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  • sad for the forgotten cancelled

    i like this tv series
  • "The Formula" that failed.

    I'm glad one review reads the following: "At first I thought it was dead peoples spirits that connected with the team lol, but soon discovered that its sort of a detective/drama story with CSI aspirations."

    CSI's exactly what the problem is. Even NCIS struggles with this issue, where we have to see the dead bodies in the morgue. Stay with me for just a second here. Although NCIS does have an aspect of brilliance, where the forensic work is left to the one person in a lab - and the work is mainly done by machines and computers - it's still that formula that we seem to be drawn to (unlike CSI where we are forced to follow some dull procedures and where we are made to feel smart when reading between the lines, like growing up in the fourth grade).

    Something has to be there, to stir the imagination, but this is an American concept. Maybe I should just skip over the explanation, being sick in bed, it's not going so well for me; lol.

    Basically what I'm trying to say is, while they may have gotten the concept right, the Forgotten formula was just never there. Be it the characters, as someone complained, or something else, it's just never up to par: that's already been set by countless other shows (unfortunately). Much like my review's.

    P.S. Christian Slater's a brilliant actor, hopefully people will write roles for him in the future; think: Schwarzenegger, Stallone, etc..:)
  • A show with promise but not there yet.

    The show was decent with the voice over of the deceased adding something extra to differentiate it from other detective shows. I think an origin story might have been better to start with though. The one thing I could do without is the comedic bumbler. He served no purpose except to bring comedy to a show that was trying to be serious. There are a lot of threads weaved into the pilot that I look foward to following. I do praise the show in not treating the deceased as a body but as a person with their own unique story. Drop the bumbler and shore up the characters with more dimension and I think it will be successful.
  • Terrible.

    Thuis show is nothing short of terrible. The premise looks original at first but is in actual fact the same thing we have seen before in shows like waking the dead or cold case.

    The casting is awful and the characters themselves are one dimensional at best. They are alll simply caracetures of bette characters that we have seen elsewhere.

    The plot line was rudimentary with no depth and a contieved and pointless feeling ending. In fact all attempts to make us connected the the victims just fail miserably. All in all this is a show that I will be avoiding like the plague! I only pray it is cancelled soon.
  • Amateurs track last days of dead girl found in ditch to "give her back what she was born with - a name."

    Very mediocre script written with a crayon instead of a Sharpie (oh please, the grieving mother actually says at the gravesite now she won't worry anymore to drive home the show's point???? Then, with the cast standing right behind the lead actor she asks who else helped and he answers something vague and soppy?????) Add a mediocre show premise and so-so acting. Perhaps future character development and improved scripts will help but frankly it's hard to imagine this overworked premise (think a MUCH better Cold Case and even Cold Case Files) will keep me interested enough to keep tuning in.
  • Promising detective/drama meets CSI series, but not really engaging enough.

    This show felt good initially, excellent music and promising take on the missing person aspect. At first I thought it was dead peoples spirits that connected with the team lol, but soon discovered that its sort of a detective/drama story with CSI aspirations. The characters felt very stereotyped: energetic leader(Slater felt good at times), efficient female and a couple of quirky characters not really adding anything to the series. Can be a good one eventually, but first episode was rather boring and uninspired. The actors didn't seem to believe in what they played and too much assumptions were put out even before anything important happened.

  • Is it time to forget "The Forgotten".

    First off if this show doesn't make it off the ground then its lead actor Christian Slater will be 2 and 0 when it comes to fall premiere shows, last season's flop "My Own Worst Enemy". So hopefully this show will get a lot better and quickly. Since it took me so long to write this review I have now watched the first two episodes for this show and can combine them both in this overall review. The first episode was fine in which we get introduced to the volunteers of The Forgotten Network, and find out that their job is to ID the remains of victims and their killers, which the cops have given up the search. The leader of this operation is an ex-cop, mourning his own loss, Alex (Christian Slater). This group of volunteers makes a very odd but effective team and can easily come up with the outcome, a bit too easy for my taste. In the end of the first episode they did find the name for their victim and her killer. As we get to the second episode I can already see a pattern for this show and it could get very old and very quickly, might make people forget "The Forgotten", in which we first get introduced to the victim, they search for evidence and the victim's name and killer, they find the information, and then the episode is over. This show might just be to predictable for my tastes. I like the main actor but this is why I stopped watching his other show and why it got canceled after season 1. Another problem with this show is that it makes the cops look incredibly lazy, which they are but we don't need a show depicting that...kidding, because all The Forgotten Network does is look at a dress company that made a certain dress that the victim died in, or some mundane thing after another… I could even do that…If I wanted to. In the end I have somewhat mediocre hopes for this show, and from what others say I may be the only one – it does seem to resemble some other shows out their, not saying names but rhymes with mold mase. I give this show a average rating, haven't decided if it is to high or not, of 7.5 out of 10 because it is just to slow and predictable for my liking and I have a feeling that it may get the axe before this season is done with. Maybe next year Slater, they say three is the charm.
  • Didn't need this one.

    There's one thing I deem important about a procedural, about which this show fails quite much: the characters, their chemistry, their working together. I don't feel in any way connected to any of them, and they appear to be one-dimensional, with the most flawed being Slater's, the story about his daughter missing looked almost as an afterthought (as in the way it was hinted), which is crazy since this should be the fuel behind his quest to give a name to every John or Jane Doe. I completly dislike the phone company guy, it's just stupid, about the others i've almost nothing to say, except Rochelle Aytes as a cop is not credible. I write this review and then I'll FORGET about it.
  • The word for this show is "saccharine."

    Having watched the first three episodes of the series, I can say without a doubt that I will not waste another hour on this show. The characters are way too earnest, the writing is way too sentimental, and I am not intrigued by the investigative process of these amateurs. With the plethora of good crime-show ensemble casts on the air right now, I guess it was naive of me to expect another. But this show is all about Alex Donovan (Christian Slater). The other characters make small appearances from time to time, but they are all utterly forgettable and flat. The only also-ran character to be remotely memorable is Walter Bailey, but only because he is the bumbling fool that really has no place in such a show -- there is never any tension, so why have a jester around to break it? As yet, I I have not discovered the reason for Tyler Davies to exist at all. And I could not say anything at all about the female characters. If this show makes it to Christmas, I will be surprised.
  • People willing to do anything and everything to identify unknown deceased people. Everyday people helping law enforcement to bring John & Jane Doe home to their loved ones. Everyday heroes from everywhere working together for the common good.

    I love, love, love this show. I'm also glad that they finally found a TV Series worth Christian's talents. It has a great cast, made of people that I want to keep watching. I wish they would put The Forgotten in Fast Forward's place. The Forgotten triumphs Fast Forward by leaps and bounds. Find this show a great time slot, PLEASE! A place to find more viewers. Since we lost Without a Trace and some other crime shows, this is a great replacement. This is even better since it's everyday people trying to solve the mysteries that the cops either can't or won't. Great stories that keep me interested. I hope the powers that be keep this one around. I want to learn more about their process and more about the lives of these unknown volunteer heroes.
  • A mix of insights, information and a positive look sorely needed in the plethora of today's dark TV shows.

    I really like this show. I like the premise that people watch out for one another and that even from the grave, people look back at their lives. The premise of this show is based on the reality that police departments world-wide are usually low on budget, high on cases to solve. The truth of the matter is with a limited budget comes hard decisions about how many man hours are spent on any given case. Media involvement will push any homicide to the top of the list. An unidentified body will only stay in the hearts of those who bond with it. We HAVE seen detectives spend their careers trying to solve that ONE crime that was full of dead ends. The truth is at some point detectives learn to move on and solve the cases that can be solved. Enter people who's lives have been dramatically altered. Their passion is inspired and their time is free. No one is telling them they have to give up on a case because there are 20 more waiting. They desire to put their knowledge to use in a way that is helpful to others; to provide answers they may not have been able to find for themselves.

    As of yet (10-27-2009), "The Forgotten" may not be the best-written show, but the team of actors blend very well together. They are believable and they make their premise believable. They are not glittery representations of Hollywood icons, they look and act like you or me and quite frankly I prefer this to flashy shows like the CSI brand. This hometown feel attracts me to the show and is what makes me want to watch it week after week - to be with this family of characters. I'm also an information junkie. Any show that can give me more information about things I don't know or ways to do things I'm not familiar with is of great benefit to me. I like knowing the most efficient way to get things done when it looks like there is no clear path of where to start. The show may be predictable, but I'm not an adrenaline junkie; I don't require a constant fix of over-the-top emotional pulls and jerks. I like to watch things that leave me feeling good and with hope for the future. If you are sick of all the heavy, dark, low vibrational shows out there aimed at bringing in an already overly stimulated audience you might very well enjoy this show. If you like shows in which the cast and story present a united "family-like" front and leave you feeling a little better than you did before you turned the TV on, I think you'll find it here. These characters have plenty of room to grow and plenty of heart to share. "The Forgotten" is a show I'll be watching from start to finish.
  • The Best show on TV

    I love this show. It is intelligent and well written. The actors our all fantastic. The best new show to come on TV in a long time. It also has just the right mixture so it is not innappropriate for young viewers. I think the writers have done a great job of keeping the episodes thought provoking. I look forward to each week so we can watch and try to sole the problems along with them. I think this is a great role for Christian Slater it is so good to see him back on TV. I hope to see many more episodes
  • An interesting premise of regular people who help solve crimes that police don't have the time to solve (before having to move on to newer cases with more/better clues). Interesting, engaging characters & touching story lines.

    Of course, a good show with a good cast, well-written, engaging characters, a bit of humour in with the drama, a nice show of how regardless of background one can contribute, and the story lines are often touching. And a really good fit for Christian Slater (unlike last year's show which came across as too far fetched). So, of course, ABC cancelled it. Why am I not surprised? I guess the writing was one the wall when they replaced "Lindsay" with "Maxine"-- although promoting the show would have gone even more for drawing in viewers! Quality dramas with police procedural elements and satisfying endings for each episode: a sure-fire hit if promoted right. NBC's desperate for good shows... maybe they should take over ABC's cast-offs since ABC excels at coming up with great ideas but is hopeless at the follow-through support. NBC needs wins... ABC needs more time slots for what they develop. Win? A great show that deserves a second season. But at least they ended it nicely!
  • What a great show--which is, no doubt, why they're pulling it and leaving such "jewels" as "Lost" and "The Bachelor/ette".

    Man, it's no wonder no one watches network T.V. any more. The best and most intriguing shows get pulled. "Journeyman" was pulled. "Jericho" was pulled. "Without a Trace" was pulled. Now, "the forgotten" is being dropped from ABC's schedule. I guess that fake reality shows and lots of blood and gore are all they're interested in. If "Castle" goes, I will have no reason to watch prime time ABC whatsoever. Therefore, kiss your advertisers goodbye! They won't want to throw money away to a network that has alienated its viewers.
    I had no idea about the volunteer network to help identify John and Jane Does until this show came about. Without continuing awareness, this program could disappear.
    Nice job, ABC. You just gave me another free hour of prime time to relax and listen to music.
  • With luck like theirs, why haven't they won the lottery?

    I'm not sorry to see this go. The absurd leaps of logic, and the lack of a legitimate cross-episode plot progression has made this barely watchable and not enjoyable. The only reason I watched at all is my girlfriend likes it, and I respect Slater.

    The force-fed introduction is Cuthbert as a primary character (overpowering the brunette, and completely eliminating the redhead) was farcical - and I truly hate Walter. There are simply too many characters to fit effectively into an episode, and nobody really does anything productive.

    Have I mentioned the utterly ridiculous leaps of logic and the absurd amount of "luck" that seems to strike in the first 7 minutes of every episode?

    How Slater could go from My Own Worst Enemy to this pile of tripe baffles me. I gave it a 6.5 after the first few episodes - but as the season wears on, it loses a 1/4 point from me per episode... Meaning I now rate it as a 3 to 3.5
  • This is a brilliant show.Just ordinary people with basic detective skills,good instincts and minimun Resources who solves the case.Also the narration done by the victims is a refreshing change to the detective genre.Christian is perfect in this role.

    This is a brilliant show.Just ordinary people with basic detective skills,good instincts and minimun resources who solves the case.Also the narration done by the victims is a refreshing change to the detective genre.The show keeps you wondering and glued to the tv to the end of each episode to see who done it and how they are able to identify the victim and catch the quilty.The show has it all action ; comedy ; drama and compassion. Christian is perfect in this role been a fan since Gleaming the Cube.Keep going guys you doing a great job can't wait for the next epidsode.
  • A refreshing new series in a sea of copy cat cop shows.

    I am only 3 episodes in, but I am enjoying this new show. It's not your typical police-investigation-drama show, which are so cookie-cutter these days it's getting sad. The main characters are regular people, save for one ex-cop, who investigate on their own. And the network provides them with people of all walks of life, who are experts in their own way on so many different subjects.

    For instance, the guy who knew about the shape of the odd box in episode 2. Cops deal mostly with databases, and unless there is a huge box database, they probably would never have found out about it. By appealing to the general public they may have, but that always brings in so many tips, that it takes way too long to weed through them. Not to mention the # of people they would have to pay to go through the tips.

    Every member of the forgotten network has their own reason for joining. Some suffered a tragedy, or other loss. And all have a story that I'm looking forward to learning. This also makes it relatively easy to add people to the network, and take them away, if necessary. I hope this lasts.
  • "the forgotten" is "Cold Case" for civilians, but the characters seem like real people that I'd like to know. Finding the identity of the victim is the prime thing in the show, but the mystery surrounding the death is solved along the way.

    "the forgotten" has the same feel as "Cold Case", but with the added humanity of regular people solving the cases. I think the cast is great. It's usually the stars that attract me to a show, then it's the characters and their interaction that keeps me coming back. The storyline is important but if I don't like the main characters, then I don't come back. The team is likable together and as individuals; they are believable and fit the show. I hope the show gets a chance to find its audience; sometimes the networks are much too quick to cancel.
  • Christian Slater is the lead character of this television serious. He is a Chicago Police Officer who has quit the force for personal reasons. however, he works with a group of volunteers to help solve cases the police couldn't.

    We loved the show. Our family gives it a 2 thumbs up. What an innovative idea, everyday people coming together using their skills to solve crimes that the police could not. This is a fresh idea to crime television. We will watch every week without fail. I strongly recommend this show for all you crime show watchers out there. It is definetly worth the watching. Christian Slater makes a good lead character. The show keeps you intrigued from start to finish. There are lots of surprises and tricks up the sleeves of the volunteers. Don't count this show out yet.
  • A great new show with interesting stories.

    The star here is Christian Slater as Alex Donovan, an ex-cop who leads a team of volunteer, amateur crime-fighters. Their job, which they do with an assist from the police, is to give names to "the forgotten": murder victims whom the police have been unable to identify. If that sounds a bit grim, it is. And that's one of the show's potential long-term concerns. This show is going to be a hit, I can tell. This is a very entertaining tv show that all can enjoy. First episode was great and I didnt look at the clock waiting for it to finish, it was well worth it.
  • My whole family loved it!!!

    This show is great. I want more!!!! Shows like this are worth waiting for all week. The cast is a great choice. Please continue airing episodes . . . . . . . I know there are people out there that volunteer to look through many pics to try and connect a doe to a missing person. But is there anything like this show that has groups of people actually getting together to investigate a case. This is a show my family and i will definitely keep watching. We will also be telling our friends about it so that they can enjoy also.