The Forgotten

Season 1 Episode 8

Prisoner Jane

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 17, 2009 on ABC

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  • A twenty seven year old girl is found murdered in a mannequin warehouse suffocated to death. The forgotten network manages to eventually track down who she was and they work to complete her final mission in life.

    Unfortunately I think this series has missed the boat. Unless the additional episodes they produce bring some chemistry to this show I think we are looking at a one and done series. It's unfortunate as Christian Slater is a very talented actor and in the right vehicle could be great.

    I can't remember which episode it was but three or four episodes ago they started to build a little chemistry between Donovan (Slater) and Det. Russell (Aytes). This relationship was sort of interesting because they have history, but not romantically. There is a spark there. In this episode they showed Russell not going out with the new guy in the office and obviously giving Donovan a little encouragement. The look she gives him after she first turns the other guy down plus the comment she makes. Later at the end she goes out to the theatre and Donovan is oblivious to what has happened.

    The set up really does not allow any one of the actors to really shine. There is something between Candace and Tyler I believe, but the two women in the group Lindsey and Candace are very similar. Walter is annoying and comic relief at times. Donovan is so single minded he has blinders on. It doesn't make really good chemistry between the cast.

    For once I found the woman's story to be interesting and worth telling. Even then the way it was told just sort of happened and there's not a lot of pizazz. Unfortunately I don't think this show will get a lot better soon so I don't really expect it to survive long term. Especially after last night, (Tuesday the 24th) between V and Dancing with the Stars ABC took Tuesday night from CBS for the first time in a long time. Without the forgotten being shown.

    So let's hope that the last nine episodes ordered make some changes and we see some discernible difference to the plots. We still have five more from the original thirteen ordered. Thanks for reading...