The Forgotten

Season 1 Episode 6

Canine John

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 27, 2009 on ABC

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  • A bunch of graduating teens partying find a decomposed body in the woods near a small lake resort. A dog is found near the body and she ends up being a major clue in the identification of the body and the solving of the crime.

    OK, finally one of the really big directions these stories take that bothered me was the fact once they discovered the names of the John or Jane Doe the team actually spends a lot of time investigating the actually murders. That is a function of the police department and not of the forgotten network. This was finally brought to the fore by Detective Russell with Alex in this episode. Walter still gets a little crazy at times though.

    This episode had a pretty solid storyline with a lot of possible suspects. It was interesting to discover the relationships and the actual ending was a little bit of a surprise. You know most accidents happen near your place of residence. The mistake was covering up an accident. It makes you look really guilty especially when there is a lot of money at stake.

    Somehow I still don't feel this show has really found itself. If you watch all of the episodes you sort of feel like there is something missing. In a way there seems to be a problem with the whole premise of the show. This episode was pretty solid and very entertaining. Hopefully it is a sign the direction the show will be taking as it moves on. Depending on how long it stays on television. Thanks for reading...
  • The Forgotten Network investigates the murder of a man who had been found buried at a local vacation spot. The only clue to his death is a stray dog who stands vigil over his owner's grave.

    I can see why this show may not last much longer.

    First the show opens with the horrendous trademark that spawns from Law & Order. We see the typical scene where a bunch of people accidentally (upon unique situations) discover a grave in the near a campsite. The team eventually discovers that Jake was the founder of a popular application along with some co-partners. Long ago the partners had all sold the application for a nice sum. Despite Grace's advice to wait for DNA information to come in for the case the team decides to make further moves into solving the case. They eventually run into Mr. Aston, one of the partners who also owns the dog that found the grave. The dog was previously owned by Jake is is seen as odd.

    The team discovers that the DNA found on the skeleton matched Jake's DNA and that the emails were fakes. The team discovers the location of the computer and learn that the account was attached to Jake's brother John Lucas. With all this things don't look pretty for John but he swears that he is being set up.

    Another team partner Walter seems to already know who is responsible for Jake's death and that suspicion lands squarely on the partners. Against advisement Walter decides to take action by following the partners into a restaurant. Here's where the episode gets very bad and badly written. In the worst convoluted scene ever Walter is able to kick his phone across a public restaurant without anyone noticing. Of course his phone slides just close enough to catch some of the co-partners' conversations about the Jake situation.

    From here we have the next convoluted scene, the next day Walter is able to trick Leila into moving her vehicle as he pretends to do some telephone work in the area. Of course she's been drinking so the minute she pulls out the cops pull in to arrest her. I find it amazing that such an idea could work so easily.

    Now arrested for DUI the lady is then questioned by Grace and Alex. How is it that a CIVILIAN could be present during the questioning of a suspect (who has not had her rights read btw) surely the writers didn't think about the legality of the situation at all and the future legal mess this would cause in court.