The Forest Rangers

CBC (ended 1966)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • The Ojibway Beat
      The Ojibway Beat
      Episode 33
      Chub tries to organize a concert with the help of a few outside promoters.
    • The Wolverine
      The Wolverine
      Episode 33

      A wolverine has moved into the Indian River area and is killing any livestock that crosses its path.

    • The Lost Tribe
      The Lost Tribe
      Episode 32
      A professor is intent on taking items from an ancient butial site but Shing Wauk, with the help of the Junior Rangers, intends on stopping him.
    • Raoul And The Thunderbolt
      A pro hockey player visits Indian River and is looking for Raoul in particular.
    • Joe's Revenge
      Joe's Revenge
      Episode 30
      Joe and George have clear their names as a result of deception by a third party.
    • The World's Strongest Man
      A man known for his amazing strength helps the Junior Rangers at their yard sale.
    • The Invaders
      The Invaders
      Episode 28
      Three young men arrive in Indian River and chaos quickly erupts wherever they go.
    • Death Dance
      Death Dance
      Episode 27
      A father, whose son died years earlier in a tragic accident, tries to get revenge against the man he blames for the incident.
    • Macleod And The Talking Bear
      MacLeod is fooled into thinking a bear could talk by a fisherman using ventriloquism.
    • Uncle Raoul & The 3 Bears
      Uncle Raoul is terrified at the sight of three bears roaming on his property until he learns their true nature.
    • The Albino Beaver
      The Albino Beaver
      Episode 24
      MacLeod is tired of panning for gold and resolves to leave Indian River unless the Junior Rangers can stop him.
    • The Bulldozer
      The Bulldozer
      Episode 23
      The Junior Rangers are dismayed by the fact that their fort may fall to a mining company's bulldozer.
    • The Mystery Dog
      The Mystery Dog
      Episode 22
      A dog wanders into the Junior Rangers fort area and leads the rangers off to an island where a man is pinned under a tree.
    • Unjust World
      Unjust World
      Episode 21
      Spike is trapped in an abandoned mine and the Rangers can't rescue him as the mine is in an off limits area.
    • Willie and Starlight
      A young girl's horse is stolen and she enlists the Junior Rangers help to try and find it.
    • Poison Lake
      Poison Lake
      Episode 19
      A tanker relases a quantity of deadly poison into a lake popular for swimming and a tragedy nearly results.
    • Indian River A-Go-Go
      A famous rock star visits Indian River and the Junior Rangers are very impressed.
    • Jimmy Twenty
      Jimmy Twenty
      Episode 17
      An Indian teenager desires to stay in Indian River but faces a personal decision that affects that possibility directly.
    • Shipment X
      Shipment X
      Episode 16
      Charlie is hired to fly a shipment to the city but is unaware of the true nature of the goods in his plane.
    • The Deadline
      The Deadline
      Episode 15
      A writer and his son are staying in the bush near Indian River and are unaware that a dog suspected of carrying rabies is loose in the area.
    • The Man From Nowhere
      Mike is told by a stranger that there is a going to be a serious accident at the Crown Mine.
    • The Great Hypnotist
      McLeod hypnotizes Shing Wauk but the innocent act quickly backfires as Shing Wauk believes he is a great Indian warrior from the past.
    • The White Hunter
      The White Hunter
      Episode 12
      Two men are hunting for a bear that they can sell to a French zoo.
    • The Dream
      The Dream
      Episode 11
      A man from the city and his daughter get stuck on an old logging road with the cold of winter quickly descending on them.
    • The Avenger
      The Avenger
      Episode 10
      A trapper tries to catch a man that he suspects tried to steal his life's savings and is aided by a police dog.
    • Not In The Book
      Not In The Book
      Episode 9
      The Rangers investigate signs of what looks to be poachers on a nearby game reserve.
    • The Deadly Friend
      Chub and Kathy are trapped inside a shack by a menacing wolf and are rescued by a man obsessed with catching the wolf.
    • The Escape
      The Escape
      Episode 7
      A bank robber who has escaped from custody tries to evade the pursuit of the authorities and two fellow robbers.
    • The Gunshot
      The Gunshot
      Episode 6
      A poacher kills a fellow poacher before hiding out in a fire tower that Joe climbs to try and catch him.
    • Hole in the Ice
      Hole in the Ice
      Episode 5
      The Rangers find themselves dealing with two men who have broken into a fort bunkhouse.
    • The Wolf Spirit
      The Wolf Spirit
      Episode 4
      Shing Wauk and his grandson find themselves in conflict when it comes to what they think of nature and other aspects of society.
    • The Wolf
      The Wolf
      Episode 3
      The Junior Rangers try and film wolves that they see in the area but one bad wolf quickly turns the situation into a dangerous one.
    • The Choice
      The Choice
      Episode 2
      Keeley has bad accident and gets helps from an Indian who must deal with a troublesome past of his own.
    • Santa MacLeod
      Santa MacLeod
      Episode 1
      Thinking he hasn't been invited to a Christmas party, Macleod sets out to spend the holiday by himself in his shack but fate changes his plans.
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