The Forgotten

Season 1 Episode 15

Donovan Doe

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 09, 2010 on ABC

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  • Wonderful episode, nice ending to a series that was cut too short by TPTB.

    If you have not seen this episode, please don't read!!!!!

    I enjoyed this episode because it began with the police finding the remains of a child wrapped in a little pink coat. It was obvious that there was going to be some thought that this could be Lucy. Finding out that it was not Lucy and discovering her identity was an emotional roller coaster for Alex. He later expressed that he was loosing faith in finding his daughter alive and this drew him closer to Candace. Although I still miss Lindsay and felt she would have been a better love interest for Alex, it was nice to see him connecting on that level. Especially when he asked her to accompany him to inform the MIA mother, you knew this would be the first step in their relationship. The idea that she was the one who was with him when he found Lucy would have only cemented their relationship further.

    Since it is evident that this show will not be renewed, although I feel someone is dropping a ball here. I am glad that they wrapped it up and gave us a happy ending. Lucy is home safely with her parents and Alex & Candace will probably begin a new chapter together.
  • This was an amazing episode! Not only did we once again learn something unique that the core crew explores every week, but we got plot twists and dare I say an "almost kiss"?! *VERY SPOILERY!*

    The tie in to Alex's daughter's case was rewarding to viewers who have gotten only tid-bits of information up to this point. The end result was not what the viewer was led to assume in the beginning, especially when we see that Tyler's drawing of dead girl looks almost exactly like Lucy, Alex's daughter. *Spoiler* The plot twist that the girl whose bones were discovered resembles Alex's daughter so closely that the dead girl's mother stole her was clever. It was so nice to have a happy ending to a missing persons case! The unexpected drama of Lucy's discovery was a rewarding plot twist. A most touching moment was the moment Lucy sees a braclet (she made I assume?) on Alex's wrist and realizes he really is her dad and has come to take her home.

    It was nice to see the entire team do their work together. They split up so often to get things accomplished, and we usually only see them together talking around a table, discussing the case. The way the team figures out the puzzles together at each location was rewarding. A good portion of the scenes at the lake and cemetary at night was hilarious. One of the most memorable humourous moments is when Walter says to Alex, "I'll hold your flashlight," meaning Alex was nominated to swim out and check to see if the clue is in the water. Another is when Tyler says to Walter in the cemetary when they are saying they should come back in the morning that it is hard to see, "I see your fear." The humor is a nice comraderie element to the often sad and serious tone of the show.

    The whole realm of "global caching" was interesting, especially to those of us who had no idea such a thing existed. Of course, we had the bad guy suspect that ended up being as guilty as we guessed, but the twist that his case was only one part of the bigger story of Lucy, Alex's daughter, was unexpected and a nice change of pace to "open case, solve case, close case".

    As for the almost kiss, I believe there was actually an element of romance in this episode at last! When Candace finds Alex alone after the case is solved she shares a touching moment with him, and there is definite chemistry between the characters. The intensity of Alex's emotions at not being able to put closure on his daughter's disappearance and Candace's heartfelt sympathy for him could have led to much more than him asking her to go on a difficult trip with him and them leaning their foreheads against each other! So much else is wrapped into this show, drama, mystery, even humor, that a little romance would round out the menu nicely. In the past I had hoped at a Candace/Tyler pairing, but after seeing the chemistry beween the characters in this episode Alex and Candace could definitely add a little romance to the serious series.

    It's a shame the ratings haven't improved and the continuation looks grim. There was not even a promo ad after the episode for a future episode. One can only hope that a series with this much passion for knowledge and the truth, not to mention the backing of Jerry Bruckheimer will get another chance at finding the missing ratings.
  • It was a great, heartfelt episode.

    It was a great, heartfelt episode. It seemed to introduce a new beginning for the show, with a new twist. It is my hope that the network will reconsider bringing the series back with new episodes beginning where this one left off. The performances of the young actors were especially moving and meaningful. The addition of his young daughter, now found, could be an important new approach for the series. The character developed by Joey Luthman was also very interesting and could offer new possibilities. The series is about forgotten cases and brings a refreshing approach to the concept. I hope to see more of it next season.
  • Warm and tearful jolt!

    atc4gvn I could not agree with you more. This was such a heart throbbing episode. As it begins you pray and hope it is not Lucy but then again you want closure for Alex.
    As they investigate you can see the frustration and the pain Alex feels once again in coming close but then it
    is false. The team work together and not apart in pairs or single to solve the crime and gather clues. They are
    there for Alex. I felt the end strange. At first I thought she hung herself. Then I saw the girl boots on
    the outside mat and felt she has another child she is hiding. I in no way thought Lucy until she opened the
    door. I felt as shock as Alex. Happy, angry, nervous,
    shock...all at one time.
    If this is the end due to ratings, that is sad. This has
    been one of the best episodes and seeing how everyone
    actually worked together.
    At least we can rest with Alex and his ex-wife has received there closure in a very happy way. They have
    their daughter back. I felt so relieved. If there are
    no more episodes, this was a great finish.
  • A young girls skeletal remains are found in an ammo box and the team must search for her identification. The girl has a striking resemblance to Alex's daughter and this leads to some clues in the end as they end up finding answers through puzzles.

    I really thought last weeks episode was very well done. I'm surprised based on the ratings I received that as many people watched the show as gave me negative ratings. I mean really, there are already 13 negative scores for the next episode listed that hasn't even been shown. What's with that? Does someone not like ABC or Christian Slater? This weeks episode was another compelling story giving us a victim we could identify with and care about. Someone we want to find out who they were.

    I don't think this episode was originally scheduled to be shown this week and I'm afraid based on next weeks schedule that this might be it for the Forgotten. This looked like more of a moved up finale than anything else. I personally hope that is not the case, but based on the ratings I have to think it might be. With Dancing, V, and FlashForward returning it may be all for the Forgotten even though they supposedly ordered 22 episodes. Personally I have seen a vast improvement in the stories in the last few weeks alone. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be translating into viewers for the show. At this point I have to believe the only thing that gives this show a second season at all is the Jerry Bruckheimers produced tie in. This weeks episode had real drama, camaraderie, a sense of purpose, and even a little romance between Candace and Alex. Another new and interesting change to the plot. It was great chemistry between the characters and I could see this going places. It seems strange to make so many changes to a show that they are going to dump in the end. Maybe the Eisha Cuthbert move was the last straw. If they didn't see an uptick with her, that was it! Who knows?

    I do think this is the end of the show and if it is at least the show went out on a high note. A very enjoyable episode with a lot of character and promise. Thanks for reading...