The Forgotten

Season 1 Episode 5

River John

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 20, 2009 on ABC

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  • I don't know where to begin

    First of all, I can't imagine how hard it must've been for Alex to try to solve a case pretty much like his. It's like he was reliving his experience and I think that his determination to find the missing daughter could bring him a little peace to his tragedy.

    I like how all the team supported Alex. And they didn't even mess with him when he was about to lose it. They were understanding. Still he shared his thoughts and his real reason to leave the force with Grace, but at least he talked about it.

    Poor John Doe. Sometimes life can be pretty hard. In this case a person tries to save a life and ends up being killed, it's so unfair. At least the little girl was saved in the end.

    The last scene was sad. Sad because we realize how a tragedy separates two people who loved each other instead of staying together and go through it. How painful.
  • The forgotten network investigates a John Doe found in a river grate who was shot and dumped in drainage tunnel. The case leads them from Illinois, to Indiana, to finally Ohio. We also learn a little more about Alex and what he has gone through.

    Interesting and well done production that I have to say is really missing that emotional or empathetic connection. The murder was awful and we understand what occurred, but there seems to be a little detachment for the audience as the characters are being viewed after the fact.

    I think it is the detachment of the main characters to the actual victims and the people that they interacted with that causes some of the problem. In this case the situation became personal for Alex because of his specific circumstances. We also learn that Alex's wife works and lives still in Chicago and is in the restoration business.

    The murdered individual give a very impersonal introduction to their lives and situations during the show. It is done in such a way to keep them detached from the story, but at the same time sort of fill in some of the pieces for the audience. I suppose it is meant to humanize the victims. I have to say so far it really doesn't strike that chord for me.

    I enjoy the casts performances and the stories have been interesting, but there still seems to be something missing. I think it might have been interesting if they built on the chemistry of Alex and Grace, but they seem to have dropped that after one interesting set of moments.

    They have now added the piece about his former wife and his child's abduction. Maybe that is where this is all heading, but it doesn't really fit in the motif of the shows real storylines. Identifying the names of John and Jane Does.

    I am searching for the answer and it may come in the fact that these people are charged with finding out who the person is. Once that was done wouldn't the police now take it from there as they now have an identification to work with? The show is turning more into solving the crime than identifying the victim. So the story seems to be a little out of the purview of the groups charge. Thanks for reading...