The Forgotten

Season 1 Episode 3

Football John

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 06, 2009 on ABC

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  • This is the best episode so far. I think they covered every flaws of the first two episodes.

    This episode shows a great improvements compare to the pilot and following episode. I like when the police get more involved once the network find out the name of the Football John. It is more real. We learn more about the character Walter and understand better why he acts the way he does. Practically he crack the case himself.

    I really like this show, and I hope for it to not be cancelled. Someone claim that doesn't like actress that are rejected from CW. Well, I hope there are more people like me, who never know about these three actresses that playing "Candace", "Lindsey" and "Grace Russell", so don't care about where they work before, so there's no reason to not like them.

    Also, this show doesn't have more incredible stuff than others. For example, Grey's Anatomy have very unbelievable stuff, like every single doctor (except the Chief) have their couple at the job, (that's very hard to believe) just for mention one thing, and the show have very high ratings (I don't know why.) For me, this "The Forgotten" show are much better and credible.
  • Finally I understand Walter

    I think this episode tells something very important and that happens every day in this modern world. There are many people out there that go to their jobs in automatic and have absolutely no idea what they do there but yet they're still there because they don't want to change and they feel empty. But in this case, the victim looked for a job that gave him an identity, a place where he could belong and tried to make a difference by making others care and succeed honestly.

    That's why I say I understand Walter. His determination and his passion helped the network solve this case. And at the same time, he was teaching his child a good lesson. Yes, he made a mistake but well, sometimes you have to learn along the way.
  • A crime show based on football - what more could I ask for? :) And Football John even went to Notre Dame!

    Sometimes it's hard to find specifics to review about a show like the acting or the story or something like that. Sometimes a show just leaves me feeling better and this is one of those.

    The team does their usual excellent work and I loved how Walter took the case so personally. While it was totally wrong for him to break into John's place, I loved his passion for the case. Alex makes the point that in a way he IS Football John.

    John talks about how he lost his way and finding it got him killed. It was wonderful to see that before he died, he had found his calling and was fulfilling it and making a big difference in the lives of many kids, and that's pretty special. I think it's pretty easy to lose one's way in our culture these days and for John to have found his way back to his true calling in life, to the point that the school held a memorial service in his honor, is a wonderful accomplishment that needed to be celebrated. It's a beautiful example to us all that we can make a difference in people's lives and that it's not about worldly recognition, but about inner fulfillment.
  • When a man is found killed in an alley and the police cannot identify him the Forgotten Network goes into action. Using facial recognition and by piecing together leads they are able to finally recognize who he was and help solve how he died.

    Another well produced and acted episode of the show people are obviously missing on Tuesday nights. The forgotten.

    Christian Slater playing Alex Donovan does an excellent job leading this team of people that do what they do for their own reasons. One of the things that has bothered me and obviously they are making a theme of it is the fact that Walter Bailey played by Bob Stephenson gets a little too emotionally attached each week. So far he has got himself beat up, threatened, and this week arrested for doing things outside his purview as an investigator for the Network. Somehow you always know when he is going to do it as well.

    I liked how they seemed to be a little smarter about directly investigating people involved in twos after the last disaster where someone almost got killed. It means they must have learned from their mistake. Well, at least everyone but Walter.

    It is amazing how someone actually this well known by so many people in the community could fall off the face of the world without a peep from anyone. I think this is a pretty neat thing these people do putting names with faces and very worthwhile.

    By doing this they are putting closure to peoples lives and helping those that knew that person as well. It was nice how they had the memorial at the end. Not a bad show. Not very glamorous or action packed. Unfortunately it is doing the worse of the 9/8C time dramas and is likely to be the first canceled. I guess I will watch until it is though. With pleasure! Thanks for reading...
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