The Forgotten

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 22, 2009 on ABC

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  • Cold Case + CSI + NCIS + Law and Order + Criminal Minds + Numbers + Bones = The Forgotten

    Decided to check this out- really wasn't feelin' it. But maybe I'm biased because I don't watch procedurals.
    The Forgotten seems like it should be on CBS. One of the reasons I don't get into shows like these is because there's no suspense for me. And nothing original. It's just going through the motions, getting clues, until they figure it out at the end. Christian Slater's latest effort is no different.

    As for the show itself, the nicest thing I can say is its serviceable. But nothing special. It's all put together fine. But I didn't care for the stylized flashes of the murder victim, and the actresses on the show are all way too gorgeous for me to believe them. I would have bought varying looks and ages in the group. Not CW rejects. I also didn't like the fat phone company guy, who tries to be funny, but just comes off awkward.

    But more than anything else, the show is just boring.
    No thank you.
  • The Forgotten follows a diverse, but ragtag, volunteer team who identifies deceased Jane and John Does ( murder victims the police can not identify prior to their respective cases being closed).

    Has Cold Case "me-too" syndrome...Bad. Basically a waste for Christian Slater. I had high hopes since his previous venture into television, "My Own Worst Enemy", was extremely entertaining. I can't say the same for this uninspired clone of the aforementioned plus a few other shows. If it makes a whole season, let alone a second, I'll be surprised...But, if it does it surely means it will be much improved over this pedestrian start.

    While Christian Slater's character was interesting to me, his co-stars weren't memorable or compelling. In fact, they were flat and the style of production was dark and quite depressing. If things don't improve and become more entertaining I can imagine viewers giving up. There should be, based on the very limited knowledge we have after this episode, a back-story which explains Slaters leaving the police department and apparently having a daughter, yet no wife. This deserves fleshing out so I'll admit to being pessimistic, but still having some hope "The Forgotten" finds a solid footing.
  • won't be long until this Bruckheimer show lives up to its title.

    Amidst the jazillion crime procedurals on TV, a new crime show has to bring something new to the table for it to stand out. Upon seeing the previews, I was already skeptical of this show about identifying John/Jane Does and bringing them home to their respective families. It doesn't necessarily focus on solving the crime (CSI) or preventing another crime (Criminal Minds). The redemption lies in giving a name to the "forgotten" so their families and friends can pay their final respect. I was (at the least) expecting to be moved once the victim's loved-ones achieved some sort of closure, but somehow the pilot failed in this regard as well (at least for me). I'll feel bad for Christian Slater if ABC ends up canceling the show (which is more than likely). I even liked his canceled series from last year (My Own Worst Enemy) much more. I guess it won't be long until this Bruckheimer show lives up to its title.
  • It was good

    It's funny how some people would judge a show for its first episode but make a bad critic without even analize the content.

    I found The Forgotten very interesting. A group of people, volunteers, work with their own resources to solve a case, just because they care, because they want to give some family closure. The whole team work well together and seem to have chemistry. Of course there are many things that need to be addressed and many subplots to explore, but the case was sad with a twist and a very stupid reason to kill. Stupid but believe me, it can be true.

    The victim's voiceover was very original. Usually, we hear the victim's family grieving or the investigators suffering for relating themselves to the victim and here we can hear the victim's thoughts and feelings.

    Can't wait to watch the next episode. And I hope it gets better and better every week.
  • A group of volunteers investigate a murder case of a Jane Doe after the police give up. This case is a young woman found on the side of a highway who had decomposed to the point that police had trouble IDing. They find out her name and how she died.

    This could be a very difficult series to bring off. Meaning I think it is difficult for something like this to maybe maintain itself. Obviously it is similar to other procedurals such as Cold Case but in this case the victims identities are discovered by a group of volunteers who for professional and personal reasons choose to do this work gratis.

    Christian Slater stars as Alex Donovan a man who's eight year old daughter disappeared two years before when he was a Chicago policeman. The other people in the group are made up of a teacher, a corporate worker, a telephone company employee, and an artist who specializes in sculpture. The acting is solid and the story was sufficiently complicated to carry the episode for the full hour.

    I think that the episode was pretty solid overall but the one problem I can see is that the participants have no authority. This can be a dangerous job as they are investigating murders and with no authority to be doing what they are doing it seems like it is a little dangerous and could cause problems long term. I also feel the timetable they are given was a little short. Five days to find something the police couldn't in three weeks or bust.

    I did enjoy this episode and it had a satisfying ending. We'll see how the show develops. I am glad to see Christian Slater back in another quality performance vehicle. Thanks for reading...