The Forgotten

Season 1 Episode 13

Mama Jane

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 16, 2010 on ABC

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  • The episode wasn't bad. I was just a little upset over a plot point (spoilers)

    Why is it when a show isn't doing absolutely wonderful in the ratings, the writers or producers immediately think they need to bring in some huge name. Sure some people will start to watch the show purely for that name, but it doesn't automatically make the show better. I liked the character that left the series in this episode. I suppose she might have had something in her real life that made her need to leave, but I am not happy over her leaving. The show is great, and IMO didn't need tampering. But if it's in danger of being not renewed, then I suppose they have to do what they have to do. The new character isn't bad... I'm just sick of this kind of tampering with shows in an effort to get the highest rated show. There is more things important than that... like plot, and acting.
  • The victim is a 40 year old woman who was found in a bar bathroom. She seemed out of place. The story really revolved around her trying to adopt a baby and the people involved in the situation. Lindsey leaves at the end going to Pennsylvania.

    Unfortunately like many of the stories it was obvious who did it pretty early in the episode. Basically you find that there are two suspects really in the picture and once they delete one it has to be the other.

    They handled Maxine's entrance and Lindsey's exit tonight. I guess this is a major move to pull the ratings up to a reasonable level so that the show can continue for a second season. I think ABC really wants a Bruckheimer Drama to work on their network. Adding Cuthbert to the cast with Slater really makes this a much more dynamic cast. I wish Heather Stephens the best in her continued career.

    The story this time was about a common situation where a woman finds a girl to allow her to adopt her baby, but then the pregnant girl changes her mind. Other complications occur which leads to the unfortunate death of the woman.

    They really need to work on the stories in general. The show is enjoyable, but it is getting to be a ho hum show that if I see it great, if not, no problem. I'm pretty sure that is not what they are going for. Thanks for reading...
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