The Following

Season 1 Episode 9

Love Hurts


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After Mike's shooting, Ryan and Parker try to get around Nick to take down the people that organized the attack. Meanwhile, Carroll turns to an unlikely ally for help in finding Claire's location in protective custody.

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are others having trouble with tv.coms site not printing what you is fine but if i post on review i lose words lots of them..if i type them twice sometimes they will transfer but not usually???..i can't find anything online explaining this so i am assuming it is the site,but i don't know...example is on this pg review title "i tried"
(hit the return button to early). There. I just turned the weakness of this show (right, not all of the weaknesses, i give you that), into an asset ...
Now we got enough "supernatural" shows already, but i am starting to wonder: What if in The Following we had a world that's not bent on believing in supernatural stuff mostly (just like in real life) but Joe Carroll had unimaginable powers, through, say, being a demon worshipper or something, the being true for his Followers, only less so? The FBI treats him like an ordinary criminal of course, this is a rational world after all, but happenings are starting to make less and less rational sense (pun intended). Ryan Hardy is the only one willing to bent his believes about the underpinnings of this our world, looks for supernatural explanations (and counter measures), giving us an underlying theme of a battle between beliefs (FBI colleauges are rational/Ryan (in there view) is starting to loose it). But Ryan is successful with his approaches and some of the FBI swing around (read: Sidekicks). Halve way into the season, we the viewers are not clear of what we are dealing with, are there supernatural forces at work here or not. That also makes us doubt Ryan. But then Ryan is proven right by a clear demonstration of Joe's unreal powers.
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