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The Reaping


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While Ryan tries to infiltrate the Korban compound, Mike makes a life-changing decision and Claire asks Carrie to give Joe a message from her.

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Hard to believe how pitiful this show has become in just 2 seasons. Where the first season I looked forward to the next episode, this season I had to force myself to watch the next one, hoping it would not be so ridiculous. There was 1 tiny little glimpse of Joe being the same character as the first season, when he had Rambo captured and tied to a chair, but of course that lasted all of 1 minute before the calvalry arrived and our mighty hero Ryan busted free from being tied to a chair with his hands tied behind his back. My eyes are sore from rolling them so much after watching this season.
I'm finding this show to be one of those where i have to suspend disbelief to the point of being nearly brain-dead. I'm realizing that season two may just as well be the season finale for me. The Big Bad Joe Carroll has been reduced to a cartoon caricature of the character he was presented to be in the first season. He is unbelievably ridiculous in season two. I never bought into his miraculous resurrection, that left him living in some wilderness with a mother and her child without any contact with his most dedicated followers, especially Emma.

Speaking of Emma, she and Lily are the most interesting "bad people" this whole season (RIP Lily, I miss you already).

Ryan Hardy is a disaster. He's always a day late and a dollar short. I don't know if their hopes was that he would be a maverick in the vein of Jack Bauer, but what I'm getting is Elmer Fudd with a license to kill at will. If utter stupidity could be measured in dollars, Hardy would be the wealthiest man on the planet. For some reason, to me, he seems to be the male version of Olivia Pope (from Scandal): all hype, and no substance!

Mike has completely lost it! I'm as "hoorah" as the next guy or gal, but I don't know that I'm ready for "white hat" guys to start murdering people because they feel like it (unless they are in a Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Statham movie) ! For me, killing Lily this season, killed the season. She was a much better "Joe" than Joe ever was!

I guess I've ranted enough. I like the idea of this show, but

I hit the wrong button....

I was going to say I like the idea of this show, but in practice they are ruining a good thing.
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