The Forgotten

Season 1 Episode 10

Double Doe

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 05, 2010 on ABC

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  • Two bodies are found near a seedy motel 150 miles North of Chicago killed by a 12 gauge shotgun blast. The team investigates and discovers what the two were doing and why they were killed.

    Very questionable situation with this episode. The episode opens with two people at the same motel getting naked and fooling around on a bed. The power fluctuates and then the scene goes to a woman walking up to the generator three months later and finding a man and women dead in a snow drift next to the generator.

    So fact or fiction? This was obviously not the same man and women who were found in the snow bank based on the storyline of the show. Misleading? You bet! It sort of threw the premise of the rest of the program out the window.

    Now as far as the majority of the episode, it was fairly well done and I'm glad to see more police involvement in the aftermath of the identification even though I don't think the The Forgotten Network investigators would continue to be as involved as they are.

    I'm not really sure what direction they are trying to take this show which is part of its base problem. They have made slight changes over the season and then go right back to some of the script and plot line problems they were having earlier.

    Unfortunately I don't think this show will be around for ABC next season. Bruckheimer's other show Miami Medical is hitting the airways starting soon on Friday's at 10/9C on CBS. Also NBC will be revamping the 10/9C time slot which should put some more competitive shows on at that time. As this show has not been performing any better than Eastwick I don't think it will survive to next season. Thanks for reading...
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