The Forgotten

Season 1 Episode 4

Parachute Jane

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 13, 2009 on ABC

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  • Very touching and cruel

    I still don't understand the low ratings for this show, because I thought this episode had a good and sad story.

    The cast has chemistry. At least the members of The Forgotten Network. I like when you listen to the victim's point of view, in this case, that of a teenage girl who was enjoying a new world but at the same time missed her family.

    Could this really exist? I bet it could. The lady who was Lee's guardian surely got what she deserved.

    I also good that we get to see a little bit of each character with every episode.

    Hope the ratings improve.
  • The team is tasked with identifying a young Asian woman who died a few days before with no identification. They actually ID her pretty quickly but what they find afterwords all becomes a little shocking at best.

    A well done forensic police episode done from the stand point of these veteran volunteers. They may be trying out different kinds of stories to see if anything clicks with the public. This really was a good episode, but it doesn't quite fit into what this show is suppose to be about.

    They discovered the identification of the young girl about fifteen minutes into the story. Considering that very shortly after that the decision was made by the ME that the girl had been murdered based on the bruising and the additional insulin shot injection mark in the middle of her back. At that point I would have thought the police would have taken over as they had an ID and proved it was a murder. It was interesting how they broke the case down from that point forward. It became more like an episode of Law & Order; Criminal Intent without Goren and Eames.

    Also I like how they turned up the heat between Alex Donovan played by Christian Slater and Det. Grace Russell played by Rochelle Aytes. They are good together. This was a piece that has been missing from the plots of the first few episodes. At least they are trying to bring chemistry to the show.

    Unfortunately I think it may be a little to late for this show. I have enjoyed it immensely, but based on the numbers I have been one of just a few who has. It's a shame. Thanks for reading...