The Following

Season 1 Episode 8

Welcome Home

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 11, 2013 on FOX

Episode Recap

When Joey wakes up at the manor in his new bedroom, he sees his father sitting across the room. Carroll reassures Joey that he's knows that his son is scared of him, but he'd like a second chance. When Joey doesn't respond, Carroll tells him that Claire was supposed to be there with the two of them but things went wrong. He asks Joey to give him the chance to be a cool dad until he can bring Claire there. When Joey still doesn't respond, Carroll goes outside where Emma is waiting for him. She assures her mentor that Joey just needs to get to know him, and then takes him downstairs where all of Carroll's followers have gathered to receive his blessing.

At the FBI command center, Ryan comes in and discovers that newcomer Nick Donovan is giving a briefing to the team. Nick tells the team that everything will go through him from now on. Ryan finds Debra in her office and talks to her. She warns him that the FBI is in a panic after Carroll's escape, and they've sent Nick to take over from her. Ryan suggests that they talk to their newest captive, David, but Nick overhears him from the door and reminds Ryan that he tortured the man. Debra defends Ryan, pointing out that it let them rescue the hostage, and Nick tells Ryan that he wants him to stick to consulting. When Debra objects, Ryan agrees with Nick, admitting that he's a liability. However, Ryan then goes out and talks to Mike, who says that Nick is going to interrogate David.

At the manor, Emma and Carroll walk outside and he assures her that he's glad she's there since Joey knows and trust her. He asks about Paul and Jacob and Emma claims that she hasn't heard from them. There have been no reports on the news and Carroll figures that's a good sign. As they talk, a Havenport sheriff's car pulls up the driveway and the sheriff gets out and walks to them. However, the man calls Carroll by name and hugs him, and Emma realizes that it's Roderick Nelson. They go inside and Roderick tells Carroll that Ryan has been keeping them on their toes but otherwise everything is going smoothly. Carroll thanks him for his help and Roderick assures him that he's the one who owes him.


Roderick visits Carroll in prison and thanks him for taking the blame for two girls that he didn't kill: the co-eds that Roderick killed. Carroll simply says that Roderick will pay him back eventually.

The Present

Roderick tells Carroll that it's thanks to him that he is what he is. He then shows Carroll around the manor, where the followers are remodeling and setting things up. The local Havenport dispatcher, Sally, calls Roderick and he assures her that everything is fine.

Nick comes back from talking to their prisoner and tells Ryan that David will only talk to him. Ryan smirks and insists on following Nick's orders to the letter, and asks him what he wants Ryan to do. Nick tells him to come in with him but keep out of the interrogation. Ryan does so but David refuses to talk to Nick. David gives his name and then stares at Ryan for a long few seconds. He then asks Ryan how he liked the plot twist of Carroll escaped. Ryan congratulates him and then says that he's bored, and asks where they can find Carroll. David starts reciting from Charles Manson' manifesto and Ryan sarcastically tells him that he's good at being creepy. The follower then bites into the web of his thumb and fingers, swallows something, and goes into convulsions.

Roderick shows Carroll the basement with the group's computers. Charlie comes in and apologizes to Carroll for losing Claire, and Roderick tries to get him to drop the matter. Carroll simply tells Charlie to learn from his mistakes, and then meets with Louise, the woman who rescued him at the parking garage. Roderick then takes Carroll to the special study that they've prepared for him to use for whatever he needs it for. The sheriff says that he's been recruiting while Carroll was in prison and now they're anxious to get started. Carroll wants Claire there and Roderick warns him that she's in protective custody. However, he plans to find out where she is by having the FBI tell them. He points to a chart that he's made of the FBI team and says that they'll start with one of them.

Mike briefs the team on the fact that David had a cyanide capsule sewn into his hand. Agent Mitchell brings up background files on David and Nick immediately takes them and goes to his office. Ryan has Mike hack Nick's email and reads the reports, which shows that David was a soldier in Iraq who tortured prisoners and was court-martialed. When Nick realizes that someone is hacking his emails, he storms out and Ryan tries to take the blame. Nick knows better and takes Mike into his office for a private meeting. As Debra comes in, Mike comes out and tells them that he's being sent home. Ryan goes to Nick and warns him that he's making a mistake, but Nick insists that everything goes through him. Once he walks away, Debra tells Mike to go back to the motel and they'll figure out what to do in the morning.

Mike goes back to the hotel and sees five men in leather jackets standing outside. He goes inside to take the elevator up and a woman comes up behind him and gets in first when the doors open. Mike tells her that he'll get the next one and then takes the stairs, only to find the woman getting out of the elevator on the next floor. She wonders what Mike is doing and he goes to his room. The woman walks behind him, apparently going to her room as well, and two men follow her. Mike gets to his room and fumbles with the keys, but finally gets the door open... only to find Louise and Charlie waiting for him.

When Ryan calls Mike and doesn't get an answer, he figures that something is wrong. Mitchell confirms that Mike's phone is still at the hotel and Ryan drives over there. He discovers that someone has torn Mike's room up and left with the agent.

At the manor that night, Carroll drinks alcohol for the first time since he went to prison and then asks Emma to remove the bandages from his hand. He admits that he's drunk and hints that he'd like her to help him catch up on what he's missed. He takes Emma's hand, but one of the tech followers, Aaron, comes in and tells them that Roderick called to say that he and his people would be back by dawn. Once Aaron leaves, Carroll tells Emma that he knew Roderick before he knew her, and that Roderick was his first student.

Carroll takes Roderick to a basement room where he's captured and tied up a young co-ed. He then instructs Roderick in how to kill the woman while getting as close to her as possible. Carroll leans into her and then slips the knife into her stomach.

The Present

Emma strokes Carroll's cheek and starts to kiss him, but he tells her that he loves Claire and goes to find the others.

Roderick and his men take Mike to a dockyard and toss him out on the ground.

Debra meets Ryan at the hotel and Mitchell sends them the hotel footage. They have an ID on Louise and have confirmed that she's a former Blackwater mercenary. They put on an APB on the partial plates of the SUV on the footage and Nick calls to tell them that the police have nine matches on the partial. The police spotted one of the vehicles at a dockyard at Newport Harbor and Ryan calculates that it's just far enough away for them to have driven there from the hotel. Nick figures that it's just a hunch, but Debra points out that it's the best they've got and tells him to make the call. After a few seconds, Nick agrees to have them check it out.

The acolytes take Mike into the dockyard building and Roderick tells Mike to answer his questions truthfully. If the agent doesn't then Roderick promises him that they're going to fight, and keep fighting until Mike tells them what they want to know. Roderick asks where they can find Claire, and Mike laughs and tells him that no one knows where she's being kept in protective custody. Charlie comes over and hits Mike, and then the other five acolytes drag Mike to his feet and tell him to fight.

Mike and Charlie fight back and forth and Mike takes the worst of it. Roderick finally asks if he wants to end it, and Mike insists that he doesn't know where the FBI is keeping Claire. Unconvinced, Roderick says that he knows all about Mike's background and figures that he knows all about FBI protective custody. Mike realizes that he's dealing with the mysterious Roderick, who asks him the question again. When Mike insists that he doesn't know, Roderick drops two pipes on the first. Charlie leaps forward, grabs one, and hits Mike.

Ryan and Debra arrive at the dockyard and spot Roderick's SUV. They confirm it has the same plates as the one on the video and Ryan sneaks in while Debra checks the perimeter.

After Charlie is done beating Mike, Roderick tells the agent to get up because they won't end it until he's dead or he tells them truth. Mike insists that he doesn't know and Roderick gently says that he believes him... and tells Charlie to finish the fight.

Ryan spots one of the followers standing guard at a door and realizes that the others are inside.

Charlie tells Mike that they'll find Claire whether he talks or not, and Louise hands out two knives. Mike manages to pick one up and staggers toward Charlie, who grabs the agent and stabs him in the stomach. The agent collapse and Louise has her men hold Mike while she prepares to cut his throat. Ryan bursts in and shoots down five of the followers. Roderick, Louise, and Charlie manage to escape in the confusion, and they drive off in the SUV before Debra can stop them. Meanwhile, Ryan holds Mike and tells him to hold on. Mike tells the consultant that he didn't tell them anything and then passes out.

Later, Nick arrives with the EMTs and they check on Mike. They report to Nick, who tells Debra that Mike should pull through. Ryan is standing off by himself and Debra asks him if he's okay. He says that he isn't and tells Debra that he plans to be there for Mike when he wakes up.

At the manor, Roderick, Louise, and Charlie come to Carroll's study and tell him that they failed. Roderick apologizes and Carroll tells him that they will inevitably bring Claire home. Charlie apologizes for letting Carroll down and his mentor admits that he's disappointed. Charlie wants to have his life mean something and takes out his knife, saying that he'll make it right. Carroll agrees and Louise places a plastic sheet onto the floor. Charlie steps onto it and gives Carroll his knife, offering himself as a gift and an apology. Carroll hugs his follower close, assuring him that he will always matter... and then guts Charlie. Charlie collapses onto the sheet while Carroll wipes off the knife on his shirt and then finishes off a glass of whiskey.

Debra goes to Mike's room at the hospital and finds Ryan sitting there. He tells Debra that the surgery went well and Mike should pull through. Debra tells the consultant that Roderick was right: Mike used to work in protective custody and knows where Claire is hiding.

Louise checks on Roderick and realizes that he's upset. She suggests that they have sex but he refuses and says that things are different now that Carroll is there.

Carroll is changing his shirt and Emma brings him towels. He admits that killing Charlie was a rush and starts to respond when Emma wipes off his chest. Carroll insists that he loves Claire, but Emma points out that his ex-wife isn't there.

Louise crawls onto Roderick but he shoves her off and starts choking her.

Carroll grabs Emma and shoves her toward the bed.

Roderick shoves Louise onto the couch and easily stops her when she throws a punch, telling her not to be like that. He then violently kisses her, and Louise rolls over on top of him and kisses Roderick back.

Carroll and Emma fall back onto the bed, kissing each other.

Ryan watches the sleeping Mike.