and leaves by helicopter.

Claire excuses herself to go to the restroom, but then pushes the door in and lets it swing close while she goes out the fire exit. Turner looks briefly outside but doesn't see Claire, hiding behind a car. When he checks the restroom, he realizes that Claire has slipped off.

Ryan and Lopez split up to approach the farmhouse from the back and Lopez goes through the barn. Meanwhile, Hank goes to his SUV and calls Charlie, who tells him that Claire is running late. Hank spots Lopez in the rearview mirror and moves off, slipping into the barn. When Lopez draws on him, Hank claims that he's just passing through and holds up his hands. He advances slowly on the nervous deputy until he gets close enough to grab the gun. The two men struggle and the gun goes off in Lopez's stomach. As Hank prepares to finish the deputy off, Ryan arrives and shoots him dead. Emma and the others hear the gunshots and grab their guns.

Ryan calls Dispatch and tells Lopez to hang on. He tries to compress the wound but realizes that it's too late for the deputy. When Mike calls back, Ryan tells him that Lopez is dead and he's going in to get Joey.

Joey tries to leave his room and realizes that he's locked in.

Olivia returns to the detention center to see Carroll and tell him what's happening. He's happy that she gave his statement even though Olivia thinks everyone now believes that she's crazy. Olivia also tells him that she gave Olivia the proper instructions and Carroll thanks her for her help. The defense attorney demands to know what she's done and who she's hurt, but Carroll simply tells her to cooperate or she'll get a visit from another of his messengers.


Olivia is working late in her office when Hank comes in and tells her that Carroll sent him. He takes a pair of wire clippers out of his pocket and says that Carroll has a message for her.

The Present

Olivia begs Carroll not to involve her, but Carroll tells her that she still has a lot of work to go. He tells her to take notes and Olivia takes out a pad... favoring her left hand, which is missing two fingers.

When Claire arrives at the street corner, Charlie pulls up and tells Claire to get in. When she wonders where they're going, Charlie simply tells her to come with him if she wants to see Joey. Claire gets in and Charlie drives off.

Joey tries to smash through the door using a curtain rod.

Emma and Jacob find Lopez's corpse in the barn.

Ryan enters the farmhouse through a basement window and finds Megan. He starts to free her but then hears Joey hammering away upstairs. Ryan tells Megan to stay there and goes up to get the boy. Meanwhile, Joey uses his skateboard to pry the door open. He comes out and sees Ryan, and ducks back. Ryan calls up to him, reminding him that he's Claire's friend... and Paul arrives and captures Ryan at gunpoint.