The Forgotten

Season 1 Episode 7

Railroad Jane

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 03, 2009 on ABC

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  • Tyler seems obsessed with a skull found in a railroad yard that has never been identified. The network takes the case on and works to first assemble her remains and then find out her identity and story.

    A story of tragedy and loss like most of the forgotten network stories brought each week. In this story we have a young girl who has died and was left strewn over a large area that consists of a railroad yard. Specifically left in such a way that finding her would be a substantial problem. Her skull was discovered by railroad workers and reported.

    After identifying where she must have been the network gets volunteers to help and track down the remainder of her bones. The main problem is that the area has open access so no one set of suspects could be derived from the location. It is discovered that one of her kneecaps was a replacement and the partial serial numbers gives the investigators a good start towards finding out who the girl was.

    I think the idea of one of the network people losing control is getting a little overdone. So far both Walter and now Tyler have almost blown investigations because they can't keep their emotions in check. One has to wonder how attached one would become in such situations?

    They seem to be creating a little chemistry between Candace and Tyler as well. Not sure if it's suppose to be friendly banter or sexual tension between them yet.

    A pretty standard episode and much more of a search for the girls identity this time. It didn't fall in their laps. I still wonder about the amount of time they are involved once the ID has been made though. Thanks for reading...