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The Forgotten

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The Forgotten focuses on a group of amateur detectives (Rochelle Aytes, Michelle Borth, Anthony Carrigan, Christian Slater, Heather Stevens, Bob Stephenson)who work for the Forgotten Network. Each episode is narrated by the "voice" of an unidentified person who has been murdered and is about to be buried in an unmarked grave. All the members of the Forgotten Network have their personal reasons for working in this group and they bring their own specialized area of expertise. Alex Donovan (Christian Slater) is a former police officer whose 11-year-old daughter had been kidnapped and was never found. Lindsey Drake (Heather Stephens) runs the network; her husband is a convicted murderer. Walter Bailey (Bob Stephenson) works for the phone company and is in charge of stakeouts. Candace Butler (Michelle Borth) hates her day job and has a way of making people feel comfortable. Tyler Davies (Anthony Carrigan) is a sculptor with a background in forensics and is the new guy on the team. the forgotten is produced by Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Jerry Bruckheimer Television and Warner Bros. Television.moreless

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    • sad for the forgotten cancelled

      i like this tv series
    • "The Formula" that failed.

      I'm glad one review reads the following: "At first I thought it was dead peoples spirits that connected with the team lol, but soon discovered that its sort of a detective/drama story with CSI aspirations."

      CSI's exactly what the problem is. Even NCIS struggles with this issue, where we have to see the dead bodies in the morgue. Stay with me for just a second here. Although NCIS does have an aspect of brilliance, where the forensic work is left to the one person in a lab - and the work is mainly done by machines and computers - it's still that formula that we seem to be drawn to (unlike CSI where we are forced to follow some dull procedures and where we are made to feel smart when reading between the lines, like growing up in the fourth grade).

      Something has to be there, to stir the imagination, but this is an American concept. Maybe I should just skip over the explanation, being sick in bed, it's not going so well for me; lol.

      Basically what I'm trying to say is, while they may have gotten the concept right, the Forgotten formula was just never there. Be it the characters, as someone complained, or something else, it's just never up to par: that's already been set by countless other shows (unfortunately). Much like my review's.

      P.S. Christian Slater's a brilliant actor, hopefully people will write roles for him in the future; think: Schwarzenegger, Stallone, etc..:)moreless
    • A show with promise but not there yet.

      The show was decent with the voice over of the deceased adding something extra to differentiate it from other detective shows. I think an origin story might have been better to start with though. The one thing I could do without is the comedic bumbler. He served no purpose except to bring comedy to a show that was trying to be serious. There are a lot of threads weaved into the pilot that I look foward to following. I do praise the show in not treating the deceased as a body but as a person with their own unique story. Drop the bumbler and shore up the characters with more dimension and I think it will be successful.moreless
    • Terrible.

      Thuis show is nothing short of terrible. The premise looks original at first but is in actual fact the same thing we have seen before in shows like waking the dead or cold case.

      The casting is awful and the characters themselves are one dimensional at best. They are alll simply caracetures of bette characters that we have seen elsewhere.

      The plot line was rudimentary with no depth and a contieved and pointless feeling ending. In fact all attempts to make us connected the the victims just fail miserably. All in all this is a show that I will be avoiding like the plague! I only pray it is cancelled soon.moreless
    • Amateurs track last days of dead girl found in ditch to "give her back what she was born with - a name."

      Very mediocre script written with a crayon instead of a Sharpie (oh please, the grieving mother actually says at the gravesite now she won't worry anymore to drive home the show's point???? Then, with the cast standing right behind the lead actor she asks who else helped and he answers something vague and soppy?????) Add a mediocre show premise and so-so acting. Perhaps future character development and improved scripts will help but frankly it's hard to imagine this overworked premise (think a MUCH better Cold Case and even Cold Case Files) will keep me interested enough to keep tuning in.moreless

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    Drama, Suspense


    ruthless killing, ensemble cast, family tragedy, extraordinary situations, Detectives