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Ryan set out to rescue Claire when Carroll learns where his ex-wife is being kept in protective custody. Meanwhile, Emma and Jacob are reunited, and Ryan turns to an old friend for help.

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Apr 02, 2013
in answer to the question regarding why everybody is a cult member in seems to me it is lazy writting.instead of something more clever,it is the same,they hope omg moment,but it is old and routine..viewers are too sophisticated,at least i hope we are. and killing the one of the three in the bi relationship takes out the only interesting dynamics we had in the cult it is kinda gone,well mostly gone...
Mar 26, 2013
here i think is the followings fatal flaw. if this were happening to bacon,clair and joey in a surriptitiuos environement instead of in front of the whole world,media and all the resources in the land i would be less likely to roll my eyes every time purfoy has a success..but it isn' is asking us to stretch our belief to the point where purfoy used a magical kind of cause and effect with multitudes of people who would never act in concert with each other,and that while locked up in a secure prison,which he escapes from to a secret hide away all these people knew about and never slipped up or became selfish and/or angry or told for any reason to anyone...and then each new event with all the millions of outcomes has the uncanny ability to have all the right people just where they need to be at each second of every second of every day,month on and on...if he was a wizzard ,worlock, vampire ,lion,tiger or bear oh my it would be impossible. change it just a litle. put them out of the ospices and venue of the world and it's resources,maybe. but,even with that there is the cause and effect problem which they can't control on "alphas" this well and they have supenaturals on that series..which i happen to love! oh well...and in a huge mansion with 14,000 people they can only offer joey bologna...and the scene with purfoy was not cute because he of course is the devil in not such good disguise...having the child as a central figure is offensive..but i don't have the same prob with walking dead. but then to compare the two is,well you can't. so instead of having al the resources in the world to protect claire they go into the dark woods and ty stands alone out under a house light and shoots just in case he didn't have a good enough shot,and claire puts on her finest dress and a boquet of flowers to go off to the prom with the wrong guy ..but at least emma loves her gay bf... and doesn't she deserve his trust for crying out loud,and i mean he so wants to have a woman to show dad how ok he is...they write this stuff just to make sane people crazy i swear.... the only realistic part of all this is the fragil egos it would take to be one of these people and the guy playing jacob is doing a good enough job to hold some of this together and thats saying alot...both he and emma are very good,almost worth tuning in next week just for that one dynamic! makes me crazy how stupid the rest of the writing is.."don't hurt claire" is all about keeping her and joey alive..if we don't know that by now??? and bacon plays along. and on i but it is the only way i can watch it. and for some reason i am watching still???? are ther others who are watching that see this a rediculous as i do?moreless

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