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Season 1 Episode 11

Whips and Regret

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 01, 2013 on FOX

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  • Whips and Regrets

    Whips and Regrets was an interesting episode full of surprises. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of new things being revealed about characters and their true intentions. It was fun watching Hardy and Parker explore the establishment of fetish. I liked the woman running it and she must have been terrified after word iincident. It was interesting to see Joe assert his place and Rodderick to show how crazy he can be. It felt like a horror movie when Hardy, Parker and others were searching to tunnels. I liked how everything played out and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!
  • I'm waiting...

    for Roderick to get tired of not being the boss. for the FBI to grow some brain cells. to find out why Molly wants to kill Ryan. they've just got too many questions going and not enough answers to keep a viewer slightly sure hope it gets better...
  • The Following.

    This was a good episode, at least Claire got to see her son & now dysfunction within the cult, especially with Roderick. This guy had major issues before he joined the cult, maybe he was beaten as a child, like Vince said, at least Haley wasn't murdered. (She Reminded Me Of Rihanna). So what is their plan to blow up some major building, (Who Knows), one thing i find interesting in this show is Ryan does nearly all the shooting. Only 4 episode's left & next week i cannot wait for. Thumbs Up.
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